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Maserati Quattroporte 2005+



  • mickylmickyl Posts: 14
    Thanks, PRK, for your detailed explanation. I have told my sales advisor that I am having a civil war raging on internally between my passion for the car and my logical thinking going against it.

    I would love to ask you more questions about the quality of the car, which is one of my main concerns. Short of putting you under oath (just kidding), could you tell me what you think of the quality of the car? I have heard so much about the clutch problem, which suggests that it gets blown apart within 10,000 miles? Could you confirm that?

    Also, I am currently driving a CLK430 convertible and would like to know if I should trade it in or keep it?

  • drwag1drwag1 Posts: 7
    After 7 month and 15000 kilometers driving QP no problems and have a lot of fun.
    drwagn :) :) :)
  • murrayrmurrayr Posts: 7
    Sorry to be a spoil sport, but I'd pass for now. After owning two Qs and legnthy discussions with service folks, I am convinced there is a design flaw in the current transmission/engine arrangement. That aside, the technology also lags in this car. The GPS is "ok", but far below that in the other luxury cars. Also there is no blue tooth technology for linking your cell, which is as much an indication as an annoyance.

    My second Q has had transmission and computer problems to the point I am seeking a settlement with the company. The dealers are great and passionate about this product. And your instincts are correct, it SHOULD be a car to be passionate about. Unless you have several other cars and can tolerate the disappointment; look elsewhere.
  • mickylmickyl Posts: 14
    Thank you very much, Murray, for your honest and direct opinion. I found your input to be very helpful in my decision of giving up Maserati for now. I will go with MB S550, until such time when Maserati improves its quality. I certainly don't want my passion for a car to erode my demand for quality. I just do not wish to believe that beauty and quality cannot co-exist. Maserati will need to do better or they will be facing the same demise as before.

    Thanks again.
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87

    This car looked GREAT on Season 2 of "Entourage". Sad to hear that such a beautiful and $100K+ car has so many technology/reliabilty/quality issues.

    Best wishes all and Happy 4th!!!
  • murrayrmurrayr Posts: 7
    Hi. I actually have exactly that color combination. In my on-going saga, I just returned from a brief trip to LA only to have the check engine light come on again. This with the probable need for still another throw-out bearing, puts the car over the top for me.

    Anyone want a super deal on a used......
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    murray - that's a sin for a $50K car let alone a $100K+ car. this is why i stick with my boring but bulletproof Lexus, despite my Italian heritage!

  • bdeblancbdeblanc Posts: 1
    Hello: I'm researching whether to purchase or possibly lease a maserati. Before I get myself completely attached I need to know: does owning a masarati mean that you are going to spend a fortune in maintenance and upkeep? Ie. does it cost hundreds of dollars for a simple 3000 mile oil change? I would expect it to be a bit more than the local Jiffy Lube's prices, but would appreciate any info. or guidance. Thanks!
  • murrayrmurrayr Posts: 7
    Dear bdeblanc the oil and lube are the least of your worries. I just had my 4th transmission fix in two Qs. Maserati has taken the low road by announcing they will not cover the replacement of a clutch in this car and the dealers do not disclose that this is a wear item. No, it's not an automatic transmission.

    If you can spare 2400 every 5-10k miles, you can afford the oil.

    Have you seen the Aston Martin Vantage?

    You are quite welcome,,,,,
  • Hi all,

    I'm glad this message board is going on strong.

    I have a few questions and concerns.

    I own a 2005 Q and have only 4500 miles on it. Well, it's at the dealer now and they're telling me I need new tires on the rear. For godsake I only drive it on average 8 miles a day and with day to day speeds not exceeding 40 mph. What is going on here? Is there a better tire choice than whats on it stock? What have your dealers/service people told you about the tires? I've seen people complain about having to replace it at 8-12k miles. I would love to have that much mileage before needing replacement. I don't drive it hard and I don't do burnouts.

    Thank you all in advance,

    John B.
  • paxtonkpaxtonk Posts: 49
    I can't speak for all dealers but the following is an example:

    6,000 mile service $659
    18,000 miles service $1,086
    31,000 miles ervice $1,794

    1st year - $856
    2nd year - $1,105
    3rd year - $1,202

    Example, you drive 6,000 miles in 1st year your cost would be $659 + $856.

    Hope this helps.
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    I had around 11K miles when I replaced the rear tires. The front ones were still good at that time. I heard that this is a typical milage for any high-performance tires.
  • Thanks,

    What type of tires come on the Q stock? Pirelli Rossos? I don't know because mine is in the shop. Also what other tires are good that will last longer for the 19" wheels? Thank you
  • drwag1drwag1 Posts: 7
    Even on very plain roads my QP is driving a little bit to the right. Everyone have the same problem and what will be the solution?
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    Yes, they are Pirelli Rossos. Sorry for the delay: I missed your question.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Anyone purchased a QP within the last few weeks? Just test drove a Nero base sedan today - what a ride. Was considering the AM V8 more. Curious to see what others have paid. The subvented lease program that Maserati is offering thru the end of the month was an attraction. MSRP $ 116,215 - they came down to $ 110,500. Should I be looking for more? Lease for 36 months/10K/yr (including tax) was around $ 2,100, with no money down and no security deposit. Spoke with a client who used to be a dealer in the 1980's Biturbo-era - said that there is around $ 25K markup in the car. My local dealer had 5 '06's and 2 '07's. DuoSelect is unbelievable - I figure it would take me about a month to drive it smoothly. I was surprised at the amount of low-end torque on the car. Any help on the price issue would be appreciated! I really want this car!!
  • paxtonkpaxtonk Posts: 49
    Not $25k, maximum difference between msrp and invoice is about $12-13 depending on MSRP. Sounds like your dealer has a few which means they aren't moving quickly and they are probably looking to sell the 2006's they have before more of the 2007's begin to arrive. Where are you located that they have so many?
  • 07burb07burb Posts: 2
    Boston area. I spoke with a client/dealer who told me at the auctions, he saw an average mileage (12-15k) 05 going for around 77K. 06's were around 80-83K. I believe the warranty is 4 yr/50, which makes getting an 05 or used 06 model not such a dicey proposition. Saving $30,000 in depreciation buying preowned could pay for more than a few repairs. Im going back and forth on I get a new 06 for the "new" factor, or try to find one at auction. Obivously, buying new doesn't make sense from a financial standpoint, but to take a $25-30,000 haircut when you drive it off the lot (even when you can afford a $100K plus car) is unsettling. I'm not considering any other make/model. Any thoughts out there?
  • paxtonkpaxtonk Posts: 49
    If you don't mind having your car in service a bit or you only plan to drive it during the weekends then go ahead with the 2005. The problem with getting these cars from the auction is you don't know what kind of condition it is in, ask yourself why would this almost brand new 2006 be at an auction? We are paying around $10k under invoice for a pre-owned 2006 from a previous customer not auction.
  • Here's the problem. With Maserati not supporting the clutch, it's a 3k crap shoot every 6-8k miles.

    As stated before, they took back my first and put two clutches and a 'torque tube' (driveshaft in this.

    Yes it looks great and, when problem free runs as well as any sports car. Would I do it again, probably not worth the hassle.

    Look at the new four door Aston Martin....
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