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Acura TL Navigation System Hints and Experiences



  • I'M having the same issue with my 05 TL too. Do you have any updates? I took my DVD unit out and blew it out with dust off, reinstalled and used a DVD lens cleaner disc in it, and its still not working right. It takes several boots (about 20 minutes worth) before its back up again. Thanks.


    2005 Acura TL 108k
  • jere2jere2 Posts: 5
    I recieved the new DVD for my 09 TL. I did the full power update (2 hours). What is the
    backround upate (3.5-5 hrs) and is it necsssary?
  • i have the 09 TL and did't even know there is an update for the NAV.
    Did you order this update or was it sent automatically?
  • having problems with the audio on the TL not displaying stations CD tracks or xm. the unit plays sound and everything and also navigation does not talk. i am thinking this is close to the gentlemens situation who made the #620 post
    please let me know if there is an answer out here
  • pongimapongima Posts: 3
    I purchased a used 2005 Acura TL with NAV recently. I have version 3.30g orange dvd. Does anyone know if this is the correct version for the 2005?

    When receiving directions, the voice is muted. Also the little clock on the dash doesn't match up with the Navigation time. I recall reading in the manual that the dashboard clock syncs to the NAV unit time.

    I'd appreciate any help, as I've gone thru the navigation manual numerous times without getting it working correctly.
  • bobjonbobjon Posts: 2
    Hi, I bought a new 2005 TL with Nav. The original nav DVD was version 3.40A. I replaced it in August '09 with version 3.80. Both worked well, but I wanted to update with new streets, etc. I hope this helps.
  • tl_drivertl_driver Posts: 1
    Any solutions to this problem? I have a 2007 TL, with current Navigation disk in place, and still experience this exact problem -- somewhere in the 2-to-2.5 hour range, the navigation system freezes, and the only way to regain active navigation and access to the audio system is to re-start the engine.

    Of course it's ridiculous.
  • You will need to replace the navigation DVD rom I'n the trunk they go bad and then the problem gets worst you can find them on eBay 2007-2008 are the same and will solve your problem
  • rvator4rvator4 Posts: 84
    Don't be so quick to spend the money for a new DRD player. I upgraded to a new disk once and it started doing the same thing as yours. I sent the disk back for a refund(not worth the cost anyway). The dealer cleared the memory and reloaded the old program and we lived happily everafter.
  • cpn2cpn2 Posts: 2
    I updated my 2005 TL NAV disk to the 2010 version. Since then, I've found many bugs in the routing and systemically missing POI's. Has anyone else encountered problems?

    Routing Errors - a sample:
    System routed me 16.2 miles - 23 minutes (for Direct and Easy Routes) on a toll road. Switched to Minimize Freeways and got a route that was 4.3 miles - 16 minutes. NAV systems often do not find the "Best" route, but this makes no sense at all. This occurs often.

    Missing POI's
    From my research, it appears that Acura outsources their NAV system mapping and POI data to Navteq and Navteq outsources the POI data to Dun & Bradstreet. For a 2011 Acura, I was told that Acura's cutoff date for information to go on their DVD disk is July 2010 and Navteq's cutoff date is January 1, 2010, so the newest data on the disk when you buy the TL would then be about a year old. Probably a surprise to some owners.

    My problem is the choices of what data they provide. Navigation systems are most useful when you are travelling someplace new - like going to an out-of-town wedding or funeral. So I was very surprised to find no category for Churches, etc. Some can be found by "name", but not many. In my New England town, the newest church was built over 50 years ago, but none of these are in the database at all - not even in the Advanced section. You can however find Machine Shops - a category widely searched for by Acura drivers?
    Spelling and Tagging:
    If you are travelling to New York City and try to put an address in the system, the method is different for Brooklyn and Queens. In Queens, you have to know what the name of the neighborhood is (e.g., Astoria, Rego Park, Sunnyside etc.). You cannot find an address for Queens. In Brooklyn, you must select Brooklyn, not New York City. However, if you select by Places/category/restaurant/name and put in a name where there is more than one such restaurant name in New York City, when you get the list of choices, it does not distinguish between Brooklyn or Manhattan so if the name shows up twice, they will both show NYC as the place so you must also know the address (and hope the street names are not the same also).

    It would be so easy to TAG the POIs as being in NYC, Queens, and Astoria so someone travelling to New York for the first time would have a chance of finding where to go. After all, how many non New Yorkers even know the neighborhood names for NYC?

    I’ve only had NAV systems in my last 2 Acuras. Are these problems found in other cars? I have better luck with my cell phone than I do with my car system.
  • kkc717kkc717 Posts: 3
    I upgraded the disc on my '07 TL in March '11. Since them I've experienced intermittent problems with it shutting down causing a display message of "DVD disc reading error. Contact Dealer" Every time it's done this I've been able to get it running again by turning the car off and then on or ejecting and reloading the disc in the trunk navi box. I took it to the dealer, they ran all the diagnostics and said everything was running perfectly. They then told me that the disc player is probably going bad and to replace the entire navi box would be $3,015! They claimed that these units aren't repaired as it isn't worth the cost. These units are "thrown away" like a $100 DVD player. I find that hard to believe as I can't believe a $3,000 unit is comparable to a $100 DVD player. By-the-way I believe they had an alterior motive as they also tried to sell me a new car knowing that I probably wouldn't put that kind of money into that old a car.

    I contacted the company I got the disc from and requested a new one. They gave me a case number and said they'd review the problem as the 30 day warranty is up. I haven't heard back from them yet.

    I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem and if your problem was resolved. I use my car on business travel and really need the navi system.
  • well i seened that problem before its your dvd rom in the trunk thats bad you can find them on ebay for a real good price
  • happyacuraownrhappyacuraownr Posts: 4
    edited July 2011
    DON"T DO ANYTHING with the dealer, or Ebay...

    Go on Alpine's website. They are the manufacturer of the box in the trunk. For 158.00 flat, they will refurbish your DVD player and sent it back to you.

    I had EXACTLY the same issue, and error messages. I sent it to them and within 3 weeks I had the unit back, and fully operational.

    The unit removes easily from your trunk. Remove the trunk coverings, 4 screws that hold the bracket on, then 4 screws that hold the unit into the bracket, plus the all the connectors in the rear unit.

    Piece of cake, and now I have my GPS back and saved literally thousands.

    Here is the link, call the 800 number for OEM service. They will give you the address in CA to send the unit.

    link title
  • alli7alli7 Posts: 2
    I just noticed that my Nav. system is freezing and flickering. When I tried to eject the CD from the player, it seems that there isn't any power (not ejecting). Beside the Nav., I don't have access to the touch screen radio and climate controls. Does anyone have any solutions beside buying a new unit?
  • very common issue... i now have the 2010 tl... the navi recently said... stay on road for a while... great response.. i pushed voice again... then it said how many miles...

    i think the woman in the navi has a sense of humor.

    good l,uck

  • I have an '07 TL and had a problem with the navi after installing a new disk. The dealer wanted $3,015 for a new navi box. They said they throw the boxes away when they malfunction which can be caused by either replacing the car battery or installing an updated disk. I found out the box was distributed by Alpine Electonics in Torrence, CA. (The info on Alpine was labeled on the box.) I sent the box to them for repairs that cost a flat $158. The dealer had to pull the box and then reinstall it (no other options except for the dealer as they have to sync it to the car again). Total cost for me was about 10% of the cost to replace the box. The navi system and related operations work perfectly and there is a one year warranty on Alpine's work. By-the-way I gave the dealer service dept the info on Alpine and they told me they gave that info to two other customers within one week of my providing it to them. Try pulling the box and contacting the distributor whose info should be on it.
  • Hi,
    I sent in my Navi to Alpine in Calif. I am assuming I should get it back in a couple of weeks. I didn't realize my dealer needs to resync it?
  • Alpine received my Navi on a Wednesday, called me on Thursday to tell me it was fixed and to get a credit card #. They shipped it to me on Friday.

    After the bad advice I got from the dealer I wanted no part of dealing with them to fix the Navi. Unfortunately no auto repair shop would touch the pulling of the box or reinstalling it. All shops told me the same thing, that the dealer was the only place that had the tools necessary to re sync the box to the car. I went back to the dealer, had them do the work and all has worked perfectly since then. They also washed the car and vacuumed it.
  • 05t105t1 Posts: 11
    For those who live in the Chicago land area has anyone bought the updated navigation disc and does it have the 355 extension and the exit at 173 to get off for Machesney Park. Any help would be appreciated.
  • When I push the talk button and say "what time is it?" nothing happens. When I push the talk button and say "help" a long list of commands is read to me and one of the commands offered is "what time is it?" Now, I am not all that worried about what time it is, since I wear a watch and there is that poor excuse for a clock on the dash, but it says you can query the time by saying "what time is it?

    What am I doing wrong -- I have tried it in map mode, with and without the nav function engaged and from a variety of screens.

    I am going to the dealer for help on this, but not until next week so I figured I'd ask the cyber community first.

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