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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • I asked the two main Nissan dealers in Tulsa about the brake problem and got two different answers. Both avoided saying how widespread the problems are. I'm now at about 12,000 miles and due for my second try at fixing the shudder problem. I'll take it to another dealer this time, who has promised to use the "kit." The new information I'd like to bring to the discussion is that three times in the 12,000 miles I have experienced complete pedal-to-the-floor brake failure. This doesn't seem related to the shudder problem. The brake pedal goes completely to the floor as if there is no brake fluid. Then it "catches" and slams me against the windshield (a little bit of an exaggeration). The list of other goofy annoying stuff is long, but brake failure would seem to me to be pretty serious (as in getting the thing out of my life), and am wondering if anyone else has had this sort of brake problem.
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    I took truck in 2 months ago re: brake shudder, tech said new parts are on the way, will not be available until May. Should be a TSB out shortly after I talked to her. Called last week about new parts, tech said bring truck in, not authorizing new parts, just turning rotors... When I questions about the new parts, said Nissan not authorizing the new parts at this time.

    When I went to the dealer today they turned my rotors, I told them I would probably see them soon. They said Nissan wouldn't authorize the new parts until the rotors were at certain point of dis :mad: reapair. The technicians seemed frustrated that they had to tell me. They told me they expect to see a lot of Titan owners in the near future.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Tell your dealer he is full of ka ka. People are already getting the new brake fix. Some dealers will fix on the 1st complaint, others 2-3 times. Here is doc directly from Nissan. Your dealer is
    definitely giving you a snow job big time. I'd go somewhere else for service.

    Reference: WB/05-011 Date: March 16, 2005

    TO: Dealer Principal, Service Manager, Service Advisors and Claims Administrator
    SUBJECT: Warranty extension for “brake judder” condition involving model year 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles.


    All 2004 and 2005 model year Nissan Titan vehicles.

    All 2004 and 2005 model year Nissan Armada vehicles.

    Nissan has developed new brake parts, including pads, rotors, and floating shims, that will be very effective in the repair of 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles that experience “brake judder.” These parts will also be very effective in the repair of vehicles which may have experienced the incident after an initial repair. Nissan is presently working with its suppliers to expedite the availability of these parts for use in the repair of customers’ vehicles, but the initial availability of these parts is extremely limited. Significantly greater availability is expected to occur during May, with increasing availability thereafter.

    In order to ensure that all 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada customers are ultimately able to obtain the new parts if needed for their vehicles, Nissan is extending the warranty on these vehicles for “brake judder” to 36 months/unlimited mileage from the original in service date. All other terms, conditions and limitations of the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty will apply to this extended coverage. Nissan will begin mailing notices to all owners of 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles during May of this year as parts availability increases. In the notification letter, Nissan will advise owners that the limited warranty on these vehicles is extended as it pertains to repair of a “brake judder” condition only, and that Nissan will correct the condition if it should occur at no charge to the owner throughout the extended coverage period. Sample copies of the letters will be made available to Nissan dealers prior to the mailing.

    As this warranty extension is effective immediately, dealers should continue to repair all customers’ vehicles which experience the incident using the most current applicable Nissan repair procedure. For vehicles built before June 30, 2004, the correct repair is set out in Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) NTB04-066b. For vehicles built after that date consult the appropriate Nissan Service Manual. When the new parts become generally available Nissan will issue a new TSB setting out the proper procedures for making repairs with the new pads, shims, and rotors.

    This warranty extension will ensure that customers continue to receive a timely and appropriate repair of their vehicles throughout the transition of production and increase in availability of the new parts. It will also ensure that any customer who may experience a recurrence of the incident after receiving a repair using the presently available parts and procedures will still be well within warranty and able to obtain the new parts as production and availability increases.
  • yknotyknot Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. The first two times I took the truck to the dealer, they did the "judder" fix. I told them that was not the problem.

    After the third failure, I started lemon-law. The regional tech rep was called in. After he told me that there wasn't anything wrong, I made him go out on another test drive. That time, it failed on them.

    The problem was with a valve in the power boost. They replaced the entire boost unit.

    Now, I do have the "judder" problem and another problem with the truck stalling when I try to enter traffic. They told me to turn off the DVC. That works but I am not satisfied with a work around.
  • cheungcheung Posts: 4
    I took my 2004 in at 12000 miles for a similar problem. The dealer turn the front rotor and changed the pad and the problem went away. They said the rotor was out of round. But according to INFO on this board, Nissan has a better permanent fix coming in May. Take your car to the dealer and ask for a warranty claim.
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase a bed mat for my Titan. I looked around on the web and none of them has one on the market.
  • Thanks Utahman,
    I currently live in Germany and my 2004 Titan has 9000 miles on it. Currently it is shuttering in the road so bad that I'm concerned about driving it. I just got off the phone with Nissan 1 and they will not replace the brakes because I currently have the vehicle in Germany this is unacceptable. And to think I was going to buy a Toyota before I left the States and now I'm starting to wonder if I should of. I'm hoping that forums like this one will get use the support we need over seas, I would hate to have something happen to my wife and child while driving the titan. They said that I could pay for all parts to be shipped to my APO (military) address and also pay for all the repairs to the vehicle and after all the bills have been paid I could submit paper work back to Nissan and if someone thought it fitting to pay me back then I could see a check in the mail in about a year. Again, if this is the way Nissan is going to treat there Nissan (military/gov/civilians) drivers than we should maybe join together and never buy Nissan Vehicles????? Thanks again and I will look foward to hearing from other Titan owners.
  • jshepjshep Posts: 2
    My Titan sounds like a diesel at idle. The noise is not as bad in neutral or park but once you drop it into gear the diesel sound gets much louder. The dealer has already done the purge valve relocation for the exhaust. The noise never changed after this was done. I have had the truck in 3 times now and the last the dealer could say is they have no idea what is causing the noise. They asked that I wait until Nissan comes out with a service bullitan, until then they can't do anything. Anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be caused by? Any help would be greatly appritiated!!
  • jshepjshep Posts: 2
    If you read the letter sent out to all nissan reps. as posted on this site, there is no "recall". They are just extending the warranty for 3 years unlimited millage after the last brake service. If you take your Titan back to the dealer they should fix the problem under warranty . As long as you're under the max millage for your warranty. My Titan had the same problem. I took it in to the dealer and they told me they can only turn the rotors and replace the pads. They told me that after the third time the rotors were turned they could apply for an upgrade rotor but until then they could not replace the rotors.This may have changed buy now. My last service was about 2 months ago. Hope you get your problem resolved !
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    Had the pulsating feeling at 12000KM about two weeks ago in the brake pedal, advised the dealer and parts were ordered. Received a call a couple of days ago advising that parts were in. Not sure what the parts are but I assume that they are as per the referenced bulletin which includes rotors. The rotors have not been cut.
    I now have a noisy A/C unit. Sort of a hissing noise. I have a hissing noise when I drive between 50 -60km hr, by releasing the gas pedal it goes away. I have a burping noise when I start the vehicle, noise also occurs after the vehicle is shut of for about 5 minutes. (Sounds like a very upset vehicle)
    No shortage of issues with the vehicle.
    I damaged the bedliner with some cargo that broke loose. Any suggestions for repairs.
    My engine / exhaust is also noisy, very anoying, even worst on Gravel road. My young son thinks that it is cool but I like a bit of quiet time.
  • buzz1959buzz1959 Posts: 1
    I had to pay a dealer to adjust my headlights. I'm sorry, but that insulted my intelligence. I would like to do this myself, as their adjustment is not correct. Help! Anyone?
  • jeffbondjeffbond Posts: 16
    I was going to buy but the dealer didn't take me up on my offer that was fair IMO.
    But my largest concern was the brakes, yes they are needed from time to time, I have a 99 GMC 4x4 with 98000 on the original brakes and the titan cannot go 5000 on 1 set? That bothered me alot. My friend has a 04 titan and two months ago when i was looking at them seriously he said he never heard of the problem when asked, now he has 8000 and his appointment is for tuesday morning for...yes you guessed brakes.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    But my largest concern was the brakes, yes they are needed from time to time, I have a 99 GMC 4x4 with 98000 on the original brakes and the titan cannot go 5000 on 1 set? That bothered me alot. My friend has a 04 titan and two months ago when i was looking at them seriously he said he never heard of the problem when asked, now he has 8000 and his appointment is for tuesday morning for...yes you guessed brakes.

    As I've said before, not all of the Titans have problems with the brakes. My 04 LE CC 4x4 has just shy of 11k on it with no brake problems. We pull a 6,000 lb travel trailer with it and the brakes have been fine.
  • tritonmantritonman Posts: 1
    Friend said he talked to his "trusted" mechanic about buying a new Titan. The mechanic told him to stay away from it because Nissan refuses to give out specs on parts and therefore there are few aftermarket sources. As a consequence parts are extremely expensive and difficult to get. Is this true?
  • Had my brakes replaced at 4800 miles, 6100 miles and again needed them replace at 7000 miles. Received an email from Nissan Customer Service with very strong wording that this is not a safety issue. Even though I have not been a jerk, Nissan Customer Service will not call back, the dealership manager they asked me to speak to will not call back. Just printed Lemon signs and will be camped out in front of the Nissan Offices in Gardena starting Monday June 6th. Does anyone know if there are any illegal about my lemon sign?

    I am absolutely petrified about driving this truck at 70 MPH down the Southern California freeways.....
  • goliatingoliatin Posts: 2
    I own an 04 Titan....had to have a brake job done at 6,000 miles AND at 12,000....AND now with only 15,000, I am about to return to dealer again with serious judder!! So far, Bankston Nissan, Dallas, has made repairs at no charge...but they continue to "repair" them with the same substandard parts/service! This time the rotors are at minimum thickness and will have to be replaced. I too, have experienced the total brake-to-floorboard reaction under hard braking...but DID stop correctly. I actually thought this was a planned function of the ABS.(?)
  • robertg2robertg2 Posts: 2
    regarding titan brake problems. If the company doesn't fix it for us buyers, word will be out soon and no-one will want to buy them off us when it comes time to sell them. Are they fixing the problems with the off lease vehicles? I guess this one will have to result in a few fatalities before it gets a recall instead of a bulletin.
    I love my titan now but that can change!
  • Just got my Titan last week, wonder if the brake problems have been fixed on newer trucks? I will have to wait and see when my truck get a little more milages on it. One week old and already they have to replace one on my door handle.
  • amandcloamandclo Posts: 1
    I have had multiple brake problems with my Armada; such as the shuddering, and two complete brake job in 13,000miles. The other day I went to stop and the brake light went one and the pedal went straight to the floor. Then I pumped it everything shuttered it sounded likes things were exploding in my tires, then it was mysteriously gone. I took it to the dealer, they were unable to replicate the problem and made me feel that it was all in my head. A few angry phone calls later, and now they are investigating.
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    My Brakes were fixed and the kit was installed. The rotors were not turned. Now they appear fine. Have not had the pedal to the floor just yet but I did have this very problem with a 2000 GM vehicle. GM responded by ignoring. Problem finally got resolved but only after the brake booster was replaced. Scary thought.
    I have had some success with Nissan but far more dissapointments.
    Recent noise in the dash was responded to by the dealer advising that all Nissans have this noise. After persisting the vehicle is scheduled for a further assessment next week.
    Anybody have a problem with a slipping (appears to be transmission) upon quick acceleration ?
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