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Dodge Durango Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Anyone have any info on what the incentives might be in December for the left over 2004s? The $4,500 cash bonus expired Nov. 30. I was hoping they might bump it up a little in order to clear out the final 2004s. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
  • Having owned 3 Chrysler/Dodge minivans, I opted this time for the 2004 Limited 4x4 Durango. Great move!! Love the hemi and the ride is smooth and VERY stable. Got the $5500 off invoice. There are still some '04's out there. If you keep them forever like I do, it's a great buy.
  • r_dubr_dub Posts: 2
    I'm looking at a 2005 Durango Rwd 4-door SLT. Edmunds indicates that the base invoice is $26,690. The gents at the local California Dodge dealership are insisting that the base invoice is $26,979. The invoice pricing they have given me on all of our chosen options match up exactly to the Edmunds information. Has anybody else encountered this difference?
  • They may be adding in their advertising fee, which I believe is considered part of the dealers invoice. Advertising fees have been a highly discussed topic in other forums here.
  • r_dubr_dub Posts: 2
    Thanks Keeferb for the response, but they have the advertising fee listed as a separate line item. Is the Edmunds base invoice price accurate enough to call them on it? I wonder if they will actually show me the invoice as they said they would...
  • 2004 SLT Hemi, Auto, Leather, 28G package, tow package, Traction control, 50/50 third seat, running boards, premium 384 watt stereo, sirius and DVD system. Sticker $36050, paid 26050 plus TTL. That included $5500 in rebate, no trade.
  • bedrock:


    did your dealer take the 5500 off the price before taxes or after taxes? my dealership is taking the rebates after taxes. Is that right?

    Anyone in Jersey experience this?
  • molmol Posts: 4
    Just bought a '04 SLT and received a 5500 rebate off the top before taxes. Used a Chrysler Friends and Family discount to take another 3000 off. Found out that ANYONE can get a friends and family discount. So, before purchasing a Chrysler product, search for someone employed by Chrysler. They can hook you up with a Friends and Family discount within 15 minutes by calling in to get a control number for you. Then, ask the salesperson to check what the friends and family discount is. It is always printed on the dealer's invoice. Our vehicle was around 34,500 and the friends and family price was around. 31,500.
  • Good info. So was your $8500 off as compared to MSRP then, or from invoice?
  • molmol Posts: 4
    We started at the friends and family discount price on the invoice then took it down 5500 more from there.
  • molmol Posts: 4
    By the way, we just bought the Durango SLT I've already posted about today. It's a 4X4 but not the Hemi engine. Was really bothered by the 7.5 mpg that was consistently displayed as we took a 20 minute drive through town tonight. Only had slight hills but did stop and start every few minutes. What's going to happend when we get on the open road? Just wondering what people's experience is with gas mileage. The sticker says 15/18. Anyone have any insight to offer? Thanks.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    Owners can usually be found in our regular Dodge Durango discussion, so that's a better place to ask about gas mileage experiences.



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  • molmol Posts: 4
    We were told by the sales manager at our local dealership that with this particular promotion the dealer was being given 5500 by Dodge to move the '04 Durango's out. When we made the purchase they took the 5500 off of the Friends and Family price then assessed the tax. We live in Southern Ohio but I believe this is a nationwide promotion.
  • We are being offerred 1% below invoice plus rebates from 1 dealer. I've emailed another dealer to see if they can beat am I getting a good deal?
  • I just purchased a 2005 Limited Durango. It came with the Mineral gray paint, heated seats, Sunroof, 2 speed transfer case, painted running boards, off road tires, trailer tow group, navagational system, side air bags, Hemi and Hemi engine. Sticker was $41,950, and invoice was $38,524. I paid $38,074 plus I still get the $5,500 in rebates, so I asked away with it for $32,574. Not a bad deal. The dealer was Herbee Dodge in West Islip, NY.
  • carguy1234carguy1234 Posts: 233
    I just got an email from a local dealer saying they are selling new '05 Limited's at $9200 below MSRP. Is that in line with what people are paying now?
  • bkkatzbkkatz Posts: 18
    Sounds about right. I bought an '05 4x2 Limited with Hemi, Trailer Tow, Sunroof, Running Boards, Heated Seats, and Video about a month ago. Sticker was $38.5K...Chrysler Rewards price (1% below invoice) was about $35.3K. Took the $2500 rebate + $1000 (Chrysler Financial) + $2000 Loyalty rebate which dropped the price to $29.8K +TTL.

    My guess is your dealer advertising $9200 off MSRP is including the loyalty rebate...I'm not sure if it was continued into March.
  • What is required to remove the oil pan on a 1999 Dodge Durango 4x4 5.2L.
    I've removed the engine mounts/brackets, skid plate, x-member and lifted the engine 2 to 3 inches. Oil pan still hits front axle. Do I need to drop the front axle?
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    As the title suggests, this discussion is about Prices Paid & Buying Experiences for the Dodge Durango and not about maintenance or ownership issues.

    Please re-post your question in the discussion Dodge Durango where other owners can assist you.

  • shorty101shorty101 Posts: 30
    This sounds like a good deal. I have been looking for my next automobile for several months. I like the Limited package. The best quote that I have got so far is $28,230. The MSRP is $35,525. I priced it about $1500 less according to my research. The salesperson said that this additional amount was due to advertising fees. That seems a bit high. What do you think? This is the first automoblie that I will buy on my own. I need some advice.
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