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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • I have an 2004 Titan SE. I have had brake problems 11 times(warped rotors of course). Nissan told me they would take care of the problem. They admitted they had a problem. Now I have 75000 miles an the brakes are warped again. They told me they was not going to warranty it anymore. I have contacted a lawyer an going ahead with the lemon law.
    It is really bad because I love the truck EXCEPT for the brakes. :mad:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    and 75K miles? What state are you in?
  • 08 SE, Crew Cab, 1500 miles, Ac drain leaks onto passenger side carpet/ rear end vibration/ guages reflect in side mirror at night/sunglass holder felt lining is detached/gas spills out of tank when filling up if really low on gas

    Headed to the dealer for the third time in 2 months tomorrow. Anyone have any success with a buy back?
  • Do lemon laws cover when it's been a few years?
  • Sorry for your troubles. I hope you can get it fixed. If I were you I would try the buy back or check into lemon laws. I received a call back from Nissan today and they told me they would not do anything for me regarding all the brake issues I've had. I guess they think that the one fix that they did (called the 'kit') is all they need to do. It was only a short term fix and started doing the same thing again. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB. And also check into lemon laws. Although I don't believe lemon law will help me since I've had the truck for awhile. It's all about customer satisfcation and Nissan obviously does not care. It is so apparent that the brake issue is an ongoing problem with the Titan. I will never buy another Nissan product. I hope they realize that their decision will ultimately cost them not only my business but possibly other potential buyers because I will not be able to say anything good about Nissan now. Guys talk about their cars alot and when the topic comes up I will absolutley let them know about my problems. No doubt this will sway folks from purchasing a Nissan. Apologies to all you Nissan fans--but it's all about satisfaction and Nissan would not resolve my issue. There are too many other options out there where the vehicles are quality. Maybe this is why Nissan only offers a 36K warranty where most others over much more. I welcome opinions...
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Couple of things to check:

    1-when they installed the kit did it come with a 5year/100K warranty on the brakes?

    2-File a complaint against the dealership you bought the truck from with the BBB. It may or may not help and can't hurt as if they are members of your local BBB they will be put in a difficult position of having to answer your complaint. You can do the same for Nissan USA and file one with the NHTSA.

    Other than that if you still want to keep the truck I suggest you buy some aftermarket rotors and pads. That will fix your problem once and for all. And this will probably be the cheapest route all complaints aside.
  • Boy, am I glad I'm waiting til next summer to buy. I was close to buying one just weeks ago with the $4250 rebate and all. I thought I really had a bargain there for a moment. Please keep us updated and I truly wish you good luck. I can't believe the 9.7 consumer rating so far.
  • After 3rd visit dealer installed 2 new rear tires. Vibration is reduced but not gone. Nissan says bad lot of tires. My dealer says already has 20 tires in stock. I will address remaining issues at first oil change. I encourgage people with ongoing problems to post to sites like this b/c information can show ongoing design flaws. I will be pursuing lemon law. I don't know how other states work, but here you have to have same problem 3 times in one year or 12k miles. Already have that. Whatever happens truck will be traded or sold when basic warranty is expired. Should have more info for everyone in December.
  • I agree with you. I hope you win everything. Thank you for the update. I'll be keeping my eye on your progress. Best of luck again.
  • Its interesting that despite the nagging unresolved issues, Nissan has the audacity to increase the price on the 08 Titan by over $1600 from 07. This can't be good.
  • Thanks for the info obyone. I did file an online complaint with the BBB and it stated I will receive some correspondence in the mail and be required to send back work sheets, etc. Also, appreciate the info on the aftermarket rotors and pads. I do like the Titan other than the brake issues and the service from Nissan. I will look into alternatives. Do you know where I would find these and approximatel cost?

    No, I don't think the new kit came with a 5 year/100K warranty as Nissan told me it was out of warranty. I told them that shouldn't matter as it was supposed to fix the orginal issue and it didn't. They should be required to fix it but they are not budging. Sad thing is they don't realize that forums like these express consumer thoughts and will influence potential customers from going elsewhere.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    For rotors you can check here:

    Titan rotors

    or here:

    Powerslot rotors

    I would recommend getting some good pads as well.
  • Thanks for the info. Most helpful!
  • Guys (and gals?), if you do arbitration through the BBB, treat this like a court case. I am doing arbitration right now for the rear end vibration/hop problem. I have had 4 sets of tires, 2 sets of factory wheels, and shimmed the diff, still not fixed. Now, back to the arbitration comments. First and foremost, this is a court case outside of a court room, start thinking that way from day one. Second, have every bit of paperwork about your truck that you can get your hands on, even the Window sticker (meroni?). You will need a copy of all your paperwork for you, the Nissan rep, the BBB rep and the arbiter. if you intend to make any statement about anything, back it up with fact, show proof that you did XXX, hearsay means nothing. Also, the Nissan rep's job (and he will try hard, trust me) will be to belittle or make light of anything you say, he will be taking notes about everything you say and will try to make you look like you are just being emotional about the problem, and that there IS NO PROBLEM! You will get to talk first and present your case. Show the facts, show your service records, highlight in color when the problems happened. Bring all your service records, and make damn sure you go to the dealership and get a printout to make sure you have all your work orders. Inform the arbiter of the date you went and picked up the work orders from the dealership. If you can, get the workorders that show what the dealer sees, the ones that show what work was done. Big note here, if you have a workorder that shows "no labor", find out what was done for "no labor". I had some workorders that showed no labor, but work was done that day. They show no labor because the dealer didn’t send Nissan a charge for the work that one done that day since it was work that had already been done before and charged to Nissan. They can’t charge Nissan for the same labor in some cases, so they show "no labor".
    If at the BBB meeting, the Nissan rep has papers from the dealership that you do not, ask why. You should have everything that the dealership or Nissan has on this case. Likewise, if you intend to bring anything to the arbitration, make sure you submit it to the BBB before the meeting or you might not be able to present that evidence, but that can vary.

    The arbitration will take place at the BBB, but there can and probably will be a test drive. It’s possible that the arbiter will not drive your vehicle, but the BBB person that is attending the meeting will. Oh, and make sure you have your proof of insurance! I was asked if I had it, but they didn’t actually ask to see it. In my arbitration, my meeting was recorded by the BBB, they used a voice recorder. I was told I would get a copy of that at a later date. I cannot stress enough at how hard the Nissan rep will try to make you look bad and how hard he will try to make it look like there is not a problem when it is his turn to talk. Listen to what he is saying, and write down things that you want to rebuke or correct so that when you get to do your rebuttal, you have a list of what you want to say and so you won’t forget. In my case, I focused on the Nissan rep's "expertise" since he said he was a zone rep (DTS), and I caught him by surprise on a few questions and made him look a little foolish I thought. The Nissan rep even made note of some of the things I had discussed with the BBB rep on the phone before the meeting, so be careful of what you say to the BBB person, they write it down and log it!! I highly, highly suggest you create an agenda for yourself of the things you want to say, little bulletized items that will remind you of what you wanted to say and what page of your paperwork this is referenced at. Find a way to sort out the paperwork so that it is organized with tabs, or subject dividers etc. The key to this is to be cool, calm and be Mr. Spock. Be intelligent, be well spoken, and relax. You get one shot at this, and that’s it. You can’t come back the next day and say "oh, I forgot to say this". Too late, you had your time. I can’t comment much on the brake issue that many of you are having, I have been lucky, I have an 06 CC 4x4 and my brakes have been good. I can say that when we went for a drive, there were four of us in the cab, and the vibration/bouncing was not all that evident. It is much worse with just two people or even one, and I should have had the BBB person drive the truck alone (my arbiter could not drive a vehicle) so that he could feel the bouncing and report back to the arbiter, but to my regret I did not.
    Let me tell you what I thought would clinch the victory for me. I took my truck to a local Dyno shop, and the bouncing problem was very evident. I am going to post the video somewhere so that you can see what I saw. I used a tripod and my camcorder to videotape the bouncing. I got some really good shots of the bed hopping up and down, and the passenger’s side rear tire vibration was fair too. I even got shots of the driver’s side door wide open and bouncing (the Nissan rep said this was not a valid test since the door was wide open and resting on its hinges, so it would bounce regardless). I also taped the camera to the bed rail and ran the dyno, which made the camera shake like crazy (I turned the camera jitter correction off). I wish I owned a high def camera, it probably would have shown the detail better. I tried to get a couple of the service managers to come witness the truck on the dyno, but they would not. If you try to get them to come see the truck on the dyno, email or send the service manager a letter, and have them state in writing that they will not go. So when I presented this video in the arbitration meeting, the first thing out of the Nissan reps mouth was that the “dyno was a very specialized piece of equipment”, and that none of the Nissan dealerships had one. He continued that he had never worked with a dyno, and was not an expert, but he had seen videos of Nissan vehicles on a dyno at Nissan testing facilities. He then started to question if the dyno operator was certified to operate the dyno, and maybe the operator didn’t know what he was doing. Then he stated that the truck’s natural behavior would be such that it would “want to jump off the dyno”. He is not a dyno expert he says, but he can tell you that the truck wants to jump off the dyno. See, this is what I mean by him trying really hard to belittle everything. Then he went through the dealership’s workorders one by one, pointing out where it said “no labor” when in actuality, the dealership had balanced the tires again. I had to correct the Nissan rep when it was my turn again, and I questioned if a dealership would charge Nissan again for work that was previously done. In this case, the dealership had already balanced the tires and charged Nissan for the time, so they would not charge Nissan again. The rep waffled quite a bit here and said that it was up to the dealership as to how they did their paper work, so th
  • The rest of my document:
    The rep waffled quite a bit here and said that it was up to the dealership as to how they did their paper work, so that could be why I had so many “no labor” on my sheets. I also printed out many of the pages of TitanTalk that showed where others were having vibration/bouncing problems, and I highlighted in yellow all the different people that were having problems (12in all in a quick search). At the end, I got to speak, and I spoke from the heart and mind and corrected and tried my best to make it look like the Nissan rep didn’t know anything, and that he was wrong. Lastly, I suggest that if you are doing arbitration, watch those TV court shows, like Judge Judy, people court etc. I’m not saying the arbitration will be that tough, but if you prepare like you are going in front of the judge, you will be much better off. If you watch a few cases, you will see that the person that backs up their case with facts usually wins. “He said”, “she said” doesn’t usually win court cases, and neither will you if that’s all you have. If you lose arbitration, it will be great preparation for a real court case though! And as soon as you walk out of arbitration, sit in your car and write down everything you could have done better, stuff you didn’t do at all, and stuff the Nissan rep did too. If you lose, you may need that stuff to win the real court case. I have not received a decision as of my writing this, and its been a couple of weeks. Put them trucks on a dyno if you are having the rear end vibration/hop, and film it with a camera on a tripod!
  • You sound well prepared and best of luck. Keep us posted.
  • No gripes, no problem. Happy Holidays everyone.
  • tripdtripd Posts: 2
    I haave an 04 Titan and the other day I went to put the truck in 4wd and I got nothing. The lights on the dash will not even come on or blink. When I flip the diff lock switch it will not blink like it normally does when I flip it while in 2wd. I know it only engages in 4lo but it should still blink. I pulled the dash off and I have power going to the 4wd switch but like I said it does nothing when switched to 4wd. I have checked all the fuses and they are all fine. Any suggestions?
  • tripdtripd Posts: 2
    I have an 04 Titan and the other day I went to put the truck in 4wd and I got nothing. The lights on the dash will not even come on or blink. When I flip the diff lock switch it will not blink like it normally does when I flip it while in 2wd. I know it only engages in 4lo but it should still blink. I pulled the dash off and I have power going to the 4wd switch but like I said it does nothing when switched to 4wd. I have checked all the fuses and they are all fine. Any suggestions?
  • my driver side window started getting stuck and i would have to play with the button,but now it do not go down at all, any suggestion
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