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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    the rotors are made of dampened iron, which is softer to help absorb the resonant energy the brake pads can create

    Actually, it's not dampening that reduces brake noise. The gray cast iron changes the modulus (effectively the mass) of the rotor affecting the resonant frequencies. There's some good physics behind it and anyone interested may want to take a look at this article.

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  • I'm also looking into purchasing an '07 and came looking for reviews and issues with VW Touaregs. I thought I'd re-post just to pose the question again....those of you with '07s- are you finding the same issues as owners of earlier models? Any input is appreciated! It may still be too new of a model and obviously people come here to post their issues and with the '07s on being out about a year, we may not see much feedback yet. Thanks in advance!
  • I replaced my Dunlops with Bridgestone Alenza HL tires. In 3,000 miles I have had great results. No more tire wear, much less road noise and a better ride. :)
  • Anyone out there who can outline the process for replacing a brake light bulb in a Touareg?
  • kimfkimf Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Touareg V6 that is the absolute worst car I have ever owned. It is in the shop for the 33rd time. Today's issue is the driveshaft (which was already replaced at 19k miles). Yesterday was front and rear brakes that needed to be replaced (which were previously replaced 15 months ago). I was told the Lemon Law only applies if the car is under warranty, does anyone know a way around that? I have 79K miles, well over the 50K limit, but have had issues from day one. (Why I didn't return it then, I'll never know).
  • We bought our '04 Touareg V6 new in '04. This is by far the worst vehicle I have ever owned. It is a rolling money pit. The dealer told us the oil changes were going to be high for a little while ($89.95) until the filter was available to auto part stores etc.. It then went to $100. Now, last month it went to $150.00. It is just oil and a filter right? I have 87,000 miles on it. Since I have owned it, the starter has gone out, all fuel injectors went out, catalytic converter out, AC Blower motor out last month for $900, tire sensors broken. 1st brake job at 49,000 miles, they turned the rotors. Now, they are quoting $2,000 for a brake job with rotors after only another 37,000 miles. I found a reputable shop to turn rotors again and change brake pads and sensors to get an estimated 25,000 miles for $900. I am doing this today and selling it next week. I am getting a Saturn Vue or Chevy Equinox. Much better fuel economy and I can get a $23.00 oil change on the Equinox or free for life from Saturn. I can't imagine owning an SUV and getting free oil changes. What a concept!
  • You are lucky that you got 39k miles on them. I have had to change them twice and I only have 41k miles on mine. They are only warrantied for 12,000 miles. Love the car, but they use substandard equipment at the owners expense. Won't buy another one until they get kinks figured out. I could have bought something $15,000 more and come out the same with all money that I have to spend every year. Heck the pads alone are $800 and the windshield wipers are $100 and they don't work properly.
  • We have a 2006 V-6 Touareg and have had it for about a year. So far, no problems. We have a great relationship with our salesman and every time we see him he asks how the vehicle is doing and then seems to almost collapse in relief when we say no problems. Doesn't bolster one's confidence.

    It seems like sales of the Touareg are picking up where I live. The dealer inventory is way down and I see a lot more around town. Love the white ones. Normally I don't like white vehicles but it looks great in white.

    Was it a mistake to buy this vehicle. No. The reliability is a concern but this vehicle has sheltered the family on two trips in snowstorms. It's a cat on a new couch in snow.
  • Do not buy Touareg! The VW service sucks, the car is very expensive to own and it rattles and has all kinds of problems. My first one was a Lemon and after months of fighting with VW, I finally got a second one and it is terrible. It has been in the shop for 35 days now and I have only owned it for 5 months! It is the V10 TDI but it does not matter because they are all the same...

    Do your research if you even think about this car... I highly suggest you dont buy.

    ***the driver seat does not line up with the instrument panel and it also can cause back pain. Please be aware!!
  • Can anyone speak about the Alretta brake replacement for the Touareg? I need new brakes and would like to save money and have a VW tech that I'm friends with install them, but I want to be sure custoemrs are happy with the product. Please help!!!
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    By all means, see for yourself comments made independently of the company - go to: rs-now-11903.html

    Read the postings there and you will see plenty of positive opinions and not a single negative one!

    Frankly, these are high performance brake systems that require certain levels of service intermittently, depending on a variety of driving conditions. While I seem to need brakes at 26K now, others have gone an incredible 50K plus miles before replacing brakes.

    These are engineered to perform under the broadest range of circumstances, just like the rest of the vehicle. Frankly, you would need to buy a Ferrari to get the same performance character and components as on the Touareg! I understand that most folks only respond to the costs and numbers of the repair, but with a little empowerment, you can do a four wheel brake job, completely, for under a $1000, parts and labor.. I am certain of that. You can get the entire four wheel package for under $600 and have someone install it in under four hours for less than $400 labor.

    Of course, you can allow the dealers to have their way with you as well, if you do not take matters into your own hands - I am speaking of a full and complete restoration of wearing parts too, not just a pad slap. When you get into it, there is one way only to do the brake work - the Right Way! - Complete replacement of rotors, pads, caliper hardware, pad wear sensors, and rotor retention bolts. These are the wearing parts to replace.

    The brake system here is designed to wear out the rotor within the service life of the brake pad set. If the pads are worn out, so is the rotor, by design and materials. Replacing it is the only correct choice to maintain safety. Rotor retention bolts are necessary to replace throughout the rust belt states due to the effects of salt and winter snow on the materials. Pad wear sensors get chewed up in use over time and fail due to the pad wear and also the exposure to the heat in the brake system. Caliper hardware parts need to be replaced for much the same reason - as the pads wear out, the spring tension and resiliency in the metal components of these parts is depleted, so that the replacement of them at the same time as the pads is the only safe course. Thankfully, there is no additional labor involved in installing new hardware, it needs to be removed to do the basic brake work.

    I feel the pain of so many of you as you rail about the expense of this VW, but frankly, I could rant about the 05 Chrysler Pacifica POS I bought for my wife that has a host of needling issues... My Touareg has been a champ and unsullied for the past 4 years now!

    Don't tell me I am the lucky one - I'm saving that for the next big Powerball lottery!!

  • Has Anyone experienced a profound knocking noise from the rear of v8 touareg when accelerating up to 20mph and it stops once reached 40mph. VW have tried to diagnose the problem but could not. Another baffling point is that when the battery is weak and jump started the noise is not audible until the car is switched off and once turned on the noise starts again. This is a nightmare! my first vw car and probably the last. Please someone help!!!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Doesn't the Touareg use an electronic locking rear differential (when equipped?) That might be the culprit, if applicable. Sure sounds like it.
  • Hello, Need some help please.
    Today I started the car and drove off and the "warning" message came up saying "Release Park brake" accompanied with a loud annoying siren noise !!!
    I can assure you that the Park brake had been released corectly, honest.
    When I stopped it would go off and then when I started moving again - yes you've guessed it - On it comes again.
    I stopped on more than one occasion and carried out some checks and can say that the brakes were not hot, the car was moving easily when put into drive. etc, etc
    It is some kind of electrical fault, I'm guessing - Any ideas ????
    How can I fix it.
    Cheers KP.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Sounds like a bad sensor/sending unit for the parking brake.
  • Let me start out by saying, NEVER BUY A TOUAREG. I bought a 2004 Touareg at the end of June 2007(used, I know, and will never do that again) with 27K on it. I had problems the second I drove it off the lot. First, I bought it at night so I didn't run the A/C until the next day and when I did it didn't work. Took it in for service and they told me someone else worked on the A/C and they couldn't cover it under warranty ($1043). During that same trip for service I told them to look into the squeeking brakes. Found out those were bad($880). On my way home from the dealer after the first service I got a flat tire warning, pulled over, no flat tire. I've had it in 6 times to try and fix this problem and they still can't fix it. On the sixth time they did something to the computer system and now I can't even turn the system off so I get to listen to this beeping over and over again everywhere I go telling me I have a flat when I don't. About a week after I bought the car my exhaust mafunction light came on. They told me some valves were bad and they needed to replace them. Once that didn't work they found out I had a crack in my gas tank and had to replace that. The list goes on and on. About 2 months after I got my Reg it wouldn't start, needed a new fuel pump. Dome lights wouldn't come on when doors opened, had to replace a sensor. Gas cap loose warning keeps going off, had to replace a sensor. Rear temp controls stopped working, everyhting is delaminating, door handle broke on rear pass, door rattles very badly on front pass, "Rest" setting for when you turn the car off it keeps warming the inside for 30min is broken, and the brakes still squeek. VW doesn't keep any parts in stock so when they find something they have to replace they have to order it and I have to bring the car back. I have had the nav system replaced twice. When installing the nav sys the dumb asses scratched the hell out of my seat heater icons and they broke one of my vents. No one fessed up to it and they were going to make me pay until I went a little nuts on the service manager. Remember I have only had this car for 6 MONTHS. It has been in the shop as much as I've driven it. I find my self driving a different rental car almost twice a month for a week each time. Needless to say It is back on the market. It may be mean, but I feel sorry for what ever sucker buys this piece of [non-permissible content removed].
  • Whenever I shut off the engine, a fan or something keep running for about 10 minutes after. Is this normal? Doesn't seem so to me, but where I bought the car told me that this was nothing to worry about.
  • I have a V6 2004 Touareg, which I have to park outside(no garage). When the weather temperature drops to 50 degrees or below, my tail lights come on, usually in the middle of the night when I am sleeping. This has drained my battery several times. The technicians say they can not duplicate the problem. What could this be. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have just been told my Touareg in " unroadworthy" because the rear mounting for the prop shaft has suffered "component failure". It is not as a result of a knock or any damage and the garage has said that it's just one of those things. This is an expensive item and apparently VW have offered to discount the part by 30% but its stll going to cost £560 ($1000).
    Is this a common failure? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • gsotiggsotig Posts: 8
    Same thing happened on my 2004 model at around 38,000 miles - I was lucky since it was under warranty. The vehicle was junk and I eventually turned it in 2 months before my lease was up because the warranty was about to expire.
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