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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • Just turned 31,000 miles on 04 Titan ( one year anniversary). Lots of off road miles but very little 4 low. Had a number of problems early including 4 wheel low light flashing at all times and front mud flaps falling off. Replaced mud flaps three times--considerable battle with Nissan. Finally gave up. I also replaced tires at 25,000 miles and had to have plastic around tailgate repaired because it was separating. Had to have electronic "brain" replaced because there is no fuse link between trailer hook up and main circuit. What really bothers me is last week when I really had to push the 4 low to get out of the snow the transmission shut down on me. Would not shift, would not move out of low gear, showed ATP light (-15 F). Took several miles of slow driving, backing up, restarting to get back in service. This truck could be a great rig but Nissan needs to understand what heavy duty means. Any ideas?
  • Thank you for your reply fritzoschitzo


    I am trying to find the time to get in to the dealer. I'll post when get it back.
  • safsaf Posts: 1
    We must have the same Titan! ;-)


    I had exactly the same things happen. I started getting pulsing and vibration on braking, took it in and they installed the "band-aid" brake kit that's supposed to suffice until they figure out a more permanent solution. Nissan knows that the brakes are not powerful enough for such a big vehicle and the service manager at my Nissan place says they are working on a permanent fix as we speak.


    I've got 4500 miles on my Titan and have had in the shop 4-5 times for the following:

    1) Brake kit added to fix vibration and pulsing

    2) Annoying sounds in the interior, particularly the ticking sound coming from the driver door armrest that goes away when I put my arm on it. They still can't fix this one.

    3) Replace blower on ac/heater. Both AC and heater are a lot quiter now.

    4) Auto-window switch stop working.

    5) Bedliner has gotten white spots all over it for some reason. They are looking into this and I fear it's some defect that they don't know how to fix.

    6) Crunchy Bumper - Step on the bumper and it sounds like glass is underneath. They tell me it's sand/dirt that gets caught up there. This one is obviously not serious but makes the truck seem not "solid"

    7) After brake kit put on, it's simply not driving as smooth as it used to. I get constant slight vibration in steering wheel on on the pedals.


    On the whole, I now wish I had waited a year for them to work the kinks out b/c I can't stand taking my vehicle in for service, particularly b/c they often say, "We can't reproduce that or we can't figure out what it is." Paying this much for a vehicle, I expect fewer problems and certainly not so many rattles and squeeks.
  • I bought my titan in april 04'. I now have 21k on it and this is the 6th time I've had brakes replaced in the front. Now im having trouble with the back and the dealer says that it is my fought that they are worn out and worped. Has anyone heard of back brakes wearing out in 21k?? I dont tow that much & when i do i have trailer brakes.


    Another thing that bothers me is that every piece of plastic in the truck rattles. it drives me nuts!!!
  • slaineslaine Posts: 2

    which of your trucks would you use to haul a 26ft 7000 GVWR travel trailer? the Titan or your diesel? I ask as I am trying to choose something appropriate for me (and unlike you I can't afford both ;-)
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Other Titan boards are saying there is a fix coming in either March or April to address the brake judder problem. I have been

    driving pick up trucks for 25+ years and normally keep them for 60-70k miles and have never worn out a set of brakes, front or rear. Nissan knows this is a major problem and will fix it. However, it stinks for the poor guys & gals that have the existing problem while they have to wait for Nissan to get sufficient parts to address the problem.
  • Lol! Where'd this come from?


    Well, I don't have a 7000 GVWR trailer, but if I did, it would definitely be the diesel, and it would definitely be the Duramax.


    But since I don't have a 7000 GVWR trailer, I didn't feel like sticking around for the inevitable failure of my diesel injectors on the 2001 Duramax LB7, nor did I agree with GM's response to the well known problem which was to give out a piece of paper that basically said, "If you have a problem with them, we'll take care of it as long as we're still agreeing to" instead of doing the right thing which would have been to recall the trucks and replace the injectors with good ones.


    So I unloaded it, took a chance on Titan King Cab LE, and it's not disappointed...rattles galore, brake judder, FM radio fade. I figured if Obyone could I, LOL. Anyway, defect management is now mostly under control, and I like it, but you have to take opinions with a grain of salt. They are owned by the same rabid defenders and mostly inexperienced 1st time truck owners as the Tundra group, so beware.
  • My power window on the drivers side has malfunctioned twice where the window will not go. It has been in the shop once and is now going back in for the same problem. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem ? 2(x) is getting old for me.....
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    Yup, its the switch. There's a TSB out on it. Here's a tip in the meantime, don't flick the switch, just bring it up manually, not on the auto up. This has been a long standing problem with the Titans.
  • darsdars Posts: 1
    I have 9k miles on my 04 Nissan and I have been having the same brake problems as you. Should I get rid of it now to avoid the continuous problem, or depend on Nissan to fix it?
  • I have a 2004 Titan automatic with the off road package. Today while I was in 4HI on a very muddy road my shifter (center consol) stopped functioning properly. It will not go all the way into park. It will go into park, but only in the Neutral position on the consol, the dashboard shows the truck being in Park, but I cant take out my key. Each gear is affected and I can not get into 1,2, or 3rd. Anybody have any ideas. Thanks
  • There are micro-switches underneath the shift panel for the center console that might have be out of alignment.


    Don't know if you want to try this or not...


    But to remove the panel:


    1.) Unscrew and remove the shift knob.

    2.) Remove the 6" x 3 " vertical (trap door) panel at the *frontside* of the storage well to the rear of the shifter panel. Yank up and away on it.

    3.) Lift up at the rear of the shifter panel.

    4.) The micro-switches are on the underside of the shifter panel/plate.
  • Thanks Ill give it a try.
  • I've owned an '86 Maxima, a '93 Nissan pickup, and now I drive a '95 Pathfinder (which has NO giddy-up power, but actually runs great w/ 154k miles on it). Anyway - LOVE Nissans and have really been eyeing the Titan Crew. However, I gotta say, fromo all I'm reading here, I can't imagine purchasing a Titan.


    I test drove one 2 weeks ago and I couldn't believe how loud it was and how I could feel EVERY bump in the road.


    My Pathfinder has an unbearable rattle behind the front dash, but the car is 10 years old. I can't imagine how upset I would be if I got a Titan that had dashboard rattling, a loud engine (muffler), and a ride about as smooth as the Colorado Rapids.


    Am I way off here? I think the design of the Titan is breathtaking, I LOVE how it looks, but I need a little dependability behind the beauty. Again, am I way off here? Are we doomed to see rows and rows of used Titans in a year or two?
  • Zemrock, don't forget that these forums are a great place for aggravated people to sound off and share experiences. Generally you don't hear the good reports. I have contributed a few times and generally I love the Titan. Yes I have had a few of the problems but with understanding that I purchased a new vehicle(pre 50K s/n) and expected to be a guinea pig for Nissan. To Nissans credit let me tell everyone, I have purchased 4 new vehicles in 4 years,(VW,BMW,Chevy, GMC) the other vehicles have had: engine oil leaks, rear end oil leaks, warped rotors, fuel inj. failure, wind leaks, paint issues, bad front suspension bushings, anti freeze leaks, detonation ping, and slipping transmission all under warranty! I have 32,400 mi on my Titan and so far the only persistent problem that I have had is the front brake rotors warping causing the pulsating braking. I have had some dash rattles but none that I didn't get fixed or fix myself, I had the hiss from the A/C but it has gone away. My exhaust is loud but I like it and have grown used to it, Nissan stepped out on that one and some love it some hate it. I have had a 1999 GMC Sierra, 2001 Chevy Silverado, 1986.5 Nissan hard body (still in the family), and about 20 other vehicles. The Titan has been putting a smile on my face every day for about 14 months every time I step on the gas. I am considering trading it on an '05 model once I know they have licked the brake problem. I have driven the Ford F150 and really missed the horsepower, I am afraid the Dodge has too many reliability issues, If I didn't buy a Nissan again, it would be the Chevy but they are so darn ugly. I think we will see used Titans, hopefully I will have contributed one as I step into a new Titan!
  • I have the same probelm with the radio. I just bought my 04 Titan and i notice the radio also cutting out. Sort of like it goes from stereo to mono. Whats up with that. I have the Fosgate Stereo and the 6 disc. It bumps with cd's but FM stations are wierd.


    Let me know if it is something the dealership is able to fix or what?


  • I just turned 21500 miles and I'm getting ready to return to the dealer for another set of rotors and brake pads. This is very disappointing since I had the rotors and brake pads replaced at 5000 also. The problem is warped rotors which is causing heavy duty pulsating.


    Right front passenger bucket seat squeaks along with another squeak coming from the right rear portion of the cab.


    Rear king cab door needs adjustment because it doesn't close properly. You have to slam it shut.


    The metalic paint is peeling off of the steering wheel below the radio controls. Really poor quality went into this vehicle and though I did a great deal of research before buying, I guess I didn't do enough.


    It actually happens to be my 5th Nissan product. I own a 2 year old I35 and had three Maximas and all of them have been great. This was one of the earliest Titans out. I should have waited. I'm not happy with it. I had a Toyota Tundra Limited before this and it was never back to the dealer.


    I hope everyone is correct about a fix coming out for what seems to be an inherent brake problem.
  • I have 20k on my LE kingcab,4wd. I have had a number of problems and although I love the truck and power I am tired of taking it in for service and having them tell me they can't duplicate the noises I hear. I have had several problems including:


    -FM stereo reception, had to live with it for a year and recently was fixed with a new factory stereo

    -the common brake rotor warpage, replaced 2 times now

    -defective window switches, window won't go up, no fix

    -drivers power seat doesn't always move forward when key is inserted, no fix

    -dash rattling, no fix

    -horrible power steering whining in cold weather, no fix

    -horrible rear diff whirring noises in cold weather, no fix

    -rear window rubber seal falling out, fixed twice

    -rear door plastic handles often don't work, no fix

    -problems with 4wd indicator light, can't get out of 4wd at times, no fix

    -passenger seat airbag sensor defective, airbag remains off at times when there is a passenger, no fix

    -strange chirping sound from suspension components? no fix


    As you can see I have had too many problems for a truck with only 20k miles. I had a Tundra for 3 years before my Titan and didn't have a single issue. I didn't take it in for work one time and honestly, I drove it very hard on and off road. I would have to say my overall experience with the Titan has been dissapointing and I will be looking for a new truck before my warranty is up. Has anyone else had the steering and diff noises? They seem to worry me the most.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    You need to visit and do a search on your problems, the guys there are very up on what's happening with our lovely Titans. There IS a fix for the windows, Nissan has a TSB out on it. Same with a lot of the problems you are having.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Ditto on akangi comment above, along with the suggestion

    that unfortunately you need to find another dealer with a

    more concerned service department. Other option which may or

    may not fall on deaf ears is to speak directly with the general

    manager or owner of the dealership. I have had both good and

    bad luck with this option.
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