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Maserati Quattroporte 2005+



  • bjl123bjl123 Posts: 7
    Hi vk00,
    How is your new QP performing and which model did you go for and in what colour. Took mine back to Italy last month for a run and got pulled by the Italian Autoroute Police doing 155 mph. They said 'Bello Maccina' and then told me to turn my lights on if I wished to go that fast!!!!. and then wished me a good trip. I love Italian Police. Have clocked over 8000 mls in 4 months so far and can't get enough of it. No Problems but did find out from the main agents in Perugia that it is essencial to have the front wheel geometry checked whenever you have front wheel balance because on the Sport GT with the 20" wheels the rim takes a good bit of the shock load and in turn can upset the geometry if you hit a particularly large pothole. Not many of those in Italy, I wish !!!
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    Hi bjl123,

    I bought Sport GT, but with 19" wheels. Kind of unusual combination, but I had to pick up one of the cars that they had in stock, or the deal would not work. I actually like it: the 20" wheels could have been too stiff. I tried several models. The dealer told me that Executive one has slightly softer suspension than regular, and Sport GT slightly firmer. I do not know. You have to be Schumacher to tell the difference.

    The color is as my old one -- Neptuno Blue and I like it. This car also had wood interior rather than graphite that is standard for Sport GT, and I found it better, too. One option that I do not have now is the comport seats with massage, etc. I can say that I do not miss it. I never used massage or adaptive feature: it distracts from driving. The only useful one was the perforated seat with AC, but it was very weak anyway and I can live without it.

    The last difference that this car did not have the rear side curtains, but the dealer tinted the windows and it looks perfect. I advice everyone to tint the windows, to same strange reason Maserati does not offer this option in US.

    The car feels great, no problems so far (600 miles).
  • paxtonkpaxtonk Posts: 49
    This sounds a bit strange not having the 20" wheels. The Sport GT comes from the factory with the 20" wheels and if it has something smaller you should have received a credit for the less expensive wheel. Are the disc brakes drilled? If they aren't then I think the dealer pay have just put the "Sport GT" logo on the side.
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    Yes, it came originally with 20" wheels. But someone was buying an Executive (that came with 19") and wanted 20". So they swapped the wheels. I did not mind. And there is not much credit that I could demand. There is no model on which you can upgrade from 19" to 20" (or vice versa), so the relative value is unknown.

    The disk brakes are drilled OK.
  • bjl123bjl123 Posts: 7
    Hi vk00 and paxtonk
    In the UK it is not uncommon to order a Sport GT with 19" wheels as a no cost option due to the crap roads we have. I also chose the wood (walnut) as opposed to the carbon (which looks like plastic anyway)and biege leather with alcantera all wrapped in Palladio but with the 20" wheels. As for massage seats and the like, what a waste of money, I'd rather spend it on fuel<img
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    One more observation. My 2005 QP also had the Sport/Regular switch of course. But its only noticeable effect was the word "Sport" appearing on the display. In the 2007 model I actually can feel the difference. And since the roads near NY are probably even crapier than bjl123 is complaining, I very often turn it off and get a much smoother ride.
  • askvalueaskvalue Posts: 1
    I am about to buy 2006 QP base model. I want to know whether all three models of 2006 QPs (Base, Sport GT, Executive GT) have received revised and software upgrade in gear box? I am worried that only sport GT got the faster gear change on sport mode. Is there any actual improvement in Gear changing and transmission on 2006 QP compare to former one?

    Also I found the "Fifth Gear" review about the QP Sport GT. They comment that QP GT made a improvement on changing the reverse gear to drive to backward. Was it really difficult to change the reverse gear on former model?
  • Hello,

    I have a Black 2005 QP and just this summer I noticed that there were some micro bubbles coming up from the paint. We had it wetsanded etc. and the little pock marks/bubbles in the paint went away. Now a week later the same exact bubbles/pock marks have appeared in the paint again. Does anyone have the same problem or have heard of issues with the paint from Maserati? We thought it was sap at first but it would not come out and so that's why we had it wet sanded to take off a layer of clear coat. It appears to be starting from inside the paint. The spots are mostly on the hood and top of the car.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. We are taking it to Maserati soon to have them look at it but I'm sure they will try to brush us off unless there's any documentation of others with similar problems with the paint.

    BTW, the car is parked in a garage at home and work so it is unlikely the problem is from an outside source.

    Thank you,

  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    About to pull the trigger on a 07 base DuoSelect, with an MSRP of the dealer down to 106000. Not sure if I can do better; they say they are almost at invoice. I find hard to believe, but there are no invoice prices listed anywhere for Maserati! I drove the auto trans, and its smooth (come to find out, its very similar to the one in my 750i) - but I came away bored. I know....I may be asking for trouble, but I am hearing less horror stories now about the 2006 & 2007 transmission problems (replacement clutches at 2000 miles, etc.) Any input would be helpful! BTW ... Blu Nettuno w/Cuoio, a very nice combination IMO!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sounds nice! I can't help you with the deal, but I'd love to see pictures when/if you pull it off. :)
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    I have almost 2000 miles on the new 2007 Sport GT (with DuoSelect). Before that I had 2005 for just over 2 years. I noticed that shifting gear is slightly smoother on the 2007 model (both in sport and normal modes), but the difference is not drastic. I never had any problems with shifting to reverse, nor heard about anyone having them.

    I also did not have any problems with the paint. Though I keep the car in the garage at night, it is parked outside during the day, so it had a lot of rain/sun/snow exposure.
  • Hi Ken,

    I have been considering purchasing a used 2006 QP. I have been seeing them go for in the low $60k's..What are your thoughts of how reliable it should be? I live in Los Angeles so finding a dealer for service won't be a problem. I just worry that these L.A. dealers will really give it to you good for anything they do. Maybe there is a user group with inde repair shops.

    Thank you,
  • cheapobobcheapobob Posts: 2
    Yes, what is the deal with the great deals for '06 QP's. Some of these have extremely low mileage. Are these so unreliable that it is ridiculous to think that you're buying anything but a headache?
  • fabricatfabricat Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how I can get manufacturer information on what changes/upgrades may have been made to the original 2005 QP by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or by internal Maserati codes?

    I'm looking at a 2005 with 17K mi. It has new tires and will be due for a major service (I believe) at 18K. It does leak something (probably oil, not coolant).

    What kind of problems/costs should I expect, and is there a fix for the trans/clutch issue?

    Many thanks.
  • nickelrevnickelrev Posts: 5
    i am in the process of buying a 2005 quattroporte with 6,000 miles !! can i purchase an extended warranty through a maserati dealership , i am purchising it from a private seller and the warranty is up in ayear !! also what is exactly covered with the warranty? thanks for the help !! p.s. from what ive been reading i hope the clutch is covered !!
  • nickelrevnickelrev Posts: 5
    im also looking at an 2007 same color combo got the dealer down to 76000 with 11,000 miles !! decent price i guess considering the orig msrp !! i agree amazing color combo what do think of that price !! thanks
  • nickelrevnickelrev Posts: 5
    hey was wondering if you ever pulled the trigger on that 07 quattroporte i am looking at the same exact car preowned and wondering if you can give me any info since youve owned it !! pros and cons would be appreciated !! thanks !!!
  • Maserati Lottery ?

    Well, i did play on the Oneluckyeuro lottery (1 euro to get 1 Maserati).

    At the end of the day, it seams one of the best ways not to waste all my savings and yet, have chances to Get a Maserati GT !
  • Just purchased a pre-owned Maser Quattroporte. Pick it up tomorrow. Can't wait. Any driving tips for a first time owner? How does it run best? Also - any accessories that really make sense? Thanks.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 643
    I'd be mighty suspicious of a used car.

    Good luck.
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