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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • bub2bub2 Posts: 1
    hi Shorti,
    I want an Aveo but now I'm not so sure. Keep us posted as to any additional probs Please. This is great having a place to find out how owners like them.
    I saw in car ads last wk. the coupe sells for only 7,500 w/rebates. Wonder why the 5 dr.'s more?
    Is that part u needed expensive?
  • We are looking at a 2004 Chevy Aveo and were wondering if it is best (for resale down the road) to consider it stripped down or fully loaded?

    We only get the LS and LT models in Canada (no SVM).

    - The LS Hatchback costs (no extra options) $12,625cdn ($10,641 USD) out the door price with all rebates

    - The LT Hatchback base costs $13,100 ($11,041 USD) (no extra options)

    - The LT Hatchback costs $14,468 ($12,194 USD) with Appearance Pkg* (see below) (out the door price with all rebates)

    *Appearance Pkg (14 alloy wheels, mud guards, rear spoiler), pwr tilt & tip sliding glass sunroof (internally stowed), premium 6- speaker audio system

    Neither car has A/C (we don't want it anyways). Since the Aveo is really ment to be an inexpensive car, loading it up might not be a wise thing to do as the price gets up there. Also we are concerned about the power options not working after 5-6 years (it is a car built to a price point after all).

     Do you think we could get it cheaper than these prices?

    Thanks for your opinions.

  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    Aveo, surely is one of the "best priced" cars in the market and i am considering it! It is very affordable, just wondering how does it do on hwy?
    I drive my parent's car camry 98, it lacks high-way stability, If there is a trailer next to you, and the wind will drag the car towards to it! does this happen to aveo? Also it could not travel over 70 mph on a moderate wind day, the car will sort of swing slightly; does aveo owner has this problem? but still it could travel over 85 mph on no wind with ease; what is the top speed you can squeeze from aveo?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I test-drove the Aveo 5-door on a windy (35+ mph) day, up to 70 mph, and was quite impressed with its stability. I expected to get buffeted, but had no problems there.
  • mlepard - those prices sound good, but I don't know how to compare sales tax and registration prices between California and Canada

    I got the Aveo up to a very steady 100 mph for a few moments, before I backed off. I don't know the rating of the tires, and this car probably wasn't designed for that sort of thing. But it cruises comfortably at 85mph.
  • My daughter bought her first new car, an 05 Aveo hatchback. It is an LS with a spoiler, keyless remote, and mp3 player. She has always liked to shift, so she got the 5-speed. I drove it both around town and on the interstate. I was impressed with the car, especially how stable it is at 80 mph on the interstate.

    The one thing my daughter still wants is cruise, so we will look into an aftermarket system for it.

    I went to move it out of the driveway and notice my daughter just topped 500 miles on it. I think she's been doing some joy riding....
  • Can you have cruise control with a stick?
  • You can get cruise with a stick. I'm looking into the Rostra after market cruise for my daughter's car. They are the only one I know who makes cruise for the Aveo. They are closed for the weekend. When I get details on cost and installation I'll post it. Their web site is
  • Can you have cruise control with a stick?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I thought greasynails was clear on that, but yes, rest assured, you CAN get cruise with a manual transmission. I've had cruise on several cars with stick shifts, including an Elantra I own right now.
  • Over the past 6 months we did a lot of researching, reading and shopping for both new and used vehicles. Everything from Hondas (Civic, Accord), Mazda's (protege, 3), Kia's and Hyundai's (Accent, Elantra), Domestics (neons, grand AM/Prix, ION) plus more.

     The Chevrolet Aveo won. We purchased one on Saturday and we pick it up today. :)

     The Aveo was an outstanding blend of quality and price. The fit and finish are almost (95%) the same as the new 2005 Honda Civic/Accord and power and ride quality is better than that of the 2005 Accent and 2003 Protege. Engine smoothness was even better than the 2005 ION/Civic too.

     We could of purchased a new Honda Civic, but the Aveo was just that much better value of a car for the price and it was so close to Honda quality that is was a wiser decision to not go with a Honda. (even though we own Honda motorcycles). As the salesman said "When value exceeds price, you have a good deal"

     We are so glad that all this car research is over, I think we test drove 100 different cars from 1994-2004/5, and researched 3 times that!

     We purchased a 2004 Super Red Aveo5 base (not SVM) Hatchback with bug deflector. After haggling with 5 GM dealers we bought it for $11,000 CDN (after all rebates) which is a really low price for it here (out the door price: $12,192CDN).

     Oh yes, I wanted to mention that Consumer Reports negative review of the Aveo is inaccurate and should be ignored. This is our opinion after testing, researching and reviewing 100's of cars ourselves in it's class. We do regularly review motorcycles on so that helps too.

     Good work Chrysler on bringing the Daewoo car to Canada! If educated people (like ourselves on this forum) are purchasing this car over Honda's, Hyundai's and Kia's then I cannot assume anything but GM will have a huge sales success in their hands!

  • I don't agree that the Aveo engine smoothness is better than the ION.

    I did a lot of research on vehicles in my quest for a low-end sedan / commuter car. I test drove the 2004 ION, and the 2005 ION since then. The ION weighs more than the Aveo (roughly 380 -440lbs more) and it has a 2.2L 140HP engine compared to the Aveo's 1.6L 103HP engine. I thought the ION had better engine smoothness both for automatic and manual. For manual, IMO, there is no comparison between the Aveo and the ION. The ION had a nice smooth clutch, it had the right amount of tension, and it was easy to get the feel of the clutch and easy to shift gears. The ION shifted smoothly and had a smooth ride for a small car. Both the clutch and the stick shift on the Aveo could be better. The clutch on the Aveo has too much travel, and on the model's I drove, the clutch had a week feeling, so basically you had to depress the clutch all the way - shift and then let the clutch all the way back out, (doing that much stomping is OK if you're at a hoedown, but it gets kind of annoying when driving). The stick itself is kind of floppy. And I always had this feeling it was going to pop out of gear. Others have characterized it as a "broomstick in a bucket" and I basically agree. I liked the ION, it just didn't have the history of reliability that I was looking for.

    But the Aveo doesn't have a history record either being a relatively new car.

    I wouldn't dismiss CR so readily. They don't get it right every time, but I think they do a good job generally and you can count on them not to cow-tow to the auto industry (IMO). I think they are valid source of information that should be weighed against other sources of info.

    I didn't know anyone who owned an ION, but I did talk to a lot of Saturn owners, and there were a couple who had relatively trouble-free cars, but most of the people I talked to said that they started experiencing problems with their cars around 65K, and then it was downhill from there.
    But I'm also cautious about anecdotal stories... they're just not statistically valid. i have a friend who has a Lanos, he got 75K absolutely trouble-free miles out of his Lanos before having a sensor problem, and has had 25K problem-free miles since then. But I wouldn't argue that the Lanos is a high-quality car just based on my friend's experience.
  • jojomonkeyboy - CR is a good resource for many things, they do rate everything from toasters to, well, cars. There seems to be two quite different trends with the Aveo. Those who actually own the car and drive it daily like/love it. While there is a varied opinion in the magazine review marketplace about the Aveo. The ION we test drove (a 5spd manual) was a nice car and I do like the Saturn business attitude but it was a very small sampling of the ION inventory. Our ION was powerful but harsh on the delivery.

     The Aveo may not be a perfect car (there is not one, I'm sure) but it's value exceeds its asking price. And that makes it a success in anyone's book.
  • For those courious, The Canadian 2005 Fuel Consumption Guide is out for the Aveo: e/fuel-consumption-guide-results.cfm?year=2004&type=CPC&M- fg=CHEV

      It is interesting to note that the Aveo scored: 32/46 (city/hwy) 5spd*, 31/44 (city/hwy) auto**. It is also raked #38 out of all vehicles for fuel mileage (only 37 others ranked higher, mostly hybrids).

     *8.8/6.1 L/100km
    **9.0/6.4 L/100km

     Sounds much better than GM rates, but it does come from government testing.

  • Congrats on the new Aveo, sounds like you got a great deal. Automatic? AC? Any options?

    The best part is, at that price, the 5-year depreciation (by percentage) will probably be identical to that of a Civic or Corolla.
  • muffin_man - Thanks so much for the congrats. :)

     We just picked it up from the dealer last night and drove it home, it now seems to be quite happy in our garage. :D

     It is the next step up from the Special Value model in the USA (or the base in Canada). Let's see it has:

    - 1.6L engine
    - 5 speed manual transmission
    - power steering
    - tilt steering wheel
    - front disc, rear drum brakes
    - HD stainless steel exhaust system
    - engine block heater
    - driver and passenger air bags
    - child security RR door locks
    - 2 Front fog lamps
    - Child LATCH system
    - Deluxe wheel covers
    - rear window defogger and wiper
    - Unique Aveo5 badging
    - Intermittent wipers
    - Bucket seats
    - AM/FM radio with anti-theft
    - Deluxe instrument panel w/tach
    - Front and Rear carpeted floor mats
    - Smokers package
    - GM Black bug deflector

    That's about it other than it is a very nice Sport Red color. Will have photos of it soon.

    The MSRP was $14,750 + tax ($15,782.50). We dealed in person with 5 GM dealerships and they also gave us $1,000 more off due to the GM Grad rebate program. The final out the door price was $12,200.00 which was -$200 below invoice.

  • I think the Aveo5 is a good name, too bad they don't use it here (that I know of). The only option on our car is the automatic (for the little lady). But I hope that you enjoy your Aveo as much as we are enjoying ours. My gf commutes about 2.5 hours a day in it, and really likes it so far.

    If I lived in Canada (and needed a car for myself), I would have picked up whatever the equivalent to the SVM was. Not as much need for a/c there (compared to here in LA), and I prefer a 5-spd.
  • I posted this on the sedan board and had only one reply, (thanks muffin man), I figured I'd try this board as well.

    Just wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to drive the Aveo in snowy conditions. If so, how did it handle, if not, would anyone care to make a prediction of how it will handle.

    The Aveo is currently at the top of my list, but winter driving is a major consideration since I leave for work before most plow/salt trucks are out.
  • My VW Golf TDI was struck from behind 10 days ago, and I'm now driving a rented 2005 Aveo sedan. Right now it has about 2200 miles on the odometer.

    I drive about 200-250 miles per day. I have grown accustomed to approx 40 mpg and a 600 mile range, so I am not terribly happy about 29 mpg and about 275 mile range. But I can live with it -- or rather, I suppose I will have to live with it for a few more weeks.

    This car has the automatic transmission. I hate automatic transmissions. But from what I've read, the Aveo 5-speed is not a good transmission (poorly spaced gear ratios). I would still prefer the 5-speed, but you can't get a rental car with a manual transmission.

    29 mpg. That's for a mix of city and highway driving. I generally try to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. So the mileage is okay for a gasoline-engine car. I don't know how much it would drop if I was using the air-conditioner. But 29 mpg would seem to be a reasonable expectation.

    The handling is not bad. It could be worse. I do not like skinny 14" tires. I do not feel as secure or as safe in the Aveo as I do in my Golf. But the Golf is a very good road car, and the Aveo was never designed for high-speed touring. My Golf also weighs about 2950 pounds, and the Aveo is only about 2400 pounds. So I'm missing the solid feel, but also beginning to appreciate the relative nimbleness of a very light weight car.

    I hope I do not have to make any emergency stops or emergency maneuvers. I don't know if this car can do them. But the reviews I've read suggest that the Aveo is as good or even a little better than its main competition.

    Summary. This is an inexpensive car for a person who doesn't plan to drive very fast or very far. I don't think it's particularly safe. If you drive about 10-15 miles a day, at 50 mph or less, then it's not a bad choice. If you drive as much as I do, on all kinds of highways or streets, then it's not the right car.
  • I am a very happy Aveo owner, but I am going to agree with you that the Golf TDI is the better car - and it should be. How much did you pay for your Golf?

    The Aveo only takes 10 more feet to stop (from 70 mph) than an Acura TL. Brake feel is not great, but it is capable enough. I don't know how emergency handling would be, I have thought about putting on better tires.

    I'm not sure what basis you are making your safety judgement on. It has a 5 star frontal, and 3 star side impact crash rating. What makes you feel secure in your golf? the extra weight? I don't think the handling of the TDI is much better than the Aveo, but it probably feels better feel - not the Aveo strong point. The Golf is a safer car than the Aveo, better side impact scores (w/ side airbags), and 600 pounds of extra weight - but I think the Aveo is pretty safe. (knock on wood)

    Summary. This is an inexpensive car for a person who doesn't plan to drive very fast or very far. I don't think it's particularly safe. If >you drive about 10-15 miles a day, at 50 mph or less, then it's not a bad choice. If you drive as much as I do, on all kinds of highways or streets, then it's not the right car.

    I disagree. This car is comfortable, and fairly quiet, both on short and long trips. i've driven it for over 5 hours comfortably, and got 34mpg.
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