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Volkswagen Touareg Prices Paid



  • I just visited the local dealer last weekend. The price they offered was invoice price + 0% APR for 2012 model. The invoice for V6 LUX is a little over $46,000. Is this a good price?
  • I am currently chosing between 2012 Touareg TDI and Acura MDX. While there is a fairly lively discussions about MDX prices, I don't see much going on regarding Touareg prices. Anyone purchased 2012 TDI w/Nav lately? What are the deals here?
  • Just picked up my Touareg Lux from Fairfax, VA. MSRP $50,780, didn't even have floor mats for a 50k car, but there's not many Touareg Lux in the DC area, so I had to go for it.

    worked out to be:
    $41,900 Price
    $875 Freight
    $400 Processing (What BS, but i didn't want to negotiate no more)
    + TTL
    total was $46,700 OTD that's including 6% Maryland tax. This dealer was $200 cheaper than all the other ones i had gone to, let's hope this Touareg will serve me well, didn't get warranty though... might regret this
  • I test-drove both and strongly preferred TDI to gas. The lowest 2 offers for TDI Sport with Nav I got were at 44.5K - above my limit for a new car purchase, but not unreasonable IMHO. I will give it another month or two to see if the dealers will cough up any additional savings, especially with more powerful 2013 TDIs in horizon.
  • It appears Edmunds lists the TDI models eligible for 60-mo, 0% financing although all dealers fiercely deny this. Can anyone shed the light on the correctness of financing details posted on Edmunds? Who should I speak to verify this?
  • Just purchased a 2012 TDI w/Nav for 44K. Was also able to get 0% financing with $0 down, 66 months. Is it a good deal?
  • Hi,

    Did you finance it or just buy it in cash? Do you still remember the salesman's name?
  • 0% financing for 66 months. Purchased at Balise VW in West Warwick, RI. Dealt directly with GM. For further details - please PM. This was the last TDI Sport on their lot at the time (1 week ago), but check the inventory with - you should be able to find a similar or better deal.
  • tvevans1tvevans1 Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    Just leased a 2013 TDI Lux...negotiated price of $50,250....did a one time lease payment of $22K which equates to $584 a month plus tax. Pretty happy with the deal and the vehicle. Not a nickle out of pocket, 15K miles per year.
  • Just purchased 2012 Touareg for $36k. Absolutely love the car so far.
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