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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    You can buy it from Helm, I believe. It is a 2 volume set...very detailed...
  • alixjackalixjack Posts: 2
    hi, i have 2004 aveo hatchback with 54,000 miles on it.

    i found on the chevrolet website that aveo's and cobalts come with a 5 year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty.

    i called chevy right before i found this information and the lady told me that its 3 year/50,000 mile warranty.

    does anyone know for sure which is correct?

    my starter and timing belt just broke and i dont have a million dollars to fix this stuff. any help is appreciated. thanks.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I don't know about the 2004 models, but I am looking at the window sticker that I saved from my 2005 hatchback, and it clearly states "5-Year/60,000 mile limited powertrain warranty...see dealer for details".
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I just found the quote below on Edmunds review of the 2004 Aveo...

    "If the Aveo has a weak spot to consider, it would be its warranty. With only three years or 36,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage and five years or 60,000 of drivetrain coverage, the Aveo doesn't quite match its competition."

    I would think you are covered on both parts, as they are definitely drivetrain related...
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    A) As "clearly indicated in their official report" this is "clearly" not the same Aveo as is currently released in the United States. Look at the picture of both the car being tested, and the picture of the car tested. The description of the side air bag system also confirms this.

    B) The 2005 Kia Rio they tested corresponds with the 2006 model in the US.

    I understand your desire to inform everyone of how poorly the _next_ Aveo (sedan only, at this point) did in the tests, but please do some research before you come in here and bash a car based on false information.
  • kris14kris14 Posts: 5
    I admit the front on the Euro NCAP’s designated Model 2006 Aveo test car looks slightly different from the U.S. model 2006 Aveo. I do not see any difference in the side view of the crashed car.

    Your statement that the crash test is for the coming U.S. Aveo model 2007+ may indeed be correct. I find it impossible, however, to believe that GM-Daewoo has managed to design a new model for world export that is significantly less safe than the current U.S. 2006 model.

    Incidentally, I did not write about the safety of the Aveo solely for existing Aveo owners benefit but more so for all the people that value safety and check out this forum before they buy. Hopefully GM-Daewoo will find a way to improve the design of the model 2007+ Aveo, based on the Euro NCAP test.
  • alixjackalixjack Posts: 2
    awesome thanks!

    my service technician ended up covering it with the warranty... but he can't find the part! even the factory doesnt have it!

  • flav2000flav2000 Posts: 8
    Thanks for letting me know.

    I have spent a few more hours with the Wave. I would say that GM Daewoo did a good job in getting the power out of the engine when needed (by revving the engine). This is probably the reason for the bad gas mileage. It's pushing almost the same acceleration power as a Cavalier but with a much smaller engine. That's the only thing I dislike.

    But I guess this is better than Corollas/Echos/Tercels I have been in. No matter how much you step on the gas same thing happens - slow accelration
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    This model is the third version of the old Lanos platform, a car which incidentally did better on the test back in 1999. So it is clearly possible to do worse on a test with a new car (even though it shouldn't be) I admit, seeing those pictures puts some doubt into my mind, but I also doubt that a car that could got more stars in US testing
    than the Scion xB, could do that badly.

    I also hope that GM-DAT finds a way to improve this cars scores - that is an embarassment.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    The Chevy Kalos is the same as the Aveo. The head lights are different. They are the original Italian design. They were changed to meet US regs here. Also they do not get the 1.6 engine. 1.4 is the largest they get. They get nicer wheels then we do and have some with sport suspension. Other wise it is the same car. Europe also gets a neat 3door hatch that should have came to the USA.img src="
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    at how many 3 and 4-door rigs look like the silver Kalos Sport in the picture in Europe. I took a gander at Car magazine (a British mag, I do believe)and in the back they have small pictures and short rundowns on all cars available over there. Cars this size are almost the norm over there and there are many makes of cars available.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • roselandroseland Posts: 4
    I've always liked the angled headlights because they match the angle of the tail lights. I'm sure they're the original design. I'm guessing that the horizontally straight headlights on the U.S. version allow for wrap-around parking/turn signals, thus eliminating the need for separate side-clearance lights ahead of the front wheels, as there are behind the rear wheels. Oddly, however, I have a toy/model of the Korean domestic Kalos, and it has the same front end as the U.S. version. Go figure! And I really wish GM had wired up the small, round city-lights inside the headlight units. I'm sure leaving them empty was a money-saving move, especially since those lights aren't really necessary in the U.S., but the city lights on my wife's Honda Si function, and they look very cool!
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    what are city lights?
  • roselandroseland Posts: 4
    I can't remember where I first ran across the term "city lights" (probably the Internet), but I started using it for lack of a better way to describe the small, round lights/housings that (on the U.S. Aveo, at least) are on the outsides of the headlights, inside the main assembly. (The city light is on the left of the headlight in the photo below.) I've never seen angled (original design) Aveo/Kalos headlight assemblies up close, so I don't know if there are city lights inside them.

    Image Hosted by

    I just wish the city lights on the U.S. Aveo worked. It seems silly to have conspicuous light housings with nothing inside. I spent almost an hour, back when I first bought my Aveo, trying to find a switch that turned these small lights on. I gave up only after I went under the hood, looked behind the city lights, and discovered that the opening where a bulb should poke through was covered with a piece of plastic! Cheapness wins again!!
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    thanks for the information on the city lights.
  • flav2000flav2000 Posts: 8
    I just wish the city lights on the U.S. Aveo worked. It seems silly to have conspicuous light housings with nothing inside.

    Well, I am not sure about the US. But in Canada, all cars must run with daytime running lights (DRL). This means that, even without the parking/low-beam on the high beam will run at 1/2 (1/3) strength. This has the same functionality as the city lights from what I gather. Since this DRL has to be implemented by law there is no need for the city lights
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    we have the DRL's here but not city lights.
  • roselandroseland Posts: 4
    Here's what I think. (Sorry to carry on about something so trivial.) On my wife's Civic Si, the city lights function as the parking lights. They come on alone with the first click of the light switch, and they stay on when the headlights are turned on. The amber turn signals are separate. They're on the sides on the headlight housings and only work as turn signals. On the North American Aveo it's different. The horiztonal amber lights under the headlight housings function both as parking lights and turn signals, making the city lights unnecessary... which is why they're not hooked up. BUT... they must be hooked up in some markets or they wouldn't be there. Somewhere on earth they must be functional! Bottom line: I still think having non-working lights on the front of my car is cheesy!
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Most cars in the U.S. have them, but they are not required by law. Believe it or not there are kits made to disable them because some people are not into public safety.
  • Thankyou very much but my knowledge of computers is very poor. So I guess I may have to spend $400 bucks to replace the speakers.

    Other than that the car runs great and it's very practical.
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