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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • Cry me a river? I'm entitled to post my view, and you Nissan worshipers can say what you want. Beleive me I feel the same way reading your garbage over and over, Nissan is so great! I saved lots of money on my defective truck! Its not so bad they reengineered the brake system in 2005! My dealership is so great, and sent me a christmas card this year! I have the greatest Truck in the whole wide world, and I'm so lucky to own it. I love driving my unique truck and its driving personality. My truck is my best friend. Oh Please ......
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    As I mentioned in the other thread, let it go. You are indeed allowed to discuss YOUR bad trucks. That does not mean ALL of them are bad (or your word, defective), and there are certainly very satisfied customers out there. As this is the Maintenance and Repair discussion, if you have nothing to contribute in terms of those who are asking questions, you are not adding any benefit to the discussion.

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  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    I concur......hey when are you going to open 1/2 ton comparison, moderator?
  • If this was a reality show, I would vote off "mike14," so we could move on to dicussing vehicles in 1/2 ton comparison.
  • ghilljrghilljr Posts: 1
    I have been reading the threads and am just a little taken a back. I like the look and a recently advertised price on a 207 Crew cab. Are the drive train and brake problems typical through out the Titan product line, or am I reading what amounts to really bad examples of an other wise fine product? Razorthunder, I have read your posts and don't believe you can add anything to what you have already said. Is there anyone else that would care to advise me? Thanks.
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    Well it's not a reality show because you started to get chil :lemon: dish, razor-attitude and if it were, you would have been banned years ago. :lemon:
  • You were asked to stop talking to me in the forums by the hosts via an email because you have no self control to keep the discussion based on the topic and facts versus personal attacks.

    It is obvious that neither of you share the same opinions or views. That is not an issue. However, what is a problem is the personal insults included with your dissenting views. If you wish to continue attacking each other, you can do so in email. You each have a CarSpace page which contains a free email account. You can also use the chat feature on CarSpace.

    If either of you continue the disruptive behavior within the discussions, your participation in the Forums will be restricted.


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  • thebunkthebunk Posts: 6
    Many thanks for Karen's fair and correct warning about the waste of time and resources over personal attacks and in my opinion childish behavior.

    Lets all try to help each other share thoughts and knowledge in a positive and adult manner!!!!

  • thebunkthebunk Posts: 6
    I personally love my Titan - It has a unique driving personality that I
    find very enjoyable. The looks set you apart from the crowd. The new
    GMC/Chevy look bland the Toyota looks better in pictures then in person. I have had many Fords and a Dodge over the years and none
    provided the same satisfying experience as the Titan.

    Just one guys opinion. :shades:
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    I'm glad you like yours. I currently have more than 35+ thousand miles and am very happy with the power, torque,
    roominess, and downright reliability of this beast. I did put a few power adders as well as accessories to mod this
    truck but in any instance would recommend it to anyone.
    You may want to check out some of the Titan forums.
  • I can't wait to get rid of my TITAN. Mine too had a "unique" driving personality that set it apart from every other truck I owned. Also just my opinion based on my experience with my TITAN. Obviously, no truck is perfect but I think I will try Toyota this time, I agreed the pictures look better than in person but this time I think I will put reliability over appearance.
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    Yes, Stillen has done alot for the Titan. You can currently also get cross drilled/slotted OEM sized rotors for it for a very good price if you purchase it in a package. To add the final touches,you could put on a set of stainless steel brake lines also. Good find.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Drilled rotors are not a good choice, except for blingage. Slotted are good to dissapate heat but drilled aren't good because they tend to crack easier.

  • I bought an 06 Titan Crew (new, end of year clearance) that has had every reported problem that I have seen posted (except the brakes) in the three months that I have owned it. It has been to service 6 times for major issues and only has 3800 miles on it. I just recently arbitrated with the BBB for an extended warranty and won. All this aside, I feel that Titan problems are simply on certain vehicles. Mine happens to be one; however, the power, handling, roominess, and appearance are very appealing and although I wish I had not purchased my particular Titan, :lemon: the problems it has had are not indicative of all Titans. My advice, wait for the 2008 Titans, then some of the remaining bugs will be worked out. Good Luck
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    Well, they have worked without any problems now for a little over a year. I do however live in a cool if not downright moist environment which will lead to longer brake life.
    I don't consider it blingage until the cost is above and beyond what any reasonable person could afford. :)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    They will probably be fine, if you aren't pushing them hard and if they didn't cost a lot more then you are good to go. I've seen countless drilled rotors crack on the race track because when you heat them up they crumble. So if you are doing heavy towing or racing the drilled are no good. For normal driving I suppose they would be fine and so long as you didn't pay a premium for em, they should be good.

  • My advice, wait for the 2008 Titans, then some of the remaining bugs will be worked out.

    There seems to be alot of hope in the 2008 Titans, personally, I would base my decision on history versus hope. Although, I would expect Nissan to get something right after 4 years of engineering and consumer feedback, or would I?
  • gina3998gina3998 Posts: 7
    I just bought a Nissan Titan. I haven't even read thru all of your emails and I'm all ready pissed off with you. Everyone has problems with vehicles. They are designed and made by humans. I just got rid of my Ford Expedtion bec/ I was having problems with it but I had a Ford truck before that one witch worked fine. I have owned a Nissan Maxima in the past and never had problems with it. Just because you bought a car that had problems doesn't mean that everyone will have your troubles. So back off. It's pretty annoying for you to disrespect the other guys on here. Maybe you should do more research and get a car fax on your future vehicles.
  • gina3998gina3998 Posts: 7
    I just got my 2006 Titan a couple of days ago. I love the truck. The guy that owned it before me put so many after market items on it. It makes for a sweet truck, especially with the muffler system on it. I love the looks from the guys. I need to get a bed liner for it. Can anyone tell me where to look. I also want to put a cover on it. My husband has a snap cover on his pick up. Not sure what would be the best.
  • If you haven't read all my post then why are you even replying .....yes there was an issue with the reliability of my two Nissan vehicles that were repurchased, after 66 repairs in 30 months, and ruled lemons by a third party, however, there are issues (on average) with reliability in the whole line of Nissan Titan vehicles, as consumer reports have evaluated the reliability: well below average. However that doesn't mean they are all bad, or there is not good atributes to the Nissan Titan; But, it does mean there is increased risk in terms of reliability, based on the evaluation of Nissan Titans history. Many people tolerate this as they like the appearance, features, and performance of Nissan Titans over the reliability and recall history. But, frankly after the nightmare my two Nissans put me through, I increasly respect reliability ratings over all other attributes of a vehicle.
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