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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi, I have an 03 Touareg V6 with 14000 miles only on it ( I live on a small island hence low miles). When I accelerate from start or low speed I get a harsh booming resonace through the pedal and steering wheel as though the exhaust is touching something. It makes driving the car quite unpleasant as there is a lot of stop/start motoring here. The dealers dont seem to be able to pinpoint it

    Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution.

    Thanks and happy new year to all. Peter
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I have an 04 six and I can understand the air bag connectors. My air bag light is on for the 3rd time, so is my tire pressure sensor and so is my check engine light. I do agree however, that it is a very comfortable SUV. Living above 5500 feet it performs very well in the snow and ice despite a good all around tire being available. I am currently on my second set of Michelin Cross Terrain which are guaranteed for 65,000 miles but I did get 45,000 on the last set. We now have 77,000 miles on the car and the next big ticket item may be a crabbing sensation when you turn somewhat hard to the left such as in a parking lot. It does not do it to the right.
  • Hi. I am having the same problem with our 04 Toureg as you have. Just today right on the exit of the expressway, that thumping forward sound occured again. I have taken it to the dealer twice and even rode with a technician during which ride it not occured. Were you able to resolve it at all? Your feedback will be very much appreciated.
  • zeevkzeevk Posts: 2
    We were able to identify the conditions under which the problem occurs: You drive at 5th gear (using automatic gear)without gas and slows down. The RPM goes down and the gear stays at the 5th. Then you press the gas and the gear shifts down to the 4th with a laud bang as if you drive over an obsticle at high speed. Once you identify the sequence it is easy to repeat it and also to avoid it by not pressing the gas before it shifts to the 4th.
    In my humble opinion it is a design bug and not something that can be solved.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    My 04 T-Reg has developed water condensation in the tail lights. Dealer has taken the tail light assembly out and had no answer as to how, from where or why the water is in the lights and he confirmed that the lenses are not cracked. Dealer had to replace one of the plug-in assemblies as they were corroded.

    News about the recall. Although not explained well by the dealer, I was told that it would cure air bag in doors, lights, shifting, crabbing and much more to include the dash displays. Problem is that the fix lasted for 30 minutes and I had to return because my lights quit working, turn signals went wild and others that i can't remember. When I got back to the dealer, I was (1) of three that had brought their VW's back and all swearing to the service manager that they will never own another VW again. They stayed until 7 pm to get me back on the road but 5 days later the air bag light went on and the next day the check engine light came on. We have not had the time to take the car back in. Without loaner cars it is very difficult to keep renting a car to have these numerous repairs done.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I had the problem infrequently while I owned my V6 touareg. Your scenario seems realistic. I never could replicate it, but it occurred only as the car downshifted to a stop off a highway exit. I think it is fixable, as I would bet it is software. You know, it never did it during the last 1/2 year of ownership. I wonder if it was fixed when they updated the software. I have never met a VW service rep that would acknowledge any specific problem with the car as being common, even under direct questioning.
    I think there's a company line being maintained at all costs. Although I miss my Touareg, VW will never sell me another car, no matter how much fun they are to drive. Japanese or American from now on. I cannot afford to be different.

    I just got the $3000 coupon in the mail yesterday, touting the incredible resale value. That's BS. Compared to what?
  • 2005 Touareg V-8.

    I am looking for contact information for the Western Regional Manager who would be responsible for the San Francisco Bay area (East Bay-Oakland). I cannot seem to locate a mailing address.

    My Touareg has been good although it chewed up a set of tires in 24K miles, and the alignment is attrotious. Although they wouldn't take care of these issues, particularly with their history of this specific issue, I had to purchase new tires and alignment.

    My complain is the key that we purchased with the car is defective and the dealership won't replace it. We waited over a month to get our spare key, and when we did get it it was stored appropriately and not used. We later found out it didnt work correctly and they are claiming there is rust inside it and wont fix it. They are asking that we pay another $300 to replace it. First, its part of the car and therefore under warranty. Second, its a defective key and not used by us (even still has the tags on it from the dealer). After spending over $50K for this vehicle, I expect the key to work, and in the event that it doesnt, I expect VW to correct it under warranty without question. Lastly, if they aren't going to stand up regarding warranty of this item, they shouldnt be utilizing $300 keys to their vehicles.

    So does anybody have contact information for VW management?

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938

    That's directly to the VW corporate offices. And yes, you have to call on your own dime. :sick: What kind of reputable company these days doesn't have a toll free number?? :confuse:
  • Hi, My 2006 has 4900 miles and it squeals at every stop, did you experience this problem? I love the vehicle, but the DEALER says he can't fix it? Frustrated in CT.
  • Hi, I read your message, I won't be buying anymore VW's either. I love my 2006 Touareg with 4900 miles but it makes a loud brake squeal at every stop and the VW DEALER says its normal and part of the design and can't be fixed. I'm getting ready to file under the LEMON LAW to have them take it back. Anyone else experiencing this brake problem?
    Frustrated in CT
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Hey Carb, one or two posts about your brakes is plenty - if you reply to a bunch of posts about the same issue, people will get irritated having to scroll through them. :blush:

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Hey everyone I'm new to the site just looking for some help. I'm in the market for a "performance SUV". I live in New England, so the weather is hardly predictable. It's just me and my girlfriend living together so we don't need to worry 3rd row seats anytime soon. Since I drive to Boston to work everyday, about a 45 minute drive, I need something quick on the highway, but can also handle the different climates. My initial choice was a 2005-2006 Touareg V8 because from what I read that model years seems to have fewer problems than the earlier model and a good portion of owners also agree that the V6 is a little on the weak side and I've never really got into diesels. My other choices were BMW X5 or an Infiniti FX35/45. I love the look of the Touareg and when I took one for a test drive, the V8 gives the driver unbelievable power delivery. Now what I'm looking for is a little feedback from owners, just for a heads up. Instead picking up an auto issue of Consumer Reports to see what problems there are, I'd rather hear from the owners. What are some problems that I will encounter? Anything major? Would you ever buy the vehicle again? And is it worth it? Now my friend has an X5 V6 and he said he hasn't had any problems with it other than routine maintenance and I'm about to head over and check out forums on the FX. I'd appreciate honest, real owners, because this is important information that could help me out in my decision. If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  • Hi,
    The Touareg definately handles the road well, the v6 will give you more than enough power, v8 if you tow. I'm in CT and the VW dealer I bought from in Enfield CT turned out to be horrible. Yes, there are other dealers. I have the 2006. It's a bit tempermental as you have read. If you don't have time to deal with problems, I'd go with the X5, the MDX or a Honda or Toyota AWD. The Touareg is great but VW dosn't seem to want to address some issues on it, in it's fourth year of production. Just my own thoughts, others will have other views. I think the quality of the MFG and how the dealer treats you is as important as the vehicle. I happened to buy mine from a no-customer-service dealer.

    I drove my VW on a 300 mile trip and it felt like I was driving a a soft cloud all the way, tremdous handeling. Good Luck! At 65 the V6 gets 20+ miles per gallon, it quickly decreases to 13 to 16mpg as you hit 70mph and higher.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I owned a V6 Touareg for almost 3 years and 50,000 miles and have driven several examples of X5 and FX. You should drive them as well. They are very different from each other. I presume you are buying used.
    Ride: No comparison; VW wins. BMW is good, but a little busy, The FX rides like a lumberwagon - you feel every crack in the road.
    Handling: BMW and FX are pretty similar, VW almost as good, but remember, it weighs at least 800 pounds more.
    Brakes: All 3 feel similar
    Comfort: VW and FX are excellent but very different, with BMW a little behind, unless the car has the comfort or sport seats.
    Reliability: Basically, until this year, BMW was building the same car for six years. They got it pretty right from a reliability standpoint. A 2004-2006 might be a good option. That said, they pay for maintenance for 4 years, and they only get oil changes at about 12,000 mile intervals. I'm not impressed with leaving oil in that long, from a long term engine wear standpoint, particluarly for city cars. Apparently BMW is ok with it. When you are paying for maintenance on any of these cars, you will be shocked at what it costs. They are all excellent highway cruisers. The V8 is nice, but you do not need it unless you have a 23 foot Sea Ray bowrider following you. There is a definite gas mileage difference between the v6 and v8 versions of all of them. I understand the BMW v8 is a little better on gas than either the VW or FX V8's. When I bought my Touareg, the BMW and FX were my second and third choices. VW got first mainly because I go off-road alot and having a low range transfer case was important. If I did not have to go off road for work, I might have chosen the BMW first. Then the question became whether to get the X5 or X3. The X5 is a little tanky. Hard to describe as fun to drive. The X3 drives like a car and is a lot of fun to toss around. The ride isnt nearly as bad as the car mags make out, even with the sport package. The FX is a go cart. Not sure I could live with the ride or the obnoxious exhaust drone. Comfort, quality and features were first rate though.
  • Okay - so basically this is one of the worst new-car introductions in history - that much is clear. (In terms of the car actually working.) Like others I am sold on the feature set and performance characteristics. So, my question is this - have they or haven't they fixed most of the problems? Most people posting have 04s. Only one or two had an 06. What do people think about the 07s? Does the lack of posting problems with 06/07s mean they are better - or just that they have few/no miles on them yet?

    I called the locak VW dealership and said that I was sold on the features/performance but how could anyone in their right mind buy one of these - and said I wanted to give him 5 minutes to do his sales thing and see if he could get me to budge - and he actually said something fairly interesting. He said when you get one, you don't necessarily drive it off the lot. Once you choose one, they apply what was at the time around 15 TSBs which can take a week or more, then you come pick it up. This was around 6 months ago. He said that as long as you have all the TSBs applied the car is doing quite well.

    So what do people think - is it perhaps finally time to get one?

    On the opposite side, the 08 Highlander looks like it is quite awesome despite not actually being an offroader. Might have to wait for that instead.

    Looking at Consumer Reports repair history - and if we translate the black/red circles to numbers where 1 is really bad and 5 really good 04 has 10 1s, 3 2s, 0 3s, 1 4, and 1 5, the 05 has 5 1s, 4 2s, 3 3s, 1 4 and 3 5s, and the 06 has many 5s, and only 2 1s - but with the consumer reports defect reporting the newer models always fair a lot better - basically not enough data yet. It doesn't mean the car is better.

    Anyway I'd love to get one but am scared it won't work...
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I have an 04 so you don't want to talk to me. I have driven close to 1.5 million miles in the last 38 years in Jeep Wagoneers, Pioneers, Grand Cherokee, GMC, Ford Explorers all domestic except for the VW Touareg. Despite the engineered defects, I have to admit that the Touareg has the best ride, comfort, handling and is the best in the snow and ice. My v6 is weak and it hesitates upon acceleration. Probably my biggest complaint is VW service in general. It is expensive, they do not stock parts, the car is so technical that many dealers do not have sufficient knowledge in my opinion therefore, the repair time is long and for a luxury SUV they do not provide a loaner car and if you are in as many times as I am in a year the car rental adds up. I live 50 miles from the dealer so it is also inconvenient. My mileage is 15 mpg at best and they all use premium gas. I like the car but for the price tag, the high maintenance and the inconvenience we most likely will go to the Lexus next purchase.
    Good Luck
  • Hello Touareg owners: I am leasing a 2005 Touareg from VW. This past 2 months I have had it in the shop several times. It started with requesting a simple required yearly inspection. At that time there were 5 recalled items or events that where going to also be addressed. Since that time the vehicle randomly will not start, it only "clicks" one time when key is turned but all the lights, bells, whistles and automatic adjustments do their thing! VW was unable to "recreate: the event in their shop so they said they could not fix it if "it aint broke". I had to get towed in again last night. I not longer feel safe in this vehicle. Any similar events out there?
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    My 04 randomly does this at the first turn of the key but then starts on the second attempt. I have had no luck on repair. The last recall fixed many of our problems from airbag lights to crabbing when you turn. Many of the systems are interrelated. I get water in my tail light and at times has caused the engine to run erradic, head lamps go out, blinkers go nuts all from a corroded connection. VW will not fix this problem because they consider tail lights an accessory. It is a safety issue when you have no lights at night. Sorry but I don't have a fix.
  • As the title says. I like to do all my own maintainance, troubleshooting, and repairs. Would like to know where to get the best information. Is there a service manual or DVD available?

    Just got rid our Volvo XC90, got a 2004 V8, NAV, Air suspension, every option available for 2004 (short the V10 even though I'm a diesel guy). This thing is so cool to drive :)
  • brady11brady11 Posts: 2
    Same issue on the "yodeling" although the noise I hear is more or a prolonged squeal. It only happens after applying the brakes and while going slow. Does anyone know the source of this problem? The dealer can't seem to figure it out.
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