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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • Today I left my home and the trany light and hold light were both flashing. the car wouldn't shift either. Also when the lights went out there was a loud cracking noise somewhere in the car and I immediately had HOT air blowing. the hottest air ever to heat up that car in less then 10 minutes. I immediately drove to the dealer ship and now have a rental car until they can look at it. Anyone have any ideas?
  • OK all heres the skinny. the last post is an error on my part and big misunderstanding. They are replacing the intake valves and exhaust valves on my 05 aveo. just thought I'd clear it up.
  • Well the 3-6 monthes took 5 days. I filled up the car, and so far the mileage is back to where it should be around 38. No issues with the GM service so far.

  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    Were you getting bad gas milage ,Hows the new computer alright in the cold weather ?
  • I couldn't help but notice all the talk about Aveo tires wearing out at 3000 miles and just wanted to give my 2 cents worth. I have a 2005 Aveo LS hatchback with 20,000 mi. and the ORIGIONAL tires. Haven't had any problems with them either. :)
  • You might remember me from awhile ago. I fixed my creaking suspension problems,, it took 6-7 trips to the dealership, my car has been in the shop for a total of 30 days spread across several months, After multiple bumbling attempts to adjust this and that they finally replaced both lower control arms on both the left and front side. Walah all creaking gone, I put on new tires to boot.

    One little problem remains, after they did this there suddenly appeared a rattling noise out of what seems to me to be the center right of the suspension area at all speeds from 8 mph up to high speeds. Even on brand new paved roads you can hear the rattling. Its the same kind of rattling you here when you hit a bump harshly on any old worn out car,, except on this one this is a new car now only 35,968 miles on it.

    Im happy that they finally got all the squeeking and popping fixed but Im taking in again to see if they can address this final item.. If i had to guess they are going to have to replace the upper control arms also, if there are any upper control arms on this vehicle.

    So in short this has been an experience from hell, eaten up massive personal time, and pissed the hell out of me. They requested from GM and are going to honor a extended service and warranty contract on the front suspension as a nicety. And so far all of these trips has been covered under the existing 36,000 mile standard warranty.

    They also due to the extension will cover this final fix on the remaing rattling noise. I really think when they finish they just might have replaced the ENTIRE front suspension through various fixes.

    Before they did the control arms they were in their doing bushings and many other little items. All to no avail..

    LISTEN UP PEEPS,, youve got to push them or else you will exit your warranty with a piece of garbage. Even if you exit your warranty you shoul consider an attorney because the suspension components or design of the suspension is way below spec of what one would expect from the cheapest of the small compact market. Get a lawyer if you need one,, cause I can assure you that my car is probably 1 in a 1000 that this is going on with.

    Besides for all i know they replaced my suspension components with a set of components that will also fall apart again in another 10k miles.

    There is no way that a multibillion dollar company can expect a person to lay down hard earn dollars for a product that is defective and not have to either recall the car,, fix the car, compensate the consumer or just plain out cancel the loan and take the car back
  • As a matter of fact this suspension problem might just be widespread enough and the basis for a class action lawsuit if GM doesnt just come out and say ,, Houston we have a problem. The problem is that GM has tried to ignore this and get people out of their warranty periods.

    Hear that!? GM........ CLASS A C T I O N

    I read another message where someone else took their brand new Aveo back to the dealership and the dealership tried to tell them that the control arms were damaged and the car must have had an accident. This is an example of a bogus response and outright affront to a consumer who has never had even a bump in their brand new car. On this note in my particular case Across the period of fixes that I had,, on two occassons I noticed the technicians slipping in similar bogus commentary on work orders trying to explain away the faulty design and suspension components to something unrelated.

    Anybody out there who can find a good lawyer, please email me at I would love to shove this piece of [non-permissible content removed] back in the face of GM. Maybe GM can sell it back as scrap metal to the south koreans so they can build bomb shelters or something.
  • Hi all,

    Well the first full tank after the computer was replaced. The Temp/Weather was about the same before the computer went to lunch. 32.1 right before and now 33.1 after. This is a far cry from the 43 last summer, but I know the thanks to winter blended gas we drop 20%. This software must not like the cold weather. I know the 5% is not a lot but still.

  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    As a matter of fact this suspension problem might just be widespread enough and the basis for a class action lawsuit if GM doesnt just come out and say ,, Houston we have a problem.

    I agree -- there are numerous complaints on different forums and the customer reviews for the '04 here on Edmund. This IS NOT isolated to just a few.

    Worse yet, the noises become almost constant with significant loosening of the suspension and a lot of drifting and wallowing on the road. I've just learned to live with it since I put the miles on so fast, I won't have this car but another year or two before it's dead.

    At 115K, there is quite a bit of side-to-side sway even in a light wind (5 to 10 mph) and the car jerks violently with the stronger winds we've had recently (20 to 35 mph). It feels like the body is only vaguely connected to the tires and the road.

    The designers got some things right, but the suspension on the early models wasn't one of them. Wouldn't consider a lawsuit unless there were many others involved -- the cost would be greater than the pay-off for the car and GM would tie up any action for years.
  • Everyone keeps complaining about the Aveo's tires? You wouldnt expect $200 tires on an "economy" car that lists for $10,000. This car was primarily designed as a second car, for city driving,short trips,food shopping,college students,housewives etc. I would'nt recommend it on the freeways and interstates due to its top speed,size and weight. Large 18 wheel trucks would'nt even see you and a strong cross wind will blow you off the road! Also I would not want to be in a major accident in this car! But it is cute, fun to drive, great for parking, and gets fairly decent gas milage. So whenever "original" tires wear out invest in a good set of Michelin's or GoodYear's and have fun!
  • I bought my car new on November 14,2006....It is now February 21, 2007 and my car has been in the shop at the local Chevy dealer for 8 days now. It had been making a "ticking" sound when idling. The noise got louder when I accelerated. The car has 4,500 miles on it. Mostly highway miles. I drive 45 miles round trip each day on the and from work. And mostly local trips to supermarket, etc...
    On Day 2, I was told that the lifters they replaced all the lifters....
    On Day 6, (yes, no news for 4 days...I was told that they heard the same noise after this work was they called the engineers at GM...I was then told that there was a problem with the # 1 cylinder, something about a rod knocking...
    Today, on Day 8, I was told that the car needs a new crank shaft! I told the mechanic to NOT to anything more to the car. I told him that I do now want a "REPAIRED" engine...I want a NEW ENGINE OR A NEW CAR. This is a brand NEW CAR!!!

    On the day that I took the car to the shop, I called the internet salesman who sold me the car,who is onsite at the facility where I bought the car, to notify him of the problem. He assured me that a General Manager would call me to see how they can "make things right". On Day 8, I hadn't heard from a I tracked one day myself tonight. He was incrediblty rude...and seemed as if he had no time and couldn't care less about my situation. I told him that perhaps I didn't even want this car back. He told me that any decision on that, would not be his...and that I'd have to talk to someone at the "800" number. So I asked for that number. He told me that he didn't have it and he told me that I would have to look it up! He refused to attempt to loate the number..he even refused to transfer me to someone who had the number...How can a GM NOT KNOW THE "800" number for their customers...Is this how a GM for a HUGE corporation operates??? I am baffled...and FRUSTRATED and MAD AS HELL.
    I hung up and again called the salesman and left a message for him explaining my dissatisfaction in just about every aspect in my experience with their organization.
    Being a single parent, working my butt off to make ends meet...finally can afford a NEW CAR...and this is what I get...a "spicy orange" short school bus of a car!
    Also, the car handles POORLY on the highway with just a slight wind...I was almost blown into the side of an 18 wheeler one day when it was a bit windier. I had to take my foot off the brake and struggle with 2 hands on the wheel to prevent myself form being sucked under or into the truck.

    I plan to protest outside this business (on weekends) until my demands are met:
    1. NEW ENGINE (with extended warranty at their cost) and upgraded aluminum wheels and 2 bike racks - for my aggravation

    2. NEW CAR (with extended warranty at their cost) and upgraded aluminum wheels and 2 bike racks - for my aggravation

    K Parks
  • Wave54, you are very likely correct that the ’04 model does have some problems. All new model vehicles in their first year have some problems. I remember when the Honda Del Sol first came out, it had a couple of problems. However, it does seem people are young and are just owning their first vehicles here. They are naïve in their knowledge and reckless in caring for the car. Look what a young fellow did to his new Aveo.
  • man that sucks. Good luck getting anything out of GM though, they are righteous jack asses. GM is great, as long as you aren't having any problems with your vehicle.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    I am indeed rocking too much for my wife right now. I'm listening to The Tragically Hip's 'Yer Favourites' CD. They are genius' at rocking...soft songs or hard rock. They cut their teeth in NE U.S. and eastern Canadian bars playing Rolling Stones songs. Thing is, their own music that they're playing now is better than the Rolling Stones. ;)

    General Motors just doesn't get it. If your Aveo's motor craps out they owe you a new one. Period. And in the meantime, while yours is getting fixed, they owe you a ride in an Electric Blue or Rally Red 5-speed 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS with the optional Sun and Sound Package(650 watt Rockford Fosgate stereo played on 9 speakers...and a sunroof to boot).

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • c118fec118fe Posts: 23
    I bought a used '06 Aveo5 on 2/24/07.The original owner took delivery on 5/13/06 and had 10050 mi at my purchase.Does GM continue the original 36/36000 warranty being I am the 2nd owner? My Chevy dealer kinda played"I've got a secret" on that. :confuse:
  • madridjoemadridjoe Posts: 28
    the warranty follows the car. In the case of a 06 Aveo, you have 3 yrs or 36,000 mi bumper to bumper, and 5 yrs or 60,000 mi on the drivetrain.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    The warranty does follow the car..BUT it starts the day it was FIRST 'put into service',by the first owner. So the first day that the tires hit the pavement with the first owner,is the beginning of the 3year/36K mile warranty and the drive train warranty. Since you know that date,you count down from there. The first day it was 'Put into service', is the term they use, is where you start the count down of both warranties. Looks like you are covered till 5/13/09 or 36K miles, which ever happens first. Then the 5 year 60K miles for the power train warranty goes till 5/13/2011 or 60K miles. Whichever comes first.
  • c118fec118fe Posts: 23
    If the timing belt goes or starts to go before 60000,do they pick up the tab under warranty? Just dont make sense to build an engine that you have to change an item like that on scheduled maint.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    If the timing belt goes or starts to go before 60000,do they pick up the tab under warranty?

    Yes! I had mine replaced under warranty at 43K -- it had been making a lot of noise, but didn't break. The dealership insisted that it was not covered until I called GM's 800 number.

    You should have a warranty booklet with the driver's manual that states what items are covered and which aren't under the 60K drivetrain protection.
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