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Volkswagen Touareg Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Please try our VW Touareg SUV or VW Touareg: Problems & Solutions discussion. This one is just to share pricing & purchasing experiences, and the others are where you'll find owners.



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  • jts1jts1 Posts: 7
    Trojan, could you please share the name of the dealership and fleet manager. I'm in the market for the same car. Did you get it with the new DVD based Nav?


    Thanks, for the help.

  • jmk6jmk6 Posts: 1
    Can you e-mail me the name and phone number of the dealer or Fleet Mgr. I'm getting hit with much higher prices from several of the VW dealers in the San Diego area. I hope to lease a 2005 V-8 in the next week or two.
  • i ready to buy a 2005 Toureg V-6. premium package III which includes cricket leather, upgraded sound sys and bi-xenon lights. location is columbus, oh area. have been quoted $38,475 and $39,097. Invoice is $37,995. MSRP is 41,445. Anyone have recent purchase experience with pricing? 2.9% financing has been offered by one dealer.
  • do you have the complete package that you purchased> did your package include cricket leather, upgraded sound?? was the msrp 41,445?
  • which package did you get? does it have leather and upgraded sound. was the msrp 41,445?
  • Planning on buying 2005 V6 Toureg between now and January.


    -Color undecided

    -Equipment Package #5 (everything)


    -Tire Pressure Monitoring System


    The invoice on the web for this model with the above features is $43,713. I'm thinking of offering $44,500 (excluding tax & license).


    Is this too low, high or just right?


    Thanks in advance.
  • The dealer I am going to check out has a v6 in the color I want and told me he is driving it himself as a demo, and has about 1500 miles on it.


    He says he can make me a great deal on it.


    Any experience in buying demos, how much of a discount they offered you. What should I suggest?


  • Sorry for the delayed response from not checking these boards. I bought my Touareg from the Internet fleet manager at Fladeboe VW in Irvine, CA.


    My nav system is CD based. I don't think DVD was available at the time. Is it out now? Regardless, the system has been great.


    I'd be happy to e-mail anybody here more info than this board will allow. What's the best way to share e-mail addresses without getting spammed to death?


    Best of luck.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Make your email public for Edmunds members. Then you can share emails.under "My account"
  • I'm in the DC area as well. Did you close the deal? If so, from which dealer did you purchase. I'm looking for a V6 with package 3. Thanks.
  • kmbakmba Posts: 1
    dealer has accepted this offer but I have not taken car:

    2004 V6, leather, power seats, NAV, park assist, bi-xenons, upgraded stereo, 7300 miles, certified pre-owned for $35.5K


    Good deal?
  • On a v8 with a sticker of $54,185, I've been quoted the following lease price: no money down, except title, tax and 1st month payment, and a payment of $599 a month 4 years, 12k miles per year. This looks pretty good to me, but I wanted to get a sanity check. Thanks.
  • Thats a great deal, i wish we had those deals where i live, in so cal!! they have that one national deal for the v-6 with no options for 439 on a 42 with a little over 3,700 down! thats not a very good deal, and it doesn't seem much of a upgrade to your quote on a touareg v-8 with everything on it!!
  • jts1jts1 Posts: 7

    Thanks for the info!


    They started building 2005 models with the DVD based Nav at the end of September. Cars are just starting to show up with it. I'm in the bay area, but two of the exact car I'm looking for exists in your area (with the new Nav) none are in the bay area. I'll contact Fladeboe and see if they have one or can make a trade. How do you like it so far? Did you get pkg 3 or 4?


    Does anyone know of any new incentives for 2005?
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103


    Are you sure they are DVD based? If so, does it support Bluetooth and touch screen?


  • rob222rob222 Posts: 49
    Did you go through with deal? That sounds perfect to me. 04 or 05? The is totally loaded, through 4zone, heated rear seets, and auto suspension Did you get to pick your colors?


    I love the black and teal mix. What part of the country do you live in? Where do I sign?
  • Hey jts and trojan-


    I just bought a 2005 V8 black with Teak with Premium package and loaded at Fladeboe. They gave me a great price that would not be beat anywhere else and did not jerk me around 1 bit. Dennis and Sean there were GREAT.


    By the way, the car is a dream!. The air suspension, premium package, and the V8 make it all worth it.
  • Sorry about that - yes it is a 2005....fully loaded. Only tihng it doesnt have is Onstar. Auto suspension is nice and the air suspension DOES make a difference. I live in Orange County is CA and bought it from Fladeboe in Irvine. Dennis Bigham and Sean Oneil did not jerk me around one bit while other dealers tried to play all the games. Highly recommend giving them a call.
  • trojantrojan Posts: 4


    So far I love driving the Touareg. My previous car was an Acura Integra, so being able to still drive somewhat aggressively is great.


    I bought the V8 with package 3 and parking control. No regrets.


    Waiting until the DVD nav was available may have been nice, but for tax reasons I couldn't wait. I rarely put music CDs in the in-dash player (the 6-disc changer is better for when I'm driving); I wasn't overly concerned. I assume that nav technology, like computers, will continue to improve significantly every year, so there's no point in waiting for the next best thing.
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