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Chevrolet Malibu Meet the Owners



  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020

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  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    Hello to all my name is Javi,

    Me and wife just picked up a 2002 Chevy Malibu LS yesterday. We love the Malibu it has 24,000 miles with the remainder of the GM Warranty, Burgundy color, sunroof/moonroof (don't know really what the difference is?) fog lights, factory spoiler in the trunk (which gives it the sporty look, alloys (not the cheap hubcaps), daytime running lights, CD & Cassette system with the RDS feature, the only thing missing would of been the leather interior.

    We got for it for around 12k, I think we got a decent deal. I will be posting pictures of it real soon. I'm an Oldsmobile Aurora owner, listed here in the Oldsmobile Club also.

  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Just wanted you all to know that in addition to my buying a Maxx this week, wpharry is also buying one since the rebates now meet his expectations. I also hear that regfootball may also be buying one in the near future. This car is catching on. I'm glad I got mine in the medium gray metallic before these guys grabbed it!!
  • jess33jess33 Posts: 13
    Taking delivery on my MAXX today. Very happy with the price, with the rebates, GM Card, and a coupon from GM (they aknowledged my 02 RDV was a lemon and gave me money off sticker to unload it), this was a no-brainer. The car is beautiful, it has all the bells and whistles, except for On-Star and XM. I purchased the GM PP warranty at cost(a family member is a GM employee) that was a must, 6 yrs, 100,000 bumper to bumper,$0 ded, given my experience with the first year RDV the warranty is worth the money. This car is so much nicer than the RDV and my payment comes in lower! I've found the posts in the Maxx forum very helpful, especially changing the headrests, I almost didn't buy the car because the front head rest really bugged me. I'll post detailed $$ info in the prices paid forum.
  • bonnie0372bonnie0372 Posts: 26
    Hi I am a former and current owner of a Malibu. I traded in a 1998 for a 2004. So far no major problems. I had a few with the 98 but nothing that couldnt be fixed by my mechanic husband!!! Just wanted to say I love the 2004's room inside...I also get so many compliments about the style and color of my Malibu (Sport Metallic Red). The only thing I notice about the car so far is that it seems to have a small rough idle at times...and a noise sometimes at accelerating in the steering wheel..does anyone else have that? My dealer says it is nothing to worry about! If anyone else is having problems. I chose the Malibu because I love the look and feel of the ride! It looks so sporty to me (2004). I don't regret purchasing my baby!!!!!
  • jmax4jmax4 Posts: 22
    My Malibu Maxx has had rough idle from time to time (6 to 8 times within the last three months). I took it to the dealership to check the computer, but they did not find any code indicating that something is wrong (3,650 miles).
  • bonnie0372bonnie0372 Posts: 26
    Hmmm interesting that you are having the same problem with your Malibu (MAXX)...the dealer put my car on the computer too and found nothing wrong. When the AC is on it runs fine!! Maybe this is just how the Malibus run!!! They did find something wrong with the Steering Column though...there was some type of vibration or something...that is being fixed once the part comes in! My car only has alittle over 300 miles on it...I hope this isnt only the beginning of my problems with this car...I will be devastated! Oh there was also a recall on the ABS System. So if you own a 2004 Malibu CALL YOUR DEALER!!!!!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Recall is for all 04 Malibus...the dealer will reprogram the ABS controller..appears the system can calculate a higher than actual vehicle speed fi there is an erratic rear wheel speed sensor signal...could cause the system to activate for 1.25 seconds to 2.5 seconds depending on the grade of the road resulting in a increase of stopping distance of up to 11.4 feet...all per the letter....also going to install a retainer in the front safety belt connector as a result of the recent government side impact tests......all of this is a GM drected recall and not a gov recall.....

    still a very happy Maxx LT owner!
  • bonnie0372bonnie0372 Posts: 26
    Thank you I knew about the recalls. My car is going back in the shop AGAIN this week...for the steering column I will have them do the seat belt recall too...the ABS Recall has already been done. I wish I could say I am happy MALIBU owner!! So far nothing but problems (not the recalls) with my NEW MALIBU. I had a 1998 and didnt have all the problems I have. I hope the "bugs" are just getting worked out of my new car. Because I really like it!!!!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867

    have you got the 04 sedan or the Maxx....what kinda of problems are you are you having with the car...share with us..the problems you are having....and remember the lemon laws do least here in VA of luck
  • bonnie0372bonnie0372 Posts: 26
    I have the '04 Malibu LS....well lets see the car has less then 500 miles on it and it has been in and out of the shop for a ROUGH IDLE...when I am stopped at a light it seems like it is going to stall....and there is a front end shimmy (which they say is caused by a steering column problem) which they are fixing this week. The rough idle problem was addressed last week and I was told that there is nothing wrong with it...because NO CODES came up when they put it on the "machine". Beleive me I am starting to think I brought a LEMON!!! Hahahahh!! If anyone has any suggestions about what can be causing the ROUGH IDLE...maybe they can tell me so I can TELL the TECHNICIANS what to check for since they don't seem to know! Thanks.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    sorry to hear about the might want to post this one over in the problems and solution discussion well..for more help
  • bonnie0372bonnie0372 Posts: 26
    I will do that right now. Thank you!!!
  • fanofgmfanofgm Posts: 12
    just signed up this evening. My wife and I just bought a 04 Malibu LT, silver green, very sharp. Traded in a 2000 Malibu LS, we liked it too but this new one is quite an improvment!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    welcome to the boards....pls post your experiences in the other forums as well....buying experience, mods, and of course problems...I think for the most part the majority of us are quite pleased and surprised with out new we just need to make believers out of the rest who dont have one!!!...Welcome again!
  • fanofgmfanofgm Posts: 12
    I start talking about our new car and what happens some idiot keys it! I got a call today from my wife on her cell phone. She was almost crying. It is BAD. They keyed all over the trunk and spoiler, it made me ill to look at. And we aren't talking about pulling out the Sears buffer and everything is ok, someone really dug in with a key. On an up note my locking gas cap came in today at the dealer, so i drove it over and showed them the damage. They aren't busy so i take it in thursday. I get a rental Malibu from enterprise and i thought well thats ok... then i come to find out it's the "classic" I just got rid of that bodystyle! Not that i hated it but after just over a week I've really gotten use to seeing that fancy Silver Green Malibu with temp tags sitting in the garage. I'll keep you all updated, i get the estimate tomorrow
  • mfletouvamfletouva Posts: 166
    What an incredibly crappy thing to do. My family has always been big into politics and my mom has some political bumper stickers and what not on her car, and as a result its been keyed a number of times. Classy moves. Of course, its made her more defiant and she won't take any of it off, and I can't resent putting a political sticker on my car either...and no doubt my new Maxx will have a nice, simple sticker going on there this summer in preparation for November too...

    But anyway, thats such a terrible thing to do and I really hope its fixed cheaply. They really do a great job with the fixes, you should not even notice when its fixed.
  • breetai52breetai52 Posts: 91
    must have had an enemy. One day he went out to his car and the ENTIRE car was keyed. Every panel was keyed with big swirls. The doors almost had no paint on them. Unfortunately this was before digital cameras so I have no pictures :(
  • fanofgmfanofgm Posts: 12
    well we there are digital camera's and i still don't have one, however i do have a scanner so we'll see what happens, HA! You bring up a good point about the bumper stickers but my wifes car has nothing of that sort on it, the only "non stock thing" on it is a "8" stikcer the the corner of the window (we like NASCAR) So who knows perhaps a random act or targeted by those who hate Dale Jr. I'll have the estimate later today, the body shop at our Chevy dealership is very good, had something done there to our last Malibu.
  • Jerry: Check out my message #4010 under chevrolet malibu about the headrest.
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