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2005 Honda CR-V?



  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,970
    1) 2% difference in speedometer reading.

    2) I can't say for sure, because I haven't seen them.. But, the Duelers on the current CR-V are different, in almost every way, from the size that is on your Envoy.. It is possible, that the Duelers in the new size will also be completely different than what is on the CR-V now..

    3) The Michelins on your Envoy are truck tires.. The size Duelers on the '04 CR-V are passenger car tires.. I don't know if the tires on the '05 CR-V are passenger or truck tires... we'll have to wait and see..

    4) We don't know if the new CR-V will have Duelers...

    I wouldn't throw away brand new tires without trying them out.. I've had great tires on one car that turned out to be crap on others (just recently).


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  • kyfdx writes: I've had great tires on one car that turned out to be crap on others

    You make some fine points. The only thing I didn't add was if I were to dump the new OEM tires, I would do so at delivery and sell them then since they are new and they would have some real value.

    I appreciate all your help and respect your opinion.

    Two year
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Here's a tool for this sort of thing.

    If the tire sizes you just posted are correct, you'll have a 8.5% variance on your speedo (probably illegal).

    I suspect the tires you are looking for are actually 225/65/R16, not 225/75/R16. If that is the case, you'll have a 1.9% variation (probably okay, but check your state laws.)
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,970
    Varmint.. good catch.. I didn't look closely and just assumed 225/65-16..

    2year.. if they are indeed 225/75-16, then it is as varmint says.. definitely will not fit.


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  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,653
    I picked one up yesterday.

  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I noticed that some parts of the Honda site show that the XM radio is standard on the EX, but when you build and price it, XM radio is an available accessory on the EX, but not on the LX.
    Is that an error on the site? It seems that XM radio should be an available accessory on the LX model if it's standard in the EX.
    I don't see any photos of the LX interior. Is the seat fabric the same on LX and EX?
    Seems like the LX is a great deal if you can live without the moonroof and alloy wheels.
  • I have a brochure for the 2005, and it looks like there's a slight texture difference in the fabric from the little swatch pictures, but not having seen them in person I can't say for sure. I would assume it's much the same as in the 2004 LXs, which I liked when I drove one recently.

    I'm debating between an LX and an EX myself, trying to decide if I really need 4WD (not really, in Houston) and a moonroof (used to them after having a moonroof or ragtop for 15 years) and the alloys.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I think you can get 4WD even if you get an LX and you can always add the upgraded stereo and even rims later, so it looks like just cosmetics (painted bumpers and other trim) and the moonroof are what you really give up.
    If you get the 2WD you get a little better MPG. 29 MPG highway is pretty good with new 5-speed automatic.
    All they standard safety equipment for $20,500 looks like a bargain.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Actually, painted bumpers are part of the SE package here in the states. Even the EX does not have those.

    But I agree with the rest. There are quite a few items which can be added via aftermarket means, rather than pay for the whole EX package. Though if you decide to go for the big ticket options (both rims & moonroof), you might better off with the EX.
  • This month's Consumer Reports rates SUV tires based on how quiet they are, dry and wet stopping distance, and handling. The Michelin Cross Terrains are rated considerably lower than the Bridgestone Duelers, although neither is at the top. Also, tire and car manufacturers work together to design a tire for a particular car, and Honda must think that the Dueler is best for the CRV. Further, changing the tire size can be dangerous and would not be recommended by Honda.
  • Peachtree writes:The Michelin Cross Terrains are rated considerably lower than the Bridgestone Duelers, although neither is at the top.

    Ouch, consumer reports is my purchasing Bible since I do subscribe to it. They are hard to argue with, but I will say this, if you read the reviews on the Tire Rack website which is antectodal in nature, most people spit venom at the Duellers and most people really like the Cross Terrains. Not much of a rebuttal I know but its the best answer I have even though I sound a bit lame.

    Two Year
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,970
    I wouldn't use CR's testing of SUV tires as a basis on what tires to buy for a CR-V.. They tested a much larger size, designed for a much heavier vehicle (GMC Envoy, I think?).

    Most "SUV" tires in the CR-V size, are completely different than what was tested. If looking for tires for a CR-V, you are much better off looking for "touring" sedan tires.


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  • kay1864kay1864 Posts: 21
    A friend is considering an LX, 04 or 05 (she heard how much I liked mine). If she decides on 04, will she get a better price now, or after the 05 models come out in November?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    With the significant upgrades added to the '05, I think she should go for the '05, regardless of the discount on the '04. She'll get back the difference in spades in terms of safety, driving pleasure, and future resale.

    Besides, even though there will no doubt be bigger than normal discounts on the '04, Honda typically doesn't offer firesale discounts on any model.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    ...and it looks like Canada is not getting the VSA and upgraded RTAWD.
  • The new site seems to indicate vsa as standard on all models in Canada

    ...unless I'm missing something. Are they not made in the same factory?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I still don't see it listed. Where on the specs is it listed?
  • gotjgotj Posts: 5
    The Honda website has been acting funny since it was updated Oct 7th.
    Initially they gave the specs for the 05 CRV, which does include VSA. However yesterday and today, when you go to specifications, it's giving you the 04 specs for some reason.
  • First off, the tires are those god awful Bridgestone Duellers. Hard to tell what the interior fabric was like since it still had the plastic on it from the factory. I didn't stop long since I was looking at it at a dealer called Ontario Honda in upstate New York who screwed me on a used Honda a long time ago. I had to skidadle before a salesman came out to talk to me.

    Other wise, this is one fine looking vehicle

    Two Year
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