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Dodge Durango Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,028
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Share your Durango buying experience here.

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  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    looking at the Durango Limited Hem-mee.. trying to find anyone that 'got a deal'.. or at least some real prices on one.. need some shopping help as our two 'burbans come off leases very soon...

    help :)
  • jbrillojbrillo Posts: 7
    Got one below dealer invoice here in Houston at Helfman Dodge on 3/23. Dealer's invoice was $32,753(a couple hundred more than edmunds, but okay). Got $1,500-rebate for trading in a car & an additional $400-rebate for being a recent college graduate. So, I only had to pay for $30,853 for a Limited with running boards, sunroof, Hemi, 50/50 split fold 3rd row seat, & supplemental side airbags. An awesome deal in my book. Good luck to anyone looking to get one. They sure are nice.
  • prymmvrprymmvr Posts: 1
    Hello all! We just purchased our 2004 Durango Limited. We were hunting for an SLT with some options (leather, sunroof), and as it turned out the dealer had a Limited that had been sitting there a MONTH. We hit them up at the end of the month (the 28th) which really helped them deal. The sticker was 35K, they paid 32K to get it, and we paid 31.4K (I was lucky enough to see their sticker). It's got the HEMEEEE, traction ctrl, leather, sunroof, power/heated seats, Inifinity II system, MP3/CD player, 50/50 3rd row split. Did I mention it had the HEMI!?!? We're stoked! The ride is superb, it's spacious as all getout, and looks agressive yet subdued; Mars/Venus indeed!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,927
    "The Chrysler Group has bumped up the cash back on its Dodge Durango, a recently redesigned SUV, to $3,500, spokesman Kevin McCormick said. It also is offering an extra $1,000 to customers who finance their vehicles through the automaker's financing arm."

    Arizona Business Gazette

    Steve, Host
  • mwfromvamwfromva Posts: 2
    My sticker price was $41,640. I ended up paying, with taxes and fees, $34,515.

    The interest rate was a little high with the Chrysler financing, but you can just take their $1000 and go refinance with your bank or credit union next month with a lower interest rate!
  • ciphyreciphyre Posts: 2
    Sticker was $39,845, Molten Red with everything but the sunroof and skid plates, purchase price with tax and tag ended up being $25,517. Added 7/70 bumper to bumper extend war. and car alarm, financed $27,717, through Chrysler and got a good rate. Traded in 99 Durango, $4500 in rebates.
  • flailflail Posts: 3
    SLT, Hemi, traction, tow, bigger tires, Alum. wheels, running boards, Colorado...invoice +- $32,000 with $1,500 cash back. paid 28,500. Tax killed us though, ended up fianancing 31,000. My Wife and I love this Vehicle!
  • Hi, folks:

    What is a good price discount if a Durango has 2000 miles on it, as dealer used it for demo and/or driving?

    Thanks very much.
  • What model and options? You shouldn't be paying much more than invoice on a new one. You can get a $3500 rebate on a new one plus another $1000 if you finance through Chrysler. A demo is essentially 'used' so it'd better be less than that.
  • ciphyre: You got $14K off sticker. Was that before your trade in? Which Chicago dealer was that?
  • I just got a Black 2004 Durango Limited with Hemi. It was a demo/corporate car. It had 14,600 miles on it. It has everything except side airbags and the optional gearing. It also had a few scratches on the front and a tiny tear in the rear door handle. The price was $29,995.00 from Wayne Dodge dealership. So far so great! I'll keep the board updated on how it runs.
  • A reporter is looking for a person who bought a new redesigned Dodge Durango in the past two months. Please respond to by Tuesday, August 17, 2004.

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  • mpena1mpena1 Posts: 2
    Looking for a good price on a Dodge Durango limited with colored running boards, traction control, sunroof, 50/50 split. I live in northern NJ. best price so far has been 34,523 without a sunroof and not the colors I would want. So can any some light. Also they want at least $2309 down with a 369 pymt.
  • I just purchased a limited in Rockland County, NY for $29,560. yes it is AWD with a sunroof,Tow PAckage and runn9ng boards. I got the $5000 rebate mfor financing with Chrysler, But I can pay it off after 90 days and the interest rate will not affect me and eat up the rebates. I originally was willing to pay cash up front but that would have meant only a $4000 rebate.
  • Just purchased an 04 Durango SLT w/ Hemi (28G package), leather, tow, traction, running boards, 50/50 split, 2 speed transfer case and running boards. MSRP was $36,545 and paid $26,800 before tax. So far I am very happy with this very sweet ride.
  • went to the dealership
    MSRP for SLT V6
    msrp on the vehicle was 28888
    dealer said he could get it down to 20 to 21 (including rebates)
    can i get even lower??? also is the SLT worth the upgrade over the SL ?
  • SLT has 3 seats instead of 2. best i can get so far is 8k off msrp.
  • Got a Silver Limited no Hemi with heated front seats, split 3rd row seat and a 1 year subscription for Sirius Sat Radio. Price with tax included was $32,120. The dealer also added 7 years of free oil changes and a free loaner car. Seems like a nice ride. My mom liked the perks that this dealer gave her over the other dealers she visited.
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