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New 2005 Altima: Interior and other info



  • will eventually kill the Maxima. Unless the Maxi gets the Infinity V8 with 340 Hp.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    Much, much better interior (although I think they could have kept the distinctive style of the center console). Too bad it's three years too late for me - I bought an '02 Maxima instead because the '02 Altima interior was too cheap. Oh well.

    In the 30K price point, I agree that the Max needs a V8 option. Or something to really differentiate it from the Altima. 20HP isn't enough to justify $3000.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    Max needs AWD, as in Murano, much more than v8. That's encrouching on Infiniti's territory, which is having enough trouble selling v8's.

    There's no reason to kill Max. It has one of Nissan's most emotive names. Nissan has the best flexible manufacturing in the industry, so the extra expense of building Max and Alty side by side is not that great. Nissan should just upgrade it so it can match the TL, that should be Max's mission.
  • You can get all the official pictures of the 2005 Altima at site), and click the "Chicago Auto Show" Link, you can also a product guide there, and a preview of it on ...if your lucky enough.:-)
  • GM cost-cuts by putting in the same knobs, plastics, gauges into a number of vehicles. In Japan, they get contracts from different companies.

    The 05 Altima has some of the same interior parts as my Suzuki XL7. I thought they might have copied the design, but I found out that the knobs and some interior parts were from different companies in Japan. The odometer is the exact same one from my XL7 (I haven't seen one yet with that same style), same with the A/C knobs which were from a company of which I forgot their name. I also noticed that the Saab 9-2X (Subaru Impreza) gets different A/C knobs than the Impreza, but it's still built in Japan. I looked at the picture up close and it's the exact format as my XL7! So, I did some research and found the website that does those Japanese parts, but I forgot the link. Interesting how in Japan they cost-cut by hiring someone to do some of their parts, while here we have GM trying to make their own parts or creating new brands to make crappy parts such as Delco. LOL
  • Always a Nissan Fan, this is great. 250 HP really buries other contenders, and 249 lb ft of torque crushes them. Way to go Nissan!
  • Malibu and G6 lovers beware. My best for the best sedans now are the MAZDA6, Nissan Altima, and Pontiac G6. Each is great in its own way.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,743
    Wow.... I'm really happy with my 03, but Nissan addresses all of the criticisms of the car in the 05. I swore that I'd keep my car for 10 years, but this is tempting. If I could avoid dropping a couple grand on sales tax to buy a new one, I would be real close to checking it out.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Heh, you've always been a Nissan fan, but your username is "03accordman"? Just playin' with ya.
  • does anyone know what colours the 2005 altima will be offered in? i don't think there was any mention of it at nissannews
  • Majestic Blue is added!!!

    And Coral Sand (sand color found on the Quest)replaces Velvet Beige..
  • But that pic is low quality. Maybe some higher quality pics will surface soon.
  • 381d381d Posts: 5
    Had a short amount of time at the Chicago auto show to look/sit in the 2005 Altima. Updated fabric/leather, door handles and locks are shiny chrome, steering wheel is three spoke like on the Armada/Maxima. The wheel telescopes as before, but the levers seemed a little changed, particularly the tilt lever. I tend to jack up the steering wheel a ways up, and most Japanese cars don't have steering wheels that tilt way up. The Avalon does, and this 2005 Altima does. The 2004 steering wheel didn't tilt as high. Smoked headlights looked good. The front of the car was changed more than I had expected just from looking at the photos. The hood is a couple of inches higher at the front, didn't look to slope as much, and had two styled creases that I didn't remember on the '04. I kind of liked the older style, looked better to me. Anyway, the show car had a nav, but no power so I could not play around with it. It looked like the screen was the same size as in a nearby G35, but not a pop-up screen, it was fixed and had a little fixed glare shade above it, I believe. The chrome circles around the gauges caught my eye. A door sill trim piece was falling off, and after looking at the Hondas and Toyotas, the interior trim still seemed to be improved but not as "tight" I guess as the competition. Hope this helps someone working a deal vs. waiting for this car.
  • i hope nissan re-introduces the light metallic turquoise colour the altima came in before--i think it was called oceania or something like that in the states. funny how they change the names of certain paint colours for the Canadian and American markets! market research?!

    anyways, i like all the changes to the new altima except for the front lights--i think the current version has a crisper, less convoluted design. the interior though is a huge improvement.

    i think the manufacturers are finally listening to us about using better quality materials and layouts interior-wise. out of all the major players, currently i think the "new" ford and audi are the best at it.
  • That was a nice color and I wish Nissan had kept it.

    The SE models were purdy with that color, unfortunately, it will not be coming back.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Ford? Are you kidding? Ford claimed a dramatic improvement in interior style, design, and materials quality for the new Freestar. Guess what? The interior of the Freestar was recently panned by both James Healy of USA Today, and Consumer Reports. I recently test drove a 2004 Focus, prior to Fords interior renaissance. Style-wise, I thought it was far better than the 80s looking designs that keep surfacing in Ford vehicles- such as in the new 500. (Overall, a very fun test drive. Pity the first car I picked to test wouldnt start, much to the salesmans chagrin. I wonder if all the assembly/reliability issues with the Focus have indeed been worked out?)

    But I digress.

    In terms of materials quality, I still think Toyota has a deserved excellent reputation. Designs are nothing exciting, though. (This seems to be changing, given the interesting interior design of the new Solara, Scion tC, the next GS, the Prius, etc....). Nissans interiors are well styled, and these new updates to the Altima have promised better quality materials as well. Audi has all the bases covered, but then... they arent a mainstream make, and in the luxury realm, Lexus interiors are amazing. The ES330 interior is truly exquisite for the $35,000, especially with the real wood trim on the steering wheel.

  • bretaabretaa Posts: 130
    I unfortunately have to agree with you. I just came from my Ford/Toyota dealer today getting an oil change on my SVT Contour. The Freestar I sat in was disappointing, especially after the pictures were so promising. I don't understand why everything is so small (gauges, controls, knobs, grab handles, etc.). Granted, it was a "stripper," but it shouldn't matter.

    Conversely, the Solera couple interior I sat in, for a $27,000 car, was really impressive. It could have been a Lexus. Conversely, however, I thought the Camry and Highlander had two of the blandest interiors I've ever seen, and the quality wasn't so terrific either.

    We'll see on the new Altima. I've loved Nissan's designs, but quality of materials has been seriously lacking. We'll see!

    - Bret
  • i guess i should have clarified myself. i should have said "some" of the new models ford is bringing out, such as the f-150 (class-leading imo) and the upcoming mustang and gt sports car. you're absolutely right about other vehicles in their line-up though. i suppose i was only focusing on the ford models that i'm personally interested in.

    toyota uses good quality materials inside their vehicles, but i find that like ford their execution is quite uneven. for example the solara has a light spacious airy interior which uses fake wood and plastic convincingly, but the camry has a really drab-looking interior with its abundant use of bad fake plastic wood and black plastic on the console. couldn't they add some chrome or brushed metal detailing around the shifter at least? i do like their clean funky gauge cluster though, especially on the top-level sport model with its silvery white backgrounds. the highlander also pales in comparison to it's competition--too old school (in a bad way) in its design layout and styling for the same reasons as the camry.

    nissan i find tries very hard, maybe too hard to be different in their interiors, but i give them an A for effort. the better quality materials in the new altima is a good start because the plastic in the current version is very brittle and flimsy. they also don't make a very good centre armrest--it only extends about eight inches forward--not much good for resting an arm on unless you're a seal. if you want to see a great nissan interior, check out and see the primera--it's a wonderful car, especially from the swoopy rear. i think that's a showcase car for nissan's interior styling--very spacious and modern. i wish they'd bring it and the cube concept to NA.

    just my two cents worth.
  • ultimaultima Posts: 96
    I'm happy Nissan spent some time redesigning the interior -- did a good job, in my opinion. And am REALLY happy they didn't put that nasty grille on the Altima... or at least the "exact" same one that's on the Max.

    For the record, I am an Altima owner and absolutely love the car -- even with the old interior... People made too big a deal about it, again... in my opinion.

    What disappoints me about Nissan, however, is the Accord will be offered with a "hybrid" gas/electric, I'm sure the Camry will be soon as well (cause the Hylander is getting one... 300hp and still gets 30mpg), and the new Acura CL is supposed to have a 300+hp V8 that gets 40mpg -- Nissan has not kept up in that regard.

    My opinion... I believe in the next 5 years or so, we'll start to see depreciation fall considerably on traditional "gas" engine cars/trucks... Because after a few years, most every company out there will offer a Hybrid Gas/Elec with more power and significantly greater mileage -- so why buy a traditional gas powered car?

    My next vehicle will definately be a Hybrid... Same money as gas engine vehicle, much better mileage, more power, and I believe the IRS even gives you a tax-break for buying one.

    What do ya'll think?

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