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  • If you don't mind taking the time, tell us about the reinsurance Warranty Warehouse has on the policies. Thanks!
  • steve4steve4 Posts: 1
    I don't care too much for auto warrantys, but I was looking around for my sister. I called a few companies. Some better than others. This company sounds like canned salesmen selling cars. All they do is put down other companies selling similar products and try to tell you they are the best. Their reinsurnace company is St. Charles, which has only been around only for a few years. They just started selling these warranties around 2 years ago. They claim in business since 1983 according to BBB report.You can tell their operators are paid by commission and really don't care about us. I will probably have my sister go with either her credit union or back to the dealer. They say buyer beware.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • Having carefully read the Vehicle Service Agreement (Platinum), I am going to pass for now, on this warranty service. It is the document that will control if you have any problems and all the complaints in the world to the Better Business Bureau won't matter if American Guardian strictly complies with the agreement and remember, only a small number of unhappy customers take the time to complain. Here are some of the items I found that concern me:

    Page 4--"Replacement parts will be of like kind and quality and may include new, remanufactured, rebuilt or used based on the Administrator's option;

    Page 7--don't fall for the "Optional Additional Benefits";

    Page 8--receiving full benefits under the Agreement is subject to "...keeping receipts for services from the date of vehicle purchase." How many people can satisfy this requirement?

    Page 8--"LIMIT OF LIABILITY-The total benefits paid or payable under this Agreement shall not exceed the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle or $10,000.00, whichever is less." Wow, haven't seen this limitation in some of the other warranties out there--have you? You better be able to prove that you have followed the manufacturer's recommended maintenance, too.

    Page 10--"Pre-existing conditions that have manifested through the gradual reduction in operating performance and whose condition predates the activation of the service agreement." If this clause doesn't apply in certain situations, then they should be spelled out. Can't rely on salespeople to spell this out orally--won't mean anything when the clause is enforced by American Guardian--when your engine or transmission goes (after manufacturer warranty expires).

    Page 12--unable to find proof tying St. Charles Insurance Company, R.R.G. to Hannover Re should St. Charles go under like those backing Warranty Gold. Should have a declarations page available on web-site.

    Many of the above issues do not appear in the equivalent agreement used by Warranty Direct; however, I wouldn't vouch for any such company at this point and I haven't addressed the quality of service or how these companies are insured. All of them need to create a code of conduct and standard language for their contracts, but I suspect profits are higher doing business the way they do now. Tread carefully and good luck to all.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    and something I've seen from several aftermarket service contract companies...

    "Page 4--"Replacement parts will be of like kind and quality and may include new, remanufactured, rebuilt or used based on the Administrator's option"

    That means the administrator or adjuster can find a used (salvage yard) engine or transmission (or rear differential) and have it installed in your vehicle. By contract, they have the right.

    Seriously ugly - and I've had techs who had to clean off mud and rust from an engine that sat in a salvage yard before they installed it. Problem is, most dealers and shops have 12/12 warranties on their work, so it ropes them into providing a warranty on a used motor out of a wrecked car or truck.

    That's another reason many dealerships won't deal with private service contracts.
  • If I were to buy such a contract, I'd confirm with the dealerships that I intended to use whether they had ever dealt with the company I was thinking of using. If not--not worth it, especially when they have the nerve to cap repairs.

    The more I read, the more likely I am not to buy such a contract; instead, I'll firmly negociate with the manufacturer and all the TSB's evidencing defects that we shouldn't have to pay for.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    but the private service contracts I've dealt with have ALL been major time consuming nightmares to deal with as a service manager/service advisor, and nearly always leaves the consumer dissatisfied, and that naturally gets passed on to me, since you can't chew out someone you can't see.

    I don't like being the bad guy who gets to tell you we're putting a used motor in your car - not cool.

    One thing you HAVE to understand - just because a manaufacturer sends out a TSB on a problem does not make them liable for the cost of repair in any fashion. There's no negotiating to it.
  • Your points are well taken.
  • sneakerssneakers Posts: 1
    Hmmm, it sounds like to me you are not very familar with extended auto warranty's. First off the pre-payment rule. There is NO extended warranty company thats worth anything that will allow you to make payments on it and pay for the repair in full. Think about it. I go tommarrow to extend a warranty knowing my engine is bad, I go extend the warranty put a 200$ deposit down go and get a 2,000$ repair done then cancel out. Second point is the receipts of service done. Thats strictly for your protection, because alot of dealership out there will say something went wrong with the vehicle due to user neglect, if you have the proper documentation to prove them wrong then the warranty will pay for it despite what the mechanics findings.Page 8--"LIMIT OF LIABILITY, when I read what you wrote I had to brace myself because I was laughing so hard. Limit of $10,000. I have been in the auto warranty business going on 21 years and have yet seen anyone surpass 10,000 worth of repairs.. Your good at lying aswell, you stated that you will pass with the warranty, but you would not of received the warranty to look over by just going to the website. you would have had to already enrolled in coverage. To receive a copy of the warranty. As far as the worth of the company and trackign down the backers of the company. Its actually St. Charles, Heritage insurance aswell as hanover which is the 3 largest RRG groups available. Warranty gold didnt have any backers hense the reason why they went out of business. This company has 3. Another valid point is the fact American Guardian Warranty Services pays out close to 2.7 million dollars a month in claims is also almost double then any other warranty company out there. Now you want to pick apart auto warranty I suggest you look into G.M.s extended warranty aswell as Ford esp warranty then match it with the platinum coverage and you will see they are the same. Having wrote a few warranties in the past I know it to be true.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    1. Jaybird seems to have learned quite a bit by reading contracts provided-many websites have sample contracts that can be downloaded. Legitimate companies will send copies of contracts to be read.

    2. I can buy a car, tack the cost of the service contract onto my auto loan and, in effect, make payments on the service contract.

    3. Warranty Gold had a RRG backing it. The RRG went under, supposedly taking WG with it. RRGs are not the most stable organizations.

    4. You're right, Jaybird should check out manufacturer backed service contracts. He will find they are NOT the same as other providers. Manufacturer backed contracts pay for OEM parts, and are much more concise about what is covered and what is not. I have yet to see a GMPP claim denied due to 'normal wear and tear' whereas that is the favorite excuse of certain other companies I have dealt with.

    5. Please break up your writing with paragraphs, it's easier to read. Also, please make an attempt at decent grammar and spelling. Again, easier to read.

    EDIT: Oh, and one more thing. It's illegal to purchase a service contract on an item with a known problem, then submit for repairs. That's called insurance fraud.
  • does anyone have experience with warranty acceptance corporation
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    First off you are responding to a two year old post.

    Second, Please do not use all capital letters. it is very hard to read.

    Third, Please use a period at the end of your sentences. Rather annoying trying to figure out where your thoughts end and where another begins.

    Four, why did you even buy an extended warranty when the Kia has 5 yr/60k bumper to bumper and 100k mile powertrain warranty.

    Five, did you talk to WarrantyWarehouse before you rented the car to see exactly what they would cover or did you just assume they would cover the entire rental?
  • Warranty Acceptance Corporation ,is a rip off they take you'r money and then say you did not take care of you'r car. STAR AWAY FROM THEM,they are in Mobile AL.
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