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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • gerrrrgerrrr Posts: 6
    Here's a new one... Driving home from work in my Red Treg when out of no where, i hear a loud beeeeeeep, then everything and I mean everything on my dashboard starts flashing. "Brakes, Cruise, ABS, MFI disappeared, etc...". It's almost like a laser light show. Start smelling some plastic burning. Pulled over and everything under the hood looked okay. Made it home and checked all the fuses and they seemed okay. Wipers no longer work. I think one of the circuit boards got fried. Bringing it in Monday for service. In the mean time I'll enjoy the light show on my dashboard. One good thing, the seat belt, door open, lights on alarms aren't working. Just hope it doesn't rain this weekend.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    My Touareg speedo is optimistic as well. I'm glad I didn't lease it. My informal measurements indicate it's high by about 5 to 7 percent. It's low on my worry list though. I got tagged for only 79 in a 65 when I thought I was going to get the big ticket. I suspect VW knows all about it and there's a Technical Service Bulletin for this. For further information, you might try another forum that has the company initials and something about the middle of a hurricane, if you know what I mean.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm going out today with a GPS. I really wouldn't be so bothered by this if it weren't for the mileage restriction on my lease. At the error rate I believe the speedo has, assuming we drive 3hrs. a day, at the end of my lease, the car could show 18,900 mi. more than it has actually been driven. And guess who would pay for that?
  • Well, brough the Treg in to find out what the light show was all a bout. They said they did all kinds of test and found nothing. Told me everything was working fine. Go figure. When I dropped it off, the lights no longer flashed, but the speedometer read 60mph and that was sitting still. Gas gauge was pointing at the little icon. Tech said maybe something (plastic) flew into the engine while I was driving causing the burning plastic smell and distrubing the electronics, hence the light show and gauges gone wild. Anyway, everything is back to normal. Think I would have felt better if they actually had a rational explanation for the whole adventure.
  • The speedometer in the Touareg is optomistic. # to 4 mph at highway speed. BUT the odometer and speed indicated in the MFI is accurate. To prove that, try this test; on a nice relatively flat open road set your speed with cruise control at 63 MPH. Go to the MFI average speed and do a reset. Then drive for several miles at 63 MPH on cruise. The MFI will indicate 60 MPH. This shows that the car does know the true speed but that VW has set the speedo to show a higher speed.

    If that test isn't enough, then get a Garmin GPS unit like an iQue 3600 and check the mileage against the Garmin.
  • I believe late 2005 is the target for DVD nav.

    As for the current nav, you will be disappointed by the lack of features but the nav will get you to your destination. And the fact that you can change/set your destination while in motion, while other systems require that you stop to set/change your destination is one benifit.
  • We purchased a new 2004 VW Touareg and we noticed that the tread of the front tires was almost gone after driving it about 10,000 miles. It appears to be an alignment problem. Since most of our miles were driven on the highway I don't believe that road conditions are responsible for the faulty alignment. I wondered if others have experienced the same problem and if maybe the original factory settings on the vehicle were off.
  • This kind of slightly higher reading of the speed on the speedo is something that is common to all German cars that I have owned/driven. Of 4 VWs, 3 BMWs and 1 Merc all showed a speed on the speedo of 3mph higher than the actual speed. I've never discovered the exact reason why but they have all done it.

    For comparisom the 3 Hondas and 1 Toyota I have driven did not show this.

    BTW my testing is with those speed display signs on trailers that our local police like to leave in various places for a week or two before they do a speed crackdown. If I compare my speedo to that there is always a +3mph difference. This is at 35 or 65 so it's not related to what speed you are doing, just an absolute adjustment to the indicated speed.
  • I have less than 500 miles on my touareg. The second day I had it i was putting the hatch down and heard a pop. Now the hatch will not stay up on it's own. Today I tried to turn on the wipers and they dont work. Made sure that the hood was closed tight and it was. The washer will spray but the wipers will not come on at all. Have vehicle scheduled for service on friday. The only good thing is the dealership threw in a lifetime loaner vehicle with the deal.
  • There is a service circular about poor alignment. Check with your dealer about it. VW should give you a new pair (or more) of tires plus a proper alignment.
  • Ours has 16,000 miles on it after 9 months and no signs of uneven wear and tear on the tires. We've taken it in for 5k service three times, so maybe that has something to do w/ it. Three trips from DC to NY, as well as some other long trips, plus some rugged roads, so a good mix of surfaces.
  • I concur w/ spockcat that the nav is going to be a disappointment for you - and definitely not worth the $2,000. For $1200, you can get a top-notch Garmin system that works when you're not in the car, too. I have no idea what the engineers were thinking w/ CD-based Nav on a $40k+ car. The incremental cost of a dvd would have been minimal. And NAVTEQ's been making the discs for at least 2 years in the Volvo.

    The 20% less expensive Pilot has a much better touch screen system that shows road names and is generally much more accurate. It even has a cute little breadcrumbs feature for when you go off the route - it can show you how to get back from where you came from.
  • Does anyone know how to TURN IT OFF WHEN NOT IN MOTION? It drives me nuts. It beeps at you forever if you're parked or have the engine off but the power on.

    There are frequent times when I can't turn the engine off but need to the mobility of no seatbelt, but the warning signal goes off. One would think this would be an issue when the car is in motion, but not when parked or even turned off.

    I don't know of any other car that is so intrusive w/ it's beeps and dings and warnings. G-d forbid you open the door w/ the headlights on! I wish I knew a tech personally at my dealership so I could see the system settings and make changes to suit my needs!
  • I changed the heated steering wheel fuse and then on the MFI it says "Running Fault". The fuse didn't solve the problem but does the dealer have to reset the "Running Fault" error message now? Thanks, Bob
  • I made a mistake and the steering wheel is find and the fuses all work and the fault error went away..Thx Bob
  • I am a new Touareg owner and try to get used to the vehicle. I am not able to find any information in regards to any computer info for the need of an oil change. Is such a service interval reminder programmed into any of the different computers? My Audit TT has it, my Buick Rendezvous had it. the standard recommendations of every 5000 miles are not really applicable for my driving (hardly any city driving, over 90% on the freeway). The Buick allowed oil change frequencies around 15,000 miles with that kind of driving. How about the VW? Can anybody give me some info here?
  • andyhyandyhy Posts: 3
    While we don't have AC noise, we do have the problem with the remote key access being intermitent. Also, we have been locked out of the car with key in the ignition at a gas pump. Our dealer has installed a special extra key that is in a hiding place under the vehicle. They also have been working with the glitch that causes intermitent trunk response and it seems to work now.
  • andyhyandyhy Posts: 3
    Recently we complained about excess tire wear to VW America and they replaced our tires for free with a beefier Dunlap set of tires. They were worn past the replacement point at 20,000 miles. Also we have had recurrent issues with the electrical system including tire pressure warning lights with no tire pressure loss, lack of remote key response for trunk, car self locking with key in ignition while gassing it up, GPS clueless in many areas of Vermont and New England. Antenna for radio inoperative when rear defroster is on. We are not happy with general reliability and experience the car as underpowered in the hilly terrain of southern Vermont (V6). I would not buy this car ever again.
  • andyhyandyhy Posts: 3
    We also have very little mapping in New England. We have been assured that the next set of CDs will be more comprehensive and have been promised these CDs for free. Your dealer SHOULD handle this complaint at least by giving you the new CDs for free when they are issued in 2005. If not, then complain to VW America and they will ensure that this happens. I agree it is false and misleading advertising on a number of fronts including the significantly low power of the six in hilly conditions.
  • anybody know how to tur of the tire message that continues to pop up and beep every ti8me I start the car. I replaced my oem wheels with new and they are not tire monitor wheels......also, I have had my terg to the dealer 11 times in the past 15 months for just about everything electrical. cd deck goes out about every three months..replaced four times......i need help to get this dog replaced
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