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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    The 04 had problematic window motors that needed to be replaced.

    On the check engine light a code has been set and needs to be downloaded via an OBD II code reader. Most of the auto parts stores could do it for you for free.

    The 04 also had grounding issues that could cause your idling issues.

    Haven't heard anything about the cruise control.
  • I've recently had the same problem. My 04 LE 142K had this problem @ 130K+- It stalled from idle intermently a few times one day then sporadically every few days over the next few weeks. Finally it stalled dead on the highway I had it towed to the nearest dealer. Luckily the dealer was great I was pissed at the time because it is also my primary work truck. I dropped (towed) it off @ 10:00am Thursday and picked it up @6:00PM Friday. They only charged me $150 +- for the repair even tough their top guy was on it all day hooked up to the diagnostic. Turn out it was the ECM (electronic control module) relay this sends power to the computer controlled ignition. My guess base on the symptoms after the fact is that frequency modulation at idle/low RPM caused the contact pad on the micro switch to vibrate due to a worn out electromagnet coil (inside the relay). Haven’t had problem since. Hope this helps.
  • Has anyone had any radiator/overheating problems with their titans? I just can't believe that at 50K miles the radiator blows out. Just one day my tuck started bucking and i immediately noticed the oil pressure light on, then noticed th temp all the way to H. After pulling over to figure out what the heck? i finally was able to add coolant, stopped one block from Auto Zone, Thank God. then i drove home with no problem. figured maybe a fluke but i would keep an eye on it. over the next several days it was intermittent, some days no problem, other days it would dump the coolant when i shut off the engine, and/or i was parked angled down. my driveway is a lil steep and i back in. so after i had enough, the dealer was very unhelpful saying, "your out of warranty". so know i need a $400 radiator on a 4 Y.O. tuck with 50K miles, almost unheard of to me.
  • dilbydilby Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Nissan Titan - bought it new - and I have 69,000 miles on it. Last week I had to purchase my SECOND replacement radiator - first one failed at around 38k miles, and this one just went out. Cheap plastic/alum crap -and of course it's not a recall item (can't believe I'm the only one with this problem).

    anybody else?

  • I have an 04 LE crew with 151K original radiator never a problem. My following comments are only base upon what I've read. Is the coolant the correct PH (too acidic or alkaline) It may have been at some point in time and deteriorated the water pump blades to cause overheating.. Is the thermostat working correctly It controls the amount of coolant flow between the engine and radiator... Has any foreign chemicals ever been inadvertently poured into the coolant system to cause internal clogs or corrosion? ie radiator stop leak material. I recommend a complete radiator flush from a trusted mechanic and urge them to inspect the inner surfaces of the water pump assembly for caustic or mechanical damage. Don't use tap water use only distilled water for mixing the concentrate or buy premixed. I can't think of anything other than a caustic liquid or electrolysis the anode (your radiator) the cathode ( a dissimilar metal in direct contact with the coolant) this only applies if you have some kind of electrical short via the coolant system- that would eat up aluminum. Best of luck
    P.S. I've had my share of lemons and yes the dealers suck and the manufactures do as well because the could care less thats why I'll never buy a Chrysler/Dodge new again unless it was built before me 1972.
  • jmj57jmj57 Posts: 3
    Last week a rim on my 2006 Titan broke. The lug nuts and studs stayed in place, but the rim broke. Because the truck was out of warranty (mine had 46K instead of the 36K warranty number), Nissan said I had to pay. They said that rims break. "Sometimes it happens" said the dealer. The regional rep agreed. Any other Nisaan owners have the same issue? Or others have bad customer service issues with Nissan? We currently own 2 Nissans which we bought new that have the same rims..."That sometimes it happens" that the rims break... Good thing mine broke at 10-15 mph and not 60...otherwise I wouldn't be telling you this today.

    I'd never buy another Nissan again...

    Comments anyone?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Is that the 17 or 18" rim that you're talking about?
  • will the sub amp headunit, and speakers plug in i have a 6 disc changer in my 05 le thanks
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    You will need an adapter harness that can be found at BestBuy, Circuit City, etc.
  • im talking about a factory stereo from a junkyard titan, thanks
  • it sure does! they keep your truck all day and don't fix anything!
  • My 04 Titan CC 4x4 with 44,000 miles just started making this load electrical whine from the tranny. Took a while to pinpoint but it is clearly coming from under the black cover (looks like a pan) behind the main part of the transmission. The noise starts when I turn the key to the on position (doesn't have to be running). Doesn't so it when in th ACC position. At first thought it was a grounding issue with the radio but it's not coming from the speakers...clearly identifiable underneath the truck coming from under the black cover. Something perhaps with the 4WD mechanism?

    My wife took it to the dealer today and they wouldn't even listen to the sound without charging $95 to pull it in the shop. Crappy service. Just wondering if anyone had any expereince/ideas with this. Searched the web and have come up empty handed so far.
  • My 04 Titan was bought with 95k on it, I put the iridium plugs in it, flushed the tranny and put in the Valvoline Maxlife (It works great in the Titan, you don't need to waste your money on J-Matic), changed the oil with synthetic, and thought now I will have a reliable truck for the next 10 years, at least. I had a 1985 Nissan pickup with the z motor that finally threw a wrist pin at 285k, (my fault for having straight 40w in the winter time and after a cold start rattle the knock came the next day), and my maxima's were in the high 200's when they started losing power. Well long story short, I was smelling coolant on my titan. I thought no big deal, it's a slow leak somewhere and I'll get to it when I have time. I figured I would see the temp going to about halfway when coolant loss got there, but instead it rocketed to max in like 15 seconds with no warning. Damn aluminum engines. Blown both heads instantly. Blue devil "fixed" it for a month. should have traded it in then. The crack in the lower plastic radiator tank had grown to 5 inches. I replaced the radiator, but it was to late.
  • Hello, I have an 04 Titan SE. I purchased it used in 05. My differential just went out and I am trying to find the best way to get it going again. Of course warranty is out. Do i take it to the dealer $$$ ? or do i take it to a shop that specializes in rear ends? Help! any ideas or suggesstions?
  • I have an 04 SE. I just recently replaced the radiator, it had a crack about 3 inches long at the bottom. I purchased a radiator for about $200. and replaced it myself. I notice it leaking fortunately, before it overheated on me. Not easy to replace it takes two people.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    In '05 models the differential cover was replaced with a finned aluminum one and synthetic oil was specified. The reason being the the rear differential didn't contain enough oil to properly lubricate and cool thus causing premature failure.

    You may want to try and contact Nissan directly and see if they will offer some type of compensation. This is a well known problem.
  • amauamau Posts: 1
    I replaced the stock wheels for wheels without sensors. Can I turn off warning light and how?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Can't turn off the warning light unless you install the sensors from the old wheels to the new.
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