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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • I found the answer to the "phantom window opener" about a week ago. We have 2 Nissans; my wife' 07 Altima and my 08 Titan. We've had it happen with both vehicles and we thought that someone else had something close to our frequency. Then I noticed that I was the culpret. If I leaned over the right way and stayed leaned, my keys contacted the "unlock door" button for over 3 seconds and, as advertised, the windows came down. My wife's Nissan has the keyless start, so I carry her extra "football" in one pocket and my remote in the other with my keys. So, I was doing the same thing with her car. It would be nice if Nissan could figure a way to shield the buttons and still keep the remote easy to operate.
  • I have 85000 miles on my '04 Titan XE CC. Yesterday my transmission seemed real sluggush. After stopping and waiting a few minutes I started it up. Here is where it gets weird, for about 5 seconds after the engine started all the gauge needles fluttered and then went to their normal positions. By the way, the transmission seems to be okay as of this morning. When I did start the truck this morning, my trip odometer was showing 0. When I got home last night it was at approx 100 mi. Anything like this happen to anyone else?
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    I have an 05 CC, red alert, 4x4. I have the paint chipping problem also. I took it in and the dealer took pictures, sent them to Nissan, they denied, claimed it was rock chips. The dealer service guy could tell it was not rock chips, so he agreed to have the area rep look at it when he came by. I had to leave the truck for the day, but the area rep agreed it was a paint proble and they are in the process of getting the repair (entire truck painted) approved. I am in Hawaii and there are no paint shops set up to do whole vehicle painting like this, so the paint job is going to cost over $10,000 and take over a month. So now Nissan is going to have to give me a loaner and I can not accept the normal little Sentra they give, not for this amount of time. I say push the issue again and make them have the area rep look at your paint as this is a growing issue.
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    I am looking for anyone else who has had any experience with this paint chipping issue. I am currently in the process of getting approval for a paint chipping issue fixed, complete paint job. I remember a post on this site a LONG time ago and the poster was getting the same paint job I am, but was also worried about loss of value on the truck since it would not be factory paint. I am wondering if anyone has had any situation similar to that and what happened. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Just curious. What dealership are you working with? on Oahu? I've read in several Titan forums about the paint chipping problem which I may also have but wasn't too concerned as my Titan is used as a work truck. What didn't help was the yardman who weedwacked and put about 15 dings on one side of the truck. Needless to say he doesn't do my yard anymore.

    When the truck went into the dealership for warranty work, I used to get a rental from Enterprise who usually had a Silverado or Ram to use so I guess I wasn't severely compromised as in getting stuck in a Sentra.
  • robert26robert26 Posts: 10
    air dam, ferring, plastic bumper cover.

    whatever it is ....i smashed it and want to know if anyone knows of an aftermarket replacement.

    it's the molded painted plastic cover over the real bumper and holds the fog lights.


  • learmechlearmech Posts: 1
    Need help. I have a 04 Titan wit 76000 miles on it. The problem is every once in a while when I but the truck in drive the Slip,V/C Off and brake warning lights come on. When it happens I shut the engine off wait one minute then start it up again. Most of the time the lights do not come back on but there are times they do. Anyone ever have this happen to them and what was the problem?
  • jasondufjasonduf Posts: 1
    i just bought a used 05 titan that has low miles and is in great shape. the one problem is that stereo preset buttons and a few others in the stereo stick and are very hard to press, particularly when it is cold. the truck is clean and when the weather is hot the buttons work fine, but as soon as the interior is cool, the buttons get very stiff. has anyone else had this problem? any solutions?
  • reybeastreybeast Posts: 35
    yep, someone spilled or sprayed something at the controls, and when its warm, the stuff is gooey. when it cools off, it gets hard. Kinda like taffy, warm it moves/bends, cold it snaps. Solution? unknown, I never took the face plate off the radio. if you can, and you can get to the buttons, you might be able to clean it. Worst case, replace the unit with a new/used one, or an aftermarket radio.
  • robert26robert26 Posts: 10
    do these things work?

    seen them on Ebay.


  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,068
    I just happened to be perusing the boards tonight and although I am a Chevy truck owner, I thought I would see what other brands are going through.

    It turns out that I have noticed a common theme throughout the forums. Each forum about a particular truck is filled with complaints and problems and "I'm at the last straw" attitudes. So I guess it just goes to show that all manufacturers are going to have problems whether it be GM, Nissan, Dodge or Toyota...
  • joebusajoebusa Posts: 1
    Hi There! I have been searching for someone that has had the brake problems like I have on the front brakes. I own a 2006 Titan Crew Cab 4x4 and I can assure you that the brake issue has not been resolved. I had to change out both front rotors and 4 pads at just 30k miles. After changing them out, I went another 28k miles and am having the same problem.
    Nissan refuses to address the problem or admit that there is a problem. On the 2008 Models, Nissan has increased the size of the rotors on the front brakes. Maybe its me, but doesn't the fact that they did this indicate that they know they HAD a design error? I will not back off of this and hope to gather enough of Nissans' Customers to make them correct this issue. Please reply on this site once you see my email.

  • reybeastreybeast Posts: 35
    I have an 06 CC 4x4, and yes, my rotors started at about 30k as well. I have not had them turned yet (probly this weekend).
  • bufallabufalla Posts: 10
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Yes, I've experienced the same problems. I have the 2004 Titan and experienced similar problems. I had my front rotars and brake pads redone at just under 30K miles. Then I to experienced it again within about 25K miles. Then again. Finally, they put the "kit" on my truck and it appeared to fix the problem until I reached about 62K. Then it happened again. I contacted Nissan and they told me it was not under warranty any longer. I told them that it was an obvious ongoing problem and that the "kit" didn't fix the issue. They washed their hands of it. So I contacted the BBB and after sending all of the paperwork to them, it was disturbing to find out that they could do nothing for me because of the year of my vehcile. I pretty much told Nissan that I would never buy another vehicle from them ever again, which I won't. I do love my truck and plan to keep it. I am going to look into putting ceramic pads, etc. on it myself. But I can assure you that I will never do business with Nissan ever again. I hope they realize that this will cost them in the long run since they lost me as a customer and they can be positve that I will pass on my negative views of Nissan products to everyone and anyone who will listen.
    Let me know how things go and if I can be of assistance. I'd love to have Nissan fix this problem for me.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I have a 05 Titan CC which due to brake dust changed the front pads to ceramic at 300 miles. That was a blessing. No more brake dust and NO brake issues. Apparently those metallic pads that Nissan uses while providing a little better braking then the ceramics also causes excessive heat buildup which warps the rotors.

    My rear brakes wore out at 24K miles. Asked the dealer why did they wear so fast while the fronts still looked like new? They replied that's how it is and quoted me $350 to cut the rotors and replace the pads. I told them forget it and replaced the rears with ceramics. Going on 40K miles with no brake issues.
  • jwseyjwsey Posts: 1
    I just failed my inspection due to the fact that my rotors were rusted, I was told by the service manager that I didn't drive my Titan enough, which I have 23,000 miles on and drive it everyday to work.They told me they would not cover it because of wear and tear, I never heard anyone say that something was worn or rusted because of the lack of use.I had to replace the brakes in the first year I owned the 06 and now again in '07, something is wrong.
  • reybeastreybeast Posts: 35
    well, if the rust is where the brake pads would normally contact the rotor, that means that your caliper is not engaging the brakes at all, in which case the brake system has a problem. if the rust is elsewhere, thats not grounds for an inspection failure in most states. I'm in Texas and used to be an inspector. Ask the inspector to show you in the manual (that they are required to have on hand) where it says rust is grounds for failure.
  • dtitan04dtitan04 Posts: 2
    I'm having several problems
    1. driver side window will not operate, I haven't tried in a while because when it does work, it will go down but not up.
    2. Truck seems to die when idling sometimes, seems like it is dieing more often now.
    3. while the cruise control is on it will shut-off by it's self. sometimes when trying to reset it the "set" light will blink and it will not set.
    4. the check engine light is intermittent. It will stay on for 3 to 4 days than next time in the truck it won't come on.
    I know these are alot of problems but can someone help???? Please!!!!! :cry:
  • jbe2jbe2 Posts: 1
    I had the same brake issue on my 2005 titan. They fixed it two times and the second time seems to have solved the problem. But the truck is a piece of junk. It have been in the shop for over 60 days most in the last 15 months most of it electrical issue. About 6800 dollars in repairs. They have no idea just throwing parts at the problem. Nissan customer service says sorry about you luck.
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