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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • daveo3daveo3 Posts: 2
    Welcome fellow Aveo owners,critics, and curious bystanders. I've been reading all the comments concerning the Aveo and want to add my experience with these cars. I've had a Sedan for a year, and an LT hatchback for 2 weeks(wifes). Boring!
    But that is what I bought them for-solid,care-free,economical transportation. My clock is still functioning,it goes thru the snow, the front tires don't vibrate at high speed, and I fill the tank every two weeks whether it needs it or not. I don't care what it used to be called, because all I call it would be dependable.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    I love my car...........I have now had it for two weeks. But, and it is a small but, I still haven't got used to power steering yet.
  • jjryanjjryan Posts: 9
    I've never installed these but noticed they are very cheap to buy. Almost pointless to pay labor to have them installed. Anyone know how they are attached to the car? Are the holes and screws already there or no?
  • hey aveo owners, had my eye on the aveo's since they came out in 04.Checked the car lot on my bicycle and noticed how loaded up on options they have become since last year.Guess the dealers aren't making the extra profit they wanted.Anyway are you owners mostly positive about the way this car runs and does it have enough power to run on the NJ turnpike?
  • pappy49pappy49 Posts: 2
    Some comparison
  • pappy49pappy49 Posts: 2
    My wife car had the wheel shaking problem it was a bad tire. hope this helps
  • parky129parky129 Posts: 50
    I have Aveo 2004 w/6800miles on it, just returned from Florida running expressways all the way through Virginia and Pennsylvania etc. Car preformed flawlessly achieving 39-42mpg with Automatic transmission and cruise control on all the time. The thing you have to worry about is Speeding, this little baby will whip right along . Another thing I noticed there is little if any reaction from passing semi's, or from following semi's. There is little wind effect from side winds either, this is a smooth flowing vehicle. I have the 5 door with spoiler. Love the car!
  • Thanks for the info parky129 I will be checking the aveo out this summer and hopefully gm will renew the cash back incentives.Good to hear it has enough power for the expressways and the handling is good around the big rigs.
  • rsmith1rsmith1 Posts: 9
    jjryan, If you buy the Factory Mud Guards from Chevrolet, they are very easy to install. They do use the existing holes and screws that are on the car.
  • jjryanjjryan Posts: 9
    Thanks rsmith1. My chevy dealer wanted to charge over $110 in labor to install the four of them. I was like ARE YOU CRAZY?! Most I would pay to install those is maybe 40. So I basically just remove those screws on the body and place them over those screws and replace the screws...Easy as that right?
  • rsmith1rsmith1 Posts: 9
    jjryan, Yes !! It took me about 1/2 hour to install all (4) of them. The front ones took longer to jiggle into place, but the Rear ones screwed right in. I was just on the GM websight and they now offer (2) different sizes of mudflaps with different GM logos on them. The ones I purchased were the smaller in size mudflaps.
  • rsmith1rsmith1 Posts: 9
    I would like to know what headlight bulb is used in the Aveo. I'm thinking of installing an Aftermarket replacement bulb,such as the PIAA or Silver Star. The Dealership can give me their replacement number, but not the actual number on the bulb that is installed in the car.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    You can do like any other Aveo owner, pull one of the bulbs out and look at the numbers on it. Or check with the Auto parts stores and see if they carry a replacement bulb yet.
  • Part numbers for the Aveo specific mud guard are:


    These are the countered style that are offered as a factory option.
    I had my dealer look them up today - they show up in their computerized microfiche parts lookup system. They are about $6 US each.
  • daveo3daveo3 Posts: 2
    You can use existing screws to attach the mud guards. If installed on the vehicle the price is $60. The rear guards are different on the base model, than on the hatchback.
  • parky129parky129 Posts: 50
    Just a Note:
    The 2004 Base model was available in both the Sedan and Hatchback models, having three equipment levels the Value package being basic :) highest level was LT. In 2005 the Base model is replaced with the LS model, then the LT is top equipped model. These reflect different equipment levels in the Aveo.
  • sparxxxsparxxx Posts: 14
    I was checking out some local Chevy dealerships' inventories on the internet, and came across a couple dealers with Aveo Hatchback LT's in "Key Lime" exterior color. Has anybody seen one of these?? I checked out and they don't even list this as a possible color for the '05 Aveo.

  • Yes, I have seen the lime green aveo color. The local dealership said that chevy doesn't even have the color code out on the color, and they don't even know how they got it. They said if you go to do a national search on that color, you can't because they have no clue what the color code is. If you see one, and want one, best bet is to stick with the dealership you found it at, for now anyways.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    I saw one of those a few days ago and couldn't figure out were the color came from since it is not in my 2004 or 2005 literature.....does anybody have an ideal about this color....I love a mys.....
  • sparxxxsparxxx Posts: 14
    How did it look? Sounds kinda suspect, but still I am it like a mint green or something?
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