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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • efrantzefrantz Posts: 7
    I understand that people with the 2004 chevy aveo have had problems.But it was the first year of production.I own a 2005 ls and love the car.Ive had mine almost a year with no problems what so ever.I am very impressed with the car and love it.Maybe you should consider trying an 2005 or 2006.It seems they have gotten all the problems fixed.I constintly read these forms and all the compliants are about tho 2004 models.If anyone is decideing to buy new look at the aveo it is very peppy and very fun to drive.
  • bowsersbowsers Posts: 14
    I live in NYC and also have a red 2004 Aveo LS auto fully loaded with sunroof and antilock brakes. I purchased the vehicle for my wife who only uses it to take kids to school and short shopping trips. We have never had a single problem except the engine warning light came on because of a loose gas cap. I also spent $14K but I feel it was a good deal. The car is fun to drive, has antilock brakes, gets good gas mileage and everyone stops us and says "nice car, how much was it" It looks brand new and only has about 9K miles on it. Being that everyone wants a small car because of the high price of gas about $3.50 a gal here in the northeast, I would have no trouble in selling the car privately for a good resale price. We are not planning on selling it but I will wait and see if any major mechanical problems come up...
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Not me. My present car is a Malibu Maxx, my last one was an Elantra. I've always tried to get the best deal regardless of nationality.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    I also bought a 2004 Hatchback, and we paid $8500 new (NOT SVM w/ a/c and automatic). $15625 is WAY too much for this car. $7500 trade in? I only lost $1000 in 2 years? Sounds like the best resale this side of a mini cooper!

    As far as problems, we Haven't had any with our 2004 in 25000+ miles. (knock on wood)
  • efrantzefrantz Posts: 7
    The first time i filled mine up with fuel.I was goingto leave it run and another gentman pulled up with a vw.He explianed that you must shut most of the new cars of when refueling.I tought he was crazy.Then i went home and read the owners manual.It says to shut the vehicle off will refueling.This is the fist vehicle i have ever had to do this with.Also if anbody is looking for the stock cd\mp3 player that came with the car i have one.Its brand new the first thing i changed in it.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    There have been signs posted at gas stations for decades warning drivers to turn their vehicles off while fueling. This is nothing new and applies to all gasoline-fueled vehicles.

    There've been no confirmed cases of a fire starting as a result of cell-phones, however -- seems to be an urban legend.
  • Has anyone tried to fit a bike or two in the back yet? I'd like to know before I give it a shot and mess up the interior or something. Oh, also, I've been getting a lot of people asking how much my car was too :)

    Although that was mostly at bodyshops. I've been rear ended twice in a week (bought the car about 3 weeks ago) and all I had were minor scratches on the bumper cover. It's surprisingly durable. Although both were while I was stopped and very low speed. Still the second one was a bit faster and downhill with a truck and I thought it would have been dented. Still pissed off though that it's not totally new anymore though..grrr...
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    i was puzzled by you NEVER turned off your engine when you fill up your car????!!! it would never even cross my mind to let it run!!!! i sure hope you dont smoke will putting gas in, while your car is running :surprise:
    there are signs at EVERY gas stations all across AMERICA saying not to smoke, along with turning your engine off...why? IT IS DANGEROUS!!!!
    i am telling myself that you must be 16 yrs old and just learnt how to drive and just got your 1st car...
  • efrantzefrantz Posts: 7
    Sorry to confuse you.But when its cold out i used to keep my vehicle running.Then as it was pumping i would stay warm.And no i do not snoke and pump gas.
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Has anyone tried to fit a bike or two in the back yet? I'd like to know before I give it a shot and mess up the interior or something. Oh, also, I've been getting a lot of people asking how much my car was too.

    A member of this board fitted his mountain bike nicely in his Aveo: - h
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I hope that you took down the drivers information after they rear-ended you. There is a good chance that you may have had more damage than you think. Most cars have similar bumpers on their cars designed to absorb the impact rather than deflect it like the metal bumpers in the past. Under bumpers now-a-days are plastic egg crate like absorbing structures that do get damaged, and any impact will weaken them possibly to the point that one day they may loose their absorbing structures and damage and safety could be jeopardised.

    If you haven't already, get your car inspected.
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    As you know, GM is not doing well. But, the Chevrolet Aveo continues to do very good with sales up 23.5 percent, compared to May 2006.
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    good to know!!! :)
    i re-read my post and it did sound kinda mean...sorry i meant it to be kinda funny like "DUH, dude, HELLOOOO!!!???" not sure it came across like this...
    I apologize if some felt offended by it.
  • 1oldguy1oldguy Posts: 3
    Guess that means they sold 2 in June.
  • efrantzefrantz Posts: 7
    Its cool no bad feelings here.
  • Yeah, I'm actually waiting for it to get fixed. I went to the Chevy dealarship to get it worked on because they offered to fix more things instantly. I want the WHOLE bumper replaced, not just some touch up paint. I found out about the egg-crate thing when my camaro z28 was wrecked.

    Also, I dodged a bullet on the rental car. They nearly gave me another Dodge Stratus. I HATE DODGE STRATUS'S (strati?) When my camaro was wrecked I was made to drive one for nearly a month and its horrid. I would not recommend that car to anyone as it is very loud on the inside due to road noises, bad response time in acceleration, and not very comfortable especially for 6 foot plus people like me. Luckily I was given a Chevy Cobalt right before I stepped out the door (after waiting 2 hours). The Cobalt is nice, but it's not my new Aveo. I just feel cramped in a car. The Camaro had t-tops so it wasn't too bad, but the Aveo is like a mini-SUV on the inside which makes me happy.

    Also, anyone put in a new stereo system in the Aveo? I have the premium speakers but the stereo's sound output and lack of an auxillary are less than desirable.
  • flav2000flav2000 Posts: 8
    My family's got a new 2006 Pontiac Wave in Jan. - which is the same car as the Aveo except for the nicer looking grille and black instead of body color columns near the windows

    We love this little car, and it performs well although it's a bit underpowered considering how many big hills we have here in Vancouver.

    Anyways, I am just wondering if anyone have problems with any of the door handles, esp. the ones that open the trunk. We have the trunk handle fail twice in 3 months. When it breaks, the handle will give no pressure and would not open up the trunk. As far as I know, there is some kind of a pulley assembly that opens up the trunk lock. According to the rep, it's the "clip" holding these together that messes up.

    The 2nd time we brought it into the shop the handle broke again right when we tested it for the 2nd time. :sick: It's good that we were still in the lot. That handle mechanism is now okay for 3 weeks now. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Just want to inquire if others encounter this issue before.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    2004 Chevy Aveo w/ auto and a/c that I purchased brand new for $8500 has been wrecked! Nobody hurt, but g/f mangled it - most likely totaled. She's fine, so I'm not going to complain, but it's going to be much more difficult to taunt people with the amazing deal I got with no car...
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    glad to hear no one was hurt. Sorry about the car....
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