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Acura TL Navigation System Hints and Experiences



  • svetule4eksvetule4ek Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    Hi, everybody. I recently purchased TL 2005 and don't really like the navigation system. I used to have a Garmin GPS and it always gave me estimated time of arrival as oppose to my TL system that gives me estimated travel time, which really bugs me. Does every Navi system do that or I can change it somewhere in settings? Plus the travel time changes a lot as I go, and I really can't understand when I'm going to arrive.

    I want to buy an updated disk for the system as mine is original and 6 years old now. Is this feature any different in updated versions? Thanks
  • cpn2cpn2 Posts: 2
    I'm pretty sure you cannot change it. I foolishly purchased the updated disk (for2010). The only changes are some expansions in map coverage and new POIs. Regarding the latter (which I have an ongoing beef with Acura about), they do not tell you that the 2010 update is the same as that installed in the 2010 Acura which came out in 2009. Their cutoff date for production is June 30th. Navteq, who gets the data from D&B and then sells it to Acura, has their own cutoff date of Jan 1st. So the newest POI data on the 2010 disk is from December 2008!
    I have yet to see Acura provide any new features to the software from year to year for the same "part #". Only when they change the part - because there is something new in the hardware - do they change the software. And that is NOT backwardly compatable. Like when they added iPod support in 2007.
    So you are unlikely to get an ETA on your 2005 - or much else you do not already have, EXCEPT (unless the fixed it in 2011) a buggy algorithm for calculating the routes. My 2010 version does some very strange routing that the version that came with my TL did not. Acura's response to my inquiry about this was SO bad, my current TL (my 3rd) will be my last.

    Does anyone else find really odd routing in their Nav systems?
  • Dealer said it is supposed to work as I thought -- hopefully there is a software fix for this.

    Does anyone else have this issue with a 2012 TL Advance SH-AWD?
  • org1org1 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2005 TL Nuvi. I recently purchased the updated disc. Everything is working great.
    I am able to delete the addresses from the set-up screen. I can not figure out how to delete the personal addresses. I went under user 1 and user 2 and there are a lot of personal addresses i both. Does anyone know how to delete them? I asked the dealer and they told me what I already know and it does not delete the personal addresses.
  • org1org1 Posts: 2
    I just purchased the latest 2012, I have much better maps of my area. Also arrival estimated time. I like the DVD update much better than my 05 version.
  • zenicanjzenicanj Posts: 1
    Hi...I just received the "invitation" from Acura to buy an updated navigation DVD but my question is this. Shouldn't these updated discs be free during the factory warranty period?

    I remember with our 99 TL that had the HDD based navigation system, the dealer handled
    the map updates for free when it was under warranty. Our old service records also reflect this was for free. That car has since been switched to a DVD based system, so perhaps I'd use the invitation to buy that update disc.
  • Are you sure the cost was $158? I just spoke with Alpine and they quoted me $358 for a 2006 unit...
  • Yes. It was in 2011.

    Are you sure it's a quote for a repair and not a replace?
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