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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • vwtechvwtech Posts: 2
    Is this a v-8 toureg?? If so the vehicle may not have this problem till after it runs for 15-20 mins, just expirenced one like this last week at work, ended up being the alternator, when lights come on while driving look at the voltage gauge on your dash
  • vwtechvwtech Posts: 2
    Touregs are all wheel drive vehicles!!!!!!!!!! Tires on these due go rather quickly, rotating seems to help, but if you get 30k your doing really good. Also #1 problem that we have seen with tire pressure monitoring problems is tire pressure, on driver door jam proper inflation pressures are printed, i belive it like 42psi in front and 46 or 49 psi in rear, double check but this may help ;)
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    Got towed about 10 days ago as every 30 seconds my '04 Touareg died! Twed to VW lot and they were busy and kept it in the lot for 6 days! Sad I know. Then the figure it ut and it will be 6 ore days on Monday waiting for a internationally backordered fuel pump! No eta when they red flag it as service mgr. said they don't tell you at VW when priority part is shipping. A mess and ready to trade it for a GX 470 or the nice new Acura MDX just driven today. When my airbag light was on it took 9 days to get the suv out of he service dept. Terrible VW service and I just emailed them. For a fuel pump of which the V8 has 2 that work in tandem with each other. 1 worked when it there by itself but when 1 was bad you couldn't leave it in or it died in 30 seconds. never again, Trust me.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    You are correct in that the car has a set of circumstances that will eat tires (heavy, fast, all wheel drive, soft rubber). On my 2004 V6 Touareg, the tires are to be inflated to 36 psi front and 44 psi rear. Anybody that's getting 30k on the OEM tires is beating the rest of us by a long ways. I've seen wear bars at about 23k on both sets, first ones were Dunlop 8000's and second ones were Pirelli Scorpion Zeros. I get new ones when the wear bars show at tread level.
  • That is right, what my user name says. The Touareg is junk. After I had all the bugs/recalls cleared, I had shifting problems. The tipronic would get stuck on first gear and not shift. Took it in and was fixed under warranty. Next came the airbag light. Took it in and cleared that under warranty. At 25K my tiers are bald and need to be replaced $850. Tire pressure alert was going crazy since day one. I needed front brakes and rotors $750 because brake light went on at 25K. Mind you this is my wifes car and she drives 35 miles per hour only and is not an agressive driver. So far I did not mind all these lights going on UNTIL my check engine light came on. The Touareg started to feel like it was runnig on three cylinders rather than 6. Everytime I would push the throttle it will shake/vibrate and not want to go forward with puffing noise. Seems like a fuel pump gone bad. My wife only puts 93 premium gas which takes $75 to fill up and it does not get good milage more like 14MPG. Anyway, car is at VW shop waiting to get service. I owe only $8500 left on the car. I am going to get ride of this junk before something big happens before the warranty runs out. Edmunds gave this car low cost to maintain which is laughable. Anyway Good luck with your Touaregs I am sure there are going to be lots for sale in the used market since many are going to find out the truth and get ride of this piece of JUNK, they will be selling for under 15K in no time. I should have known better and listened to my wife and bought an MDX.

    I forgot, sound system CD has its moments where it will not turn on when you eject and want to feed the disc back in, it too has bugs. And not to mention the keyless entry range it a joke and does not work 1/2 the time.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    What year is it?
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    Well, problem is 6 days for VW to get it into their "too busy shop" and now 8 days more waiting for an Internationally backordered fuel pump! Dealer said it's on some priority thing but that VW doesn't tell them when it's shipping, etc. So, I called VW on day 12, it's 14th day with no Touareg now, and rep said she would get me status. VW dealer called the very next day and part left the warehouse already, finally. Ridiculous as Volvo Service Mgr. in sister dealership 50 ft. away gave me a 2007 X Country wagon with 2500 miles on it as Enterprise car rental from VW was some scratched up Taurus!

    Solution: Do what I'm doing in a week or so. Buying another GX 470, 2007 model. My wife loves her '04 GX 470. and the dealership network and service is second to none as I have had the best service. It was fun while it lasted driving the V8 Touareg but after 28k of lousy VW service it's time to leave VW behind. Nice SUV, bad dealer network and service..Bob
  • Panzer,

    I have the 04 V-10 TDI and it is spectacular. It is so smooth and quiet you barely know it's a diesel when idling. I have 30k miles on it and have averaged about 23mpg. I also tow a horse trailer (elec brake controller installed) it has plenty of power for towing up the mountains here in SoCal. It also handles excellent with the air ride. It is worth the extra cost for the TDI... :shades:
  • I have an 04 v-6. Just put my third set of tires. 1st was dunlop 5000, next were pirelli, got 20000 from each set. I e-mail Michelin and was told by them that they did not make a tire for my car. Went to Tire-rack and found new tire. Continental cross contact LX. Had installed total cost under $600. They even have a 65000 mile warranty. So far tires are superior to any I have had on my VW...Hope this helps. Have 41000 miles on my touareg and purchased it new 9/03 Must be lucky my only complaint is tires. Was a nice Tax write off for 2003.....
  • guestguest Posts: 774

    I had the same trouble with the Dunlop's except that I only had 15k miles on mine. VW was of no help to me. The dealer came through and gave me a new set of tires. He did allow me to pay the difference to upgrade to Michelin. Anyway, just had to replace brake pads at 21k miles for a total cost of $780. That is insane. VW said that they only have a one year/ 12k mile warranty on the pads. Very weak in my opinion. VW will need to stand up to their product a lot more if they want to make an impact in the luxury market.
  • kscctsksccts Posts: 140
    Why didn't you just replace the pads yourself or get an independent shop to do it? It is absurd to pay $800 for new brake pads.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    I believe that it voids the warranty on the rotors, sensors, etc. if you go outside of the dealer. Most of the time they have to replace the rotors as well. That would have made it a $1400 repair.
  • I got on this web site to see if anyone else was having the same problem. My 2004 Touareg is also 33 months old but I only have 30k. However, for the last 2 or 3 months when the vehicle downshifts from 5 to 4 the transmission clunks any where from a slight clunk to a hard one. Some times it is on a decline or when level. I have not had any problems with it when accelerating only when I am braking and the transmission is downshifting from 5 to 4. The other problem is that is doing it intermittent The first time I took it in the dealer did a test drive and said they could find nothing. The Touareg did the clunk as I left the parking lot and two more times when I turned around and came back to the dealership. This time I went out with the guy while he drove it and it did the clunk as we were coming back to the shop. They set up an appointment for me to come back and said it was a computer problem. I brought it back and they said they re programed it. However it did not fix the problem and it continued to clunk between 5 and 4 intermittently. So I reset another appointment and went back in and this time they said that they test drove it for 5 miles and they did not find any problem. At first I felt like they were giving me the run around but they told me to bring it back in when it does it again and this time they want to leave the motor running. They are saying that the computer records any faults but that they get erased when you turn the motor off. Half of me wants to believe what they are telling me the other half is suspicious of them. I still have another year of their warranty and also the extended warranty. It doesn't sound like my problem is as bad as yours and hopefully mine doesn't get worse. The biggest problem is that the problem is intermittent and not a consistent problem. After I left the dealership I drove around for an hour and it never clunked. All I can do now is wait for it to do it again and bring it to the dealership and leave the motor running and see what happens next. My biggest complaint with the dealership is after you sit in their waiting room for 2 hours they don't come to you they just page you and tell you the car is ready. When you go to the cashier you find out they did nothing. So then you have to go talk with the service rep and try to get them to tell you what to do next. After I left I thought I should have had them put the instructions in writing on the final check out statement. Instead all I have is a verbal. If anyone else is having the same problem I would sure like to hear from you and your experience. If I get any resolution to this problem I will be sure to pass it on to you. --wmdavis1949
  • My V8 2004 Touareg is my third and last VW. I've owned a Jetta and Passat Wagon and had good results - well made vehicles for the price. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this post. I've had tons of problems with my Touareg - shift differential, transmission, pre-mature tire death, electrical problems, interior part failures, etc. For a SUV that is suppose to compete with likes of the Acura MDX, Lexus, Infiniti, BMW, etc.; what a joke. A Ford Explorer might make a better comparison. When you call VW Service because they won't honor their warranty they'll turn you back on you. DON'T BUY THIS SUV. Buy one of the brands listed or a Volvo, you'll be much happier in the end.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 320
    I looked seriously at the touareg for some time. Even drove my cousin's for 2 weeks. There's no SUV like them on the road. The feel, the interior, the capability, the off road/on-road combination- truly excellent.

    But- they are an enthusiast's car. If you don't mind spending regularly on maintenance (tires ever 20K, $100 oil changes, $800 brake jobs, etc), and living with their reliability issues- there really is nothing like them on the road.

    I still yearn for one every time I see them. But- instead I bought a Subaru Tribeca. Handles like a sports car, drives much more nimbly and lightly, completely reliable, 5-star safety, $10K less, and- I'm averaging 20-21mpg. The Touareg is no 'piece of junk'- but it's certainly not a vehicle for those who just want to put gas in it and drive it 100Kmi. If that's what you want, get a Toyota. You won't get there in style- but you'll get there. Sit in an equivalently priced 4Runner LTD- which is over $40K, gets no better mileage, has half the features and an interior right out of the 80's. But- it's more reliable.

    Sorry it wasn't the car for you. They've gotten better since '04. I might buy one in 2 years when they come to the US with a 3.0L diesel that runs smooth and clean, and gets 28mpg.
  • I just got an 06 and experienced the same problem at 70 mph and above. I traced it to the roof rack. Remove it and the noise and vibration should disappear. Apparently the cross bar vibrates and resonates through out the SUV when high velocity air is moving over these bars.
  • I received a product up-date notice to-day. Included air bag connectors and product updates and enhancements. made an appointment with the VW service center and was told it would take 8 hours plus to complete,but a loaner car would be provided. Any idea what the program is ?
  • Just found these forums, intresting discussions. I thought I was the only one with, wind noise from the racks, takes a little (maybe alot) of adjusting but I got them quiet. I too got 28k miles from my tires and thought that was not acceptable, bought my local tire shop found me dome replacement tires, I believe they said same tire for a corvette, anyway they drive good, and at 600.00 for the set I came out ahead. I am still waiting for the dealer to send me a qoute after 2 requests and it has been 3 months since. My rag has 38k miles I have certainly enjoyed the comfort and the ride. The new car sticker gave the estimated MPG at 16-18, I can only get this if I drive 50MPH more realistic is 16 at hwy driving and 14 in city. I specifiyed the towing package whe I bought the car and was very disappointed to find out that I didnt get the "special" adapter for trailer lights. To this day the service dept has not been able to even address the problem "most people dont use the tow option" I just held my tongue and kept civil and explained that was the main reason I did not buy a sedan. I did have the brake pads replaced at a local shop for 250.00, I was lucky because the reason I took it them was a new noise that seemed to be coming from the brake system. I had a kind of squealing noise that sounded like a fan belt. AFter careful examination I could not find the problem and took it in to get the brakes checked. The local shop cpi;ld not figure it out so I took it to the dealer and the Service advisor said it was probably the transaxle they had just fixed a similar Item on another vehicle. OK its still under warranty. I have been w/o my car for 12 days. I know dealerships vary and ours has been good in the past but this time it took 3 calls and and 3 days before I got a call back for a status. Overall I love my suv but it is going to be an expensive affair that I know I cant afford.
  • zeevkzeevk Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Touareg. It is a great SUV. As of day one I had exactly the same problem that you describe. I complained to the dealer many times and he could not replicate it. Now, when the warranty is over they are able to replicate it and want to charge for replacing the entire gear.
    It seems like a systematic design problem and VW is acting as if they are not aware of this problem.

  • seems very pricey (about 1000K for 4 yr/50K) but supposedly covers front/rear brake work (pads incl?)

    any thoughts --given all the prior discussion on brake jobs costing $$$
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