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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    So, tell us what type you got and all the extras. Boy you went from a huge 'luxury boat' a very small car. Big inside though isn't it? So...tell us all what you got...did you get a sedan or the hatchback, color, all that stuff. How good of a deal did you get? Did the dealer give you a bad deal on your trade in. Are dealers starting to say things like, 'well you know big cars are not worth as much anyone', etc... yet? I hear that people are having a hard time getting rid of their SUV' is it the same for the big comfy cars as well :confuse:
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Did the noise come from all the tire areas? Or just one? It was probably just wind that got up behind those big pieces of plastic that are in the wheel wells, know, those hard plastic 'sheets' that keeps stuff from getting into the engine bay? The fact that it stopped after your drive,...probably means it was side winds getting in or behind some part of the car. Thats why I think it was one of those wheel well plastic pieces. Maybe one is loose and just needs to be tightened. IF it is still happening, then it is a problem! But these cars are known for having trouble with side winds, especially on the highway. Has it happened again? try to make it happen again. I would go for a short drive on the highway..and see if it happens,note the speed if it does,where it is coming from, and any other things going on IF it happens. Let us know.
  • echo8echo8 Posts: 4
    Thank you for replying to my message. I haven't heard the noise since I got home, i did drive the car today and didn't hear anything, I think your idea may be just what the problem is, i hope they can fix that, I didn't drive it on the highway, i will do that in the morning before I take it in. I got this car without even seeing it, I was able to test drive the sedan and it was pretty smooth, with the hatchback I can feel pretty much every bump in the road, if i had been able to test drive the hatchback I really am not sure that I would have bought it, but I don't really think its a bad car. Lots of room inside. They had to bring the car in from another dealership, for them to do that I had to sign a paper saying I would accept it when it got here. I was told that it had flip and fold seats, which it doesn't have, I am a Camper and the seats were a big thing to me. Before I signed for it I asked if it could have a luggage rack put on the top and they told me yes, well now they say one can't be put on it. Ohhhhh and those things they call Mud Flaps are like band-aids! But they didn't cost much so it really wasn't a big deal. When it was making the noise the wind was really strong, had to have both hands on the wheel to keep it on the road, and I learned fast that following a Semi wasn't the best thing, tossed me all over the place. I will say the gas mileage in great, I drove to lansing michigan (heard no noise), but there was no strong wind, from there to Arkansas which was just over 11 hundred miles it only took 123.00 in gas. I am going to have them check the tires tomorrow to be sure that they are alright. I got a great deal on the car, I got it during the Red Tag Sale, it was 13000.00 and my brother in law retired from GM so I got his discount, so out the door I got it for 11500.00. I financed it through GM and got 0 percent interest. Before this car I had a 1990 323 Mazda hatchback, bought it new and had it for 17 years, it only had 89000 miles on it, had little to no trouble with it, but things were starting to go wrong with it, i sold it myself and got 1000.00 for it. I really did like the Mazda. But I'm sure I will get used to this car and things will be fine. I'm really glad that I found this website, thanks for everything. I will let you know what the garage has to say tomorrow, I am a woman and some dealerships think they can push a woman around, but they might be alittle shocked if they try that with me.
  • yngwieyngwie Posts: 16
    I got the Hatchback. it's "Victory red" a 5 speed with ac and fog lights. i actually sold the Crown Vic in a private sale. They wanted 9 grand for the had only 2000 miles on it. The owner apparently did not like it and traded it in.I don't miss the old Crown Vic or the 70 dollar a week gas bill at all! I call this car "McDonalds" , cause I'm lovin' it!!
  • echo8echo8 Posts: 4
    I took the Car in yesterday, I do understand that its not making the noise now so its hard for them to know whats going on, the thing that I didn't like is that they say they have never heard of this problem before, what i am going to do is call around to other Chevy Dealers and ask if they have heard of this happening, where it seemed to be the worst was in Indiana, I have free long distance so I am going to search for a Chevy Dealer there and see if they can answer my questions about it, if it happened to me there then it happened to others. The first post that I put in here, I hope I didn't sound terrible in it, I really didn't mean to. They did tell me that if the sound happens again to go get one of them and we can take it for a ride. I mentioned about the Cross Winds and the Wheel Wells, they once again just said that they have never heard of the problem. Thanks so much for your help, with out it I would have walked in there with no idea's on what it could me.
  • okieman1okieman1 Posts: 1
    I bought an aveo for my daughter and we are experiencing the same noise problem (great car except for noise problem), we noticed that it only was happening during high winds (crosswinds as well as head winds) and when we drove at highway speeds (60-70 mph). We took it back to dealer and fortunately it was windy when they drove it because they heard the noise, what they did for us was to tighten up doors to seal out wind noise - this helped immensely but it did not get rid of all the noise interference. They believed the remaining noise was being caused by the antanne cutting thru the air. Even though this noise happens less frequently and is not nearly as loud it was it is still a nuisance. Dealer said we could install a retractable antanne so it could be lowered during driving but they want us to have it installed and that is where we are at this point, I haven't argued the point because the noise problem doesn't happen very often any more so we kind of forget about when we have time to go by dealer and argue for a different antanne. At this point we are waiting for input as to how to remedy this problem without paying to have a different antanne installed. Hope this helps.
  • echo8echo8 Posts: 4
    Thank you very much for replying to my Message, I live in Michigan and we don't very often get high winds like that, it was the loudest near Indiana, the winds were really bad, but I haven't heard it since that weekend, our Chevy Dealer is know for not working very good with the public, I had bought a different car from them in the past and swore to near deal with them again, but I did buy the Aveo, the car is nice and roomy, and I do like it, i am hoping the sound does happen again so that they are willing to fix it, I am still going to call more Chevy dealers in my area to see what they say. Do you mind if I ask where your from? Like I said I am in Michigan. Rereading your message, we were driving on the freeways also, going between 60-70 mph. My dealership didn't even take the car for a drive. On your car, does the sound seem to come from around the tire area? Or from the front of the car? I know its hard to pin point exactly where the sound came from. Thank you so much!
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    A retractable antenna? You must have a sedan?? I know the one on my roof cant possibly be retractable! But if it is will not get any reception. That will be a long ride! Unless you have satelllite radio like me. GO SIRIS!
  • yngwieyngwie Posts: 16
    Srius rocks. I installed a kenwood after market radio in my Aveo 5 with Srius. I love the car and sound!
  • nikkipnikkip Posts: 3
    problems with engine gasket at 7000 miles blew oil on driveway but fortunately covered by warranty. pinhead size crack at base of passendger side windshield is now footlong size crack quickly spreading. think it's a design or installation defect, or even an aerodynamic design flaw for such as small rock to hit there. windhsield wipers very noisy even with $25 per blade ones installed. heater seems to be having problems.. windshield not covered by warranty.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    After market windshields for some reason are always better.
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Which Aveo is better looking? The American Aveo or the Oversea Aveo? (posted on Aug 23)
  • yngwieyngwie Posts: 16
    I like the grill of the Chevy. I have a 07 Aveo 5. I like the new ones,but not crazy how headlights shoot up to a point. Going foor the Fit look I guess.
  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Well, you are one of the very rare ones. A lot of people hate the huge front grill on the American Aveo. However, I have report that the front license will be in the center of the huge grill making the front look much better.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I hope you replaced the windshield by now. BUT most insurance companies will replace it for FREE. It is a safety issue. IF it gets big enough, it could blow in on you as you drive, thus it is a BIG safety issue. I have State Farm insurance. God knows it costs enough to ensure even this little car. BUT I have had 4 cracked windshields on 4 different cars/trucks, from pebbles hitting it, and the crack gets bigger and longer. They replace it for free. No deductable either, least in Fla. it is considered a safety issue, so they must replace it for free! I think it is a state law. Do you have that in your policy or in your state? And I dont have to wait for a long crack to develop. Just a tiny pinhole hit, and I can get it replaced. Those things cost like $300 or more...dont they?
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  • My Aveo thermostat (same as Daewoo Lanos and some Suzuky Swift) housing also broke apart. Composite plastic which is the material is made off might be strong enough, but since the housing is made in two parts, so part maker can install the thermostat and gasket, this parts break apart, because they are put together not even with glue, but by heat.
    When the engine moves, or the radiator moves because it is attached to the body, the housing will break. If an engine mount is in bad shape,the problem will occur more often.
    The solution is to get a metallic housing that has been available for a long time. In fact GM decided to use the plastic one, because it is cheaper, but leaves the driver exposed to a failure that can go undetected since the temperature sender will not send a proper reading, showing a lower temperature, since the sender requires coolant to properly read, so the only hint to this problem could be steam coming off the engine or a spill, but sometimes this is hard to see. If this happens, blowing the gasket or seizing the engine is a possible scenario.
    Anyway. I got tired of this problem after a second housing broke on me. Now, with the metal housing I think I solved the problem. It was more expensive, in fact dealerships wanted 90 dollars for it, but I found it on Ebay for 70, so it wasn't that bad.
    Another thing that I wanted to talk about is the timing belt and the water pump. The engine on the Aveo was designed for high compression, but because of space and engine size designer was force to reduce the size of the compression chamber and to install 4 valves per piston, which is fine, excepting for the use of a timing belt instead of a timing chain, which is acceptable, excepting that sometimes the belt breaks and then the pistons, that are very close to the valves, end up hitting them and getting bend, and this actually means a very expensive repair.
    The type of engine is widely known as an interference engine, and it is commonly used in the car industry, but some car makers install good quality components that will last 100 K or even more.
    Some people will say that is way you have a preventive maintenance schedule, which is true, but there are a lot of things that could drive the timing belt to fail prematurely, such as oil, dirt, water and poor quality rubber on the belt itself. On top of that, preventive replacement of timing belt is not precisely cheap, since belt is more or less hard to replace.
    To make things worst, the engine design makes the timing belt to drive the coolant or water pump, so if the water pump seizes, then the belt will get destroyed, hence the engine will as well.
    To top that, tensioner and idler pulley are made also in plastic and bearings are short lasting, so they could also seize, and then engine will also get destroyed.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    How old is your Aveo? Or how many miles do you have on it...that you have had to replace the thermostat already? I often read in older post...that people replace their water pump at the same time they replace the timing belt, to save money and once the engine is 'opened' to replace the belt, is easier to replace the water pump at the same time, and it saves a lot of money I am told, the mileage that the manual says to replace the belt. Did you do that to already?<img src="
  • Well, the other Aveo version oversea, will be the Pontiac G3. It does have a cheesy smiley face. The Aveo face is better and is more aggressive.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    That G3 will likely be in Pontiac dealers next year from what I have read. It only makes sense in helping bring that divisions mileage up and it wouldn't cost them that much more when they import it.
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