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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2005 Titan LE King cab and generally love it.

    I have had it for just over a year and have 20,000 Kms on it now.

    I have had a couple of problems - the stereo cut out after about 45 mins at almost full volume (I like my tunes when crusing down the highway) the dealer replaced it and all is good now.

    I am having the usual poblem with the brakes Nissan is replacing them with bigger better rotors / pads at no charge.

    I am also having a problem with the cruise control - when I turn it on the power on light in the dash lights up but the set light also continues to flash off and on and the cruise control will not activate. If I turn off the ignition and re-start is seems to be fine.

    This has only happened 2 times in over a year and the dealer has promised to fix it whatever is causing it.

    I bought the truck from Eastern Nissan in Manitoba and I can't say enough good things about them - they are great - they even came and picked up the truck, left me a loaner to drive and when they were done came and droped off the truck and took the loaner back - it just does not get any better than that!
  • edfinkleedfinkle Posts: 3
    I'm looking at the 2006 "Texas" Titan and really like the truck. However, the well known problems of the 2004 models seem to be working against the Titan overall. Are there any 2006 Titan owners out there that can comment on the truck performance to date?


  • volcanyvolcany Posts: 1
    That Ticking noise has been a nightmare for me, It started from the bottom of the engine, it was so loud that the Nissan Service Manager had to acknowledge it, but said he could not take the engine apart to find out what it was, to wait if it gets worst, then the noise moved to the left valve cover, I placed on top of both valve covers a sthetoscope and showed the Nissan mechanics the difference, they all looked at me, and said, take it to Nissan, but after getting agrevated and agrevated I gave up, this month I'm changing my oil to grade1040, maybe the engine will be less noisy, I have already documented the problem. Really the engine seems to be working fine, I don't know if I should get rid of it or keep it
  • wirewizzwirewizz Posts: 4
    Please give me piece of mind! My 05 Titan has noisy anti-locks. In addition, if I spin my rear wheels in two wheel drive, the front wheels will produce that "anti-lock" noise. Now I noticed that each time I stop the engine and restart the truck then start to accelerate, I'll hear that familiar noise. Only one time and I don't hear it again till I kill the engine and restart. I took the truck back to the dealer. I took a ride in the service writers truck (same year, same model) and it made the same noises. Can anyone out there can tell me that theirs has the same querks? Let me know if your 05 does not have this problem..

    Thanks, John
  • whoanah2whoanah2 Posts: 1
    I have been having the same problem since the first day I drove off the lot. No one seemed to notice it but me, until yesterday it did it and when I came to a stop and then the transmission slammed into gear when I hit the gas. It's thumping pretty good right now, but it doesn't seem as bad after it has been sitting up several hours. I'll be bringing it to the dealer tomorrow for the third time for this problem. Wish me luck
  • bcdocbcdoc Posts: 5
    Hi Dean,

    I have read your messages re: Titan brakes and replacement with larger rotors, etc. We here in BC have an '05 Titan and at around 25K km, find significant brake shuddering which worsens with higher speed braking. I have noted from other sources that the brake rotors may be too small for the vehicle and hence lead to more heat buildup and warping. How has your brake replacement gone? Improvements?

    Maple Ridge, BC
  • 7forever17forever1 Posts: 11
    Gentleman, my tolerance is wearing very low with this truck. I have an 04'Crew Cab SE, 22,000 miles on it and learned that the entire back end needs to be replaced. Good thing it's still under warrenty. I only dive city and some highway miles, but have never towed anything! What is going with this truck?? :lemon: I've been thru the break issue, hissing A/C, squeeking dashboard, poor FM reception, the ill tempered automatic windows and of course the poorly designed rear seat belts. Enough is enough! Don't know if the 2006 models are any better, not sure if I want to find out. :confuse: :sick: :mad:
  • stlthf1stlthf1 Posts: 4
    Hey guys

    I just happened to do a google search for Titan and this came up. WOW....those are crazy problems. I'm looking at a Titan Crew cab 06'. Have they gotten the ticking, brake problems and everything fixed in the 06' or should I look at something else?

    Any help would be great.

  • bcdocbcdoc Posts: 5
    Oh, I would be careful to assess all of the communications out there - there are many of us with Titans with no more trouble than the owners of other pickups. Some with less.


  • funeralfuneral Posts: 1
    Dear John...I have the same problem with my 2006 Nissan Titan. Did you find an answer to the issue? I currently have not approached my dealer.
  • wirewizzwirewizz Posts: 4
    I drove the service writer's '05 4x4 and it did the same thing. I assume that it is just the nature of the design. I would love to know exactly what is producing the noise and why I hear that familiar pop every time I accelerate for the first time. Does yours make that pop? If you get an answer, please let me know.
  • I have an 04 crew cab LE with every option and I love it. Never had any of this problems. I have to wonder about some of these complaints. Sounds like sour grapes from Dodge, Chevy and Ford owners.
  • stlthf1stlthf1 Posts: 4
    Thanks guys. I talked to two Titan owners today. One of them with an 06 has not had any issues. The other with an 05' had the brake problem but had it taken care of on the recall and it's been fine ever since. The dealership told him that the warrenty on his brakes start over on the warrenty so he has a full 3 years on them now.
  • jimmccjimmcc Posts: 15
    Hi guys, I have an 05' CC LE 4X4, with about 3800 miles on it and my front brakes are toast. Vibrating and hi spots all the time. Also, from dead stop (stop sign/light) when I touch the accelerator, I hear and feel a clunk from the rear drive train, like there's some slack being taken up with the drive shaft, sometimes, anyone else get this?
  • I've noticed the same problem with my 2004 titan. Over the last few months. When I come to a stop then press the gas pedal the engine revs but the transmission does not engage. Eventually it engages and teh truck jerks into gear and takes off. The dealer said they did not notice anything wrong. It doesn't happen all the time.

    I think it's a stick valve in the transmission control module. IF contamination or dirt from the clutch or elswhere gets caught in one of teh valves it can cause this.

    Any ideas on when Nissan is goin to fix this????
  • trekker2trekker2 Posts: 2
    the plastic faceplate over the gauges constantly rattles. Anyone else have this problem and can offer a solution. The dealer tried putting rubber molding behind it, but no success.
  • 7forever17forever1 Posts: 11
    Got the call from the dealer today that the parts are in to replace the backend. Took about a week, dealer stated that this is a common problem, large back order for the parts. What's next???
  • stlthf1stlthf1 Posts: 4
    I'm having a hard time finding a decent dealer. I went to the local dealer and was on the lot for 30 minutes without one sales person coming out to talk to me. It was cold and windy that day so I'm assuming they didn't feel like getting cold. I called and talked to the general manager about the problem and he assured me that it would be fixed. I went back in and was supposed to deal with the sales manager he quickly turned me over to a salesman. They had no trucks on the lot that I wanted. I want the Crew cab SE with the popular package. They had one but it wasn't in any of the colors I wanted. He kept trying to get me into a 4x4 that I have no interest in. He said he would check around and give me a call Monday....Nothing.

    That same day I drove 30 minutes outside of my town to another dealership. Same problem...not one truck I wanted. They offered me one that was close but I wasn't happy with the color. I told them they would have to make me a killer deal for me to drive off the lot with that truck. He assured me he would come back with a great offer. He said they would call me Monday......No call.

    Jezzz...what's a guy gotta do to buy a truck?????
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    "Jezzz...what's a guy gotta do to buy a truck?????"

    Not sure in your case but I went to a Dodge dealer.....problem solved :)
  • indysoloindysolo Posts: 1
    I am not a big fan of the dealers either; it is hard to find a good one.

    Go to the Nissan website and select the “Build Your Nissan” option under Buying ( issan&lang=en). This allows you to enter the model, color, and options to search dealer inventory for the car you want. The results do not give you the exact dealership; however it provides the inventory sorted by matching results.

    NOTE: When the dealer list comes back, scroll to the bottom and extend the mileage radius of the dealers to search. This is the first field on the bottom half of the page. The model I want is about 70 miles away. This beats having to drive around town. :)

    Let us know how this works out for you.
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