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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • geissajgeissaj Posts: 14
    GM knows this part is defective and so do all the Gm mechanics out there. I have faulty control arms in my garage and would love to have a GM engineer explain why they failed at 13,000 miles. cost me two hundred for the parts and took an hour to install. The Aveo is the simplest car GM sells and it is beyond me how they can repair think twice about buying a Corvette or Cadillac if they can't fix an Aveo :confuse: ">
  • geissajgeissaj Posts: 14
    You should file a lemon law complaint. Most cars have some problems what's important is how the manufacturer reponds to these problems, GM appears to be neglegent in their responsabilities to repair vehicles that they manufacture and sell. The worst part is the mechanics and engineers know of these problems and have been given certain instructions not to disclose defects in these cars. Along with lemon laws ,states need to enact fradulant disclosure laws that would hold mechanics and sevice managers responsible through fines and penalties if they intentionally inform customers that defects are normal or they can't locate problems when they have repair orders in there files with similar complaints. The main problem with warranty repairs is the Company GM is the client not the car owners. Good luck with you car all cars have some problems.
  • geissajgeissaj Posts: 14
    Timing belt is part of warranty and also emission waranty extended for California emission states CA, NY, MA and I think CT then wararnty is for 80,000 miles GM may be in violaton of EPA environmental laws and subject to fines for each incident if not properly repairing vehicles under emission warranties. Same law that dosen't let you remove catalytic converter, check engine light etc. Don't let GM preach green and break emission laws.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    My 'new' minor problem is the rear wiper on my hatchback. It has always NOT cleared the glass the entire length of the wiper blade. And I have changed it 4 times already. Gone to bigger size blade, then smaller size blade. Now it is at the 'factory' size, it still doesn't clean the last 1 in of the window that the wiper hits. All it does is smear the glass. Does anyone else have this problem. It is minor, during a heavy rain it cleans the glass great, but using the washer spray it just doesn't clean all the glass it could reach, no matter what size blade I have put on. Any hints to fix this? BEFORE I go to the dealer.
  • My rear wiper does the same thing. It seems there is not enough tension in the spring to get good pressure on the window. But I see no obvious way to tighten the spring.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Well at least I am not alone. It is probably something the dealer could replace...but even a new wiper assembly, would have the same tension in it. Unless they have a TSB about this...I guess I should call and ask if there is one. I just sold my set of wheel covers to a guy that had 2 engines put into his 2006 Aveo...2 timing belts,multiple serious mechanical things went wrong,and he finally got them to take it back under the Lemon Law. BUT they wanted to charge him $125 for 1 wheel cover that has a SCRATCH on it, yes the cheap 5 pointed star plastic ones that come on the LS. I sold the set on EBay for WAYYYY under that, since I put on a Daewoo set that look very unusual, and I have never seen on another car. Aveo or Daewoo....So I have had the covers in a box in the back of the car since the day I bought it. I thought I had problems! He had 2 engines put in and now he is looking for a new car. Not an Aveo. So this is a tiny I have my fingers crossed! Hurry up lottery!!
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Who knows what was with the car. Was there owner negligence that contributed to his problems?

    That 1.6 liter engine has been around for quite some time but was made heavier duty once it reached the Aveo. Some of the upgrades include a thicker block and a different fuel injection systems. My old 1988 Pontiac Lemans (Daewoo) had the previous 1.6 L engine which was a single camshaft engine that made I believe 72 hp. This is the only Chevy that I know of that has a timing belt, all others have the long lasting chain. Changing belts in these cars is pretty simple and required. Those who buy imports are very familiar with this maintenace every 50-60,000 miles.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I was just mentioning it in my reply to MY posting. This guy told me he had ALL the problems I have encountered so far,and much more. Till finally he got it recalled under the lemon law. After GM offered him $3K then $10K to buy another GM car. He kept to his guns and got it recalled under the lemon law. I was just mentioning it. Somehow I dont know how you could ruin 2 engines and wear out timing belts at 4K miles. Just like my tires wearing out at 2-3K miles! Build junk,you get junk. Hey Ford use to be that way,and some still say it is. I personally would go back to Ford today,IF I could get full price for my Aveo. But it is the first year. shot at that! far no mechanical problems so far..just annoying problems.
  • willyt3willyt3 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if a 2007 bumper cover will fit a 2005? Is it the exact same as the 05? I need to replace mine and didn't know if it would cross over. I have access to an 07 cover.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    It depends on if you are talking about the FRONT or REAR bumper. The 2007 SEDAN is totally different inside and out. IF it is a REAR bumper of a 2007,it will fit the REAR of a 5 door hatchback only. If you are talking about a FRONT 2007 bumper, it will not fit. It is totally different. The 5 door hatchback is the same, except for a few minor interior changes. The outside is the same. So a 2007 rear bumper should fit...but the front definately wont fit on a 2005. :D
  • jworsleyjworsley Posts: 7
    Check my post under the vibration thread and the previous posts i made to see the journey of my failed fixes and guesswork at the dealership and what actually fixed the car. Its all fixed now though , they ultimately replaced both control arms and lastly part of the front right strut assembly, i believe it was the strut/shock itself ended up needing to be replaced also. All is normal and groovy now. State of perfection for now. It took way to long to figure out at the dealership, but they didnt charge me a nickel and i got an extended warrant for the front end supsension components to boot.

    Ive just been informed though that GM is recommending that the timing belt be changed at 30,000 miles. Whether they mean every 30,000 miles or not Im still unclear on that. If so that is insane. As i mentioned in the vibration thread of the AVeo message board,,the last car i had to do that on was in the 1970's and it was called a Fiat. lol

    Ive got 39,400 miles right now. Ifeel sorry for that poor girl angela50, looks like shes just beginning the journey and they are telling her things like her car is just to cold, lol or perhaps the tires need changing. LOL
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Well my hatchback was hit by a dumb bi--h in a new Silverado crewcab truck! She was so busy taking on her pink Razr phone and in a hurry to get to nowhere, 'she didnt see me'...I had my FULL headlights on, I do that just to be sure I AM seen, it was 9 in the morning, and she didnt see me, she cut across 3 lanes of traffic out of a Wal-Greens parking lot and hit me and pushed me over 3 lanes into the side of the road! I was just driving to work at 30mph, I had the right of way, she was coming out of this Wal-Greens, and she SAYS that someone in another truck waved her to come into the road...but I never saw this person...and they dissappeared, all I saw was her heading towards my head! I grabbed the steering wheel, hit the gas and she hit me right on the left rear passenger door and the little quarter panel...if I hadn't at least tried to get out of the way, she would have hit ME in the drivers seat! All she could say was, 'are you alright', then 'my insurance is going to go up AGAIN!' This is a NEW 2006 Silverado I found out in the report...and she has like 5 swipe marks of paint on the damn thing, where she must have hit 5 other cars...5 different colors of paint. All she had from hitting me was a 1 line swipe of Blue on her bumper! My left side is gone from the drivers door back. We both have State Farm Insurance. But when I called the cops, and he came, and got all our information, HER name was NOT on the insurance card and she gave him some excuse, he must have belived because he just wrote up the report,and then he informed us that he isnt a 'fan of writing tickets'...even though SHE casued the accident,because 'once WE all get to court they get kicked out 99% of the time because I didnt SEE her hit you myself and she has admitted guilt,so I'm not going to give her any citations'. I go 11 mph to fast and I get a freaking $185 ticket! She had like 3 tickets coming to her...and she got none! BUT he said he was putting on the report that since she openly said she hit me and didnt deny it, it will be on the records at the station for our insurance to get if they need the details of the hit. Can you belive this? Then the second he was done with us, she got in her truck and started to leave...AFTER she had said to me..'My dad is the head of a GM body shop in Pompano Beach at some GM dealership...maybe he can get you a good price and a fast fix on your car and a free rental car'. Price? Insurance is suppose to cover it...there is no 'good price'. But then she starts to take off and I asked, 'what about your father and this offer,to fix my car FAST?' And she said, 'I have to go to Orlando for the day on work and I have to get to the State Farm and do what they say to do'. So far 3 days later, she has yet to return State Farms calls to open HER claim, so I can get my car fixed! I already did, and they are waiting for her...and they even noticed that a mans name is on the policy and asked me if this GUY hit me...the name on the policy,and I said no...she said it was her husbands truck and 'State Farm just cant seem to get an insurance card in her name to her'! They didnt even buy that excuse! The insurance is good..lets hope she didn't steal the truck. I haven't EVER had an accident,so I am green....but as long as a policy is GOOD...doesn't that policy HAVE to pay for the damage when they are charged with the accident? My damage claim rep. says there is a policy covering the truck, but it is under this guys name,they are assuming it is her husband, so she doesnt HAVE to be on the insurance long as they are married,or even if he just said that she can use the truck. HE is liable or his policy is liable. She lives like only 5 blocks from me...and it is obviously HER truck..lots of female stuff in it...not a guys truck! Since she said HER insurance was going to go up 'AGAIN'...she must not be new to this. So she must be on the policy...right? To big of a damn truck for this cow.So here I sit..cant do anything, and have to hope she can be bothered to call State Farm back on Monday,and open a claim, so I can get this fixed. So far I have everything in line ready to go..all I have to do is drop it off at my dealership, and they are ready....4-6 working days to fix....guarenteed for as long as I own it...but when I go to sell is going to show it was in an accident! THAT will devalue it, won't it? But I cant sue this cow for loss of any profit, until I try to trade it in...and thats years off...till I get some profit built into it. So thats my situation now. Women in big trucks dont mix. And yes it is a sexist thing to say! I don't care. That cell phone barely left her ear the entire time I saw here...and the cop saw it to. I wonder if she was paying attention to driving????? Or her pretty pink Razr phone? Which do YOU think? :sick:
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    I have a 2006 aveo with 8k,When new i noticed a slight vibration in the front end,I found out they were the tires that caused all the problems,I think they are junk or blem tires they use to be honest,I replaced them with some HP4000 tires and it drives very smooth now.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Sorry to hear about your accident. If you're looking for advice about insurance or dealing with accidents, the Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents discussion would be a good place to post your story.


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    No. I wasnt looking for advice really...Just posting what happened to me..and that my little Aveo is smashed and this woman that hit me STILL hasnt started a claim on her side,so I can get it fixed, and State Farm has tried to get ahold of HER the MAN that the truck is registered to and HIS name is on the insurance card,not HER. And he still has not called back HIS agent. They are calling them both...and they wont call back. So here I sit paying for a smashed in NEW car...and I cant do anything but wait. And now my body pains are turning up....big time! :cry:
  • achilcuttachilcutt Posts: 2
    i bought a 06 aveo in september it has been in the shop about 10 times now they have replaced the struts, ball joints, tires, rims, speakers, 02 sensor, ty-rods, and tyrod ends, and the list goes on was told by chevy that they cant claim as a lemon. the trans wont shift half the time, when you are going down a hill it starts to down shift, i got it back monday for the squeeking they torqued the control arms and they are squeeking again, has a bad vibration and was told it is with in limits, and the car runs like crap!!!!!!!!!!! and chevy will not stand behind this car what so ever!!!!!!! :lemon: :mad:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Unless it was bad body work, or you tell a potential buyer, no one will ever know it was in an accident. The only time a title will show something to indicate an accident, etc., is when it was totaled or when there was flood damage. Your insurance agent should do most of the work for you, don't settle for their body shop, chose one that you trust. The dealer sounds like a good one.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    That is a terrible thing to happen with a new car. When you say that Chevy won't stand behind it what do you mean? Haven't they taken it in to repair it. If after doing so if the same issues are occuring with the squeeking and all I would talk with the service manager. If he thinks they have done all they could do I would seek another dealership to service it. I don't know what the lemon law is in your area, but here in Illinois there has to be several occurances of the same kind (part) in the first year of ownership to qualify for replacement. Unfortunately the consumer doesn't have any other recourse other than having a dealer try and remedie the problem.
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    I would have to tell you for sure ,You just got a very bad one, or missed on the line for quality control.All the people i talk to love their aveo ,no problems other than junky ,jumpy kumho tires ,that maybe your problme as well,I changed mine to a high quality performance tire hp4000,She drives very smooth now,
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Well it isn't totaled, but a $10k car that has $2,500 plus damage is HIGH. 'Luckliy' MY dealer,that I bought it from, is a 'State Farm Approved repair place'. And IF I get it repaired there,they stand behind their work for the LIFE of the car! And I want the dealer to fix it. That way IF someone pulls up a Carfax report and sees it had an also has a lifetime repair warranty with it. It MAY go in the shop on Monday. I am so tired of looking at it. And my lawyer and my State Farm agent and the body shop manager all said that there is no reason not to get it fixed,except I have to pay for a rental car and the deductable! THEN when the cops report comes out...sometime next week...yes I called and it takes up to 10 days to get the report in the 'system'. It will take State Farm possibly a month or more to refund me my deductable and refund my car rental. PLUS I am suing this woman and the owner of the truck for this accident, and all the expenses I incure. She wants to lie and deny liablity...then she and he will pay..BIG time. My body pains and my smashed car will be in their minds as long as it will be in mine, and HIS insurance will go up ...again...just as she said the minute she popped out of that truck after she hit me! 'Oh insurance is going to go up...again!!!!' So she is no stranger to accidents. I know I will end up in small claims court maybe to recover every cent...but that is why I have a handle all of that for me. Granted he gets 30% of any recovery..but any 'pain' I can cause that lying sack of poop...she deserves it. I am being polite and I have controled my rage long enough. Once my car is out of my sight..and is fixed..and is back in my hands..and IF they ever find out why I am in pain 99% ofthe time on my right side and have nightmares every night...getting like 2 hrs. sleep a night! THEN I will be much calmer. THEN I will let my lawyer put the screws to her..and let State Farm fight it out between each other. On a happy note......Anyone seen the newest Spiderman movie yet? I am going to try and sit stil for 2.5 hrs and see it..but I don't know if I it worth the pain IF I can see it?:)
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