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Chevrolet Malibu Meet the Owners



  • tfbrtfbr Posts: 4
    Bonnie -- if you read my latest (and only) post you might think I'm directing my comments soley at you and that I'm minimizing your situation. I'm not. When I composed my comments I didn't even realize it would be positioned immediately after yours, which I read last week, until I re-read your request for assistance by viewing recent comments. I know how emotional a car purchase is, and that *any* problem is aggravating, especially one where an immediate resolution isn't in sight.

    However, a GM manager or exec that may be monitoring this site, IMHO, will be more accommodating to you if simply and calmly take the process to the next level (yes, easy for me to say when I don't have the problems you are having, and you don't know what that "next level" is, but still true in my experience with similar situations).

    I looked up your initial posts from June 24th regarding the idle problem when you only had 300 miles (probably less than a tank full of gas... bad gas could've been the culprit at that point) and it sounded like you were already despairing! Even though the problem still isn't resolved, and your latest response from GM wasn't helpful, it is early to be up in arms. I've had similar issues with other vehicles and over time a reputable vendor (which I believe GM to be) will take appropriate steps.

    One thing you might try to do the next time you take it to the dealership is to arrange for an A-B comparison (with the service manager present), where you both listen side-by-side of your vehicle and some new ones on the lot. This should provide an objective test. If there truly isn't anything wrong with your car, then the idle condition shouldn't vary significantly. I don't recall if your problem was intermittent, in which case this might be more difficult to do, but I hope this helps.
  • Tfbr-
    Thanks for your input. And you are right No I dont know what the next level is!!! I realize that someone from GM or someplace may be monitoring this website..and I would hope they would be more than happy to help me out. Please do not get me wrong. I am not putting CHEVY down.(or trying not to)..I love my car...all besides the rough idle and I guess because of the money that I am paying for the car I guess I just want it to be perfect! Thanks again for everyones input with this.
  • Try a different dealer.

    My experience with a "problem" on my 2004 Malibu was as follows:

    The dealer applied window tint to the rear window. This is SOP for all vehicles they sell.
    The 2004 Malibu, with both a defogger and an antenna in the rear window, thus gets a third conductor. The window tint, a third conductor, allows the defogger to short to the antenna. This enables the antenna to add interference from the ignition system to the AM radio output. That's a cute trick if you don't have a tachometer, but listening to the spark plugs while trying to get my daily programming from Rush lacks efficiency.
    Anyway, I took it to another dealer first to diagnose the problem. They told me that the tint was shorting the antenna to the defogger, and that removing the tint would be the solution. The tint was not a factory item, so they would not remove the tint without charging me a fee. They recommended that I take the car to the original dealer and have them remove the tint.
    I took the car to the original dealer and told them my story. They disagreed, as in their experience of putting tint on every car this complaint was unique. They decided to replace the rear window, which they did not have in stock. A week later, I took it back to the original dealer and got the brand new rear window, gratis, and another tint job. This did not stop the problem, which was that the AM radio reception was collecting interference from the ignition system. Finally, they admitted that maybe the tint was the problem, and they removed the tint. That fixed the problem. To me it was no cash lost, and only a little inconvenience. The original dealer was close to my workplace and the other dealer was close to my house.

    The original dealer is owned by an out-of-state corporation, and the other dealer is owned by the same family which started selling cars 80 years ago.

    If you do take your car to another dealer, simply present your complaint, and let them discover what the problem might be. Do not tell them your long story about previous dissatisfaction.

    If another dealer is too inconvenient to you, try this: Take your car back to your dealer and speak to the service manager. Politely explain that this new car idles rough. It shouldn't.

    Now, if you're coming to this Malibu after years of driving Lexus's, maybe you'll think it's rough. I don't and my 2003 Malibu and my 2004 Malibu with V-6 engines do not idle rough.
  • Well, my daughter drove her 2003 Malibu into a Suburban at very low speed. The Sub wasn't even scratched, but the Malibu needed over $2000 worth of repairs to replace the bumper, grill, light, hood, and assorted stuff. She's 18 now, and has learned to pay her insurance premiums and her deductibles. She's good to go.
  • Hey there Jeromeb-
    Thanks for your input. Believe it or not, I have been dealing with the Service Manager at the dealership...and he is the one saying that the rough idle is NOTHING. He believes that if a code does not come up on it...NOTHING is wrong with it. The idle is still there but I am just so tired of not having my car..I will wait until the car goes in for something else and bring up the ROUGH IDLE situation ONCE AGAIN!!!! Thanks again for your input. Greatly appreciated!
  • Congrats on the new MAXX jess33,

         I picked mine up 2 1/2 weeks ago and I think
    it may be the best car I have ever owned. I had a 2000 Malibu base model before and it went 80K miles without a hitch but with no bells and whistles. I got my loaded LS MAXX (remote start,
    1SB pkg, etc... in Navy Blue with neutral interior and beige pintripe. With the $3500 rebate, the GMAC $1000rebate, and the GM Supplier discount I bought a $23,185 stickered car for
    $16,700. They also did an extended warranty to 80K miles with a $100 deductable after 36K for $720 (12 bucks a month !) It is very fast, great riding and handling, and has all the bells and whistles I need. The room is incredible and the flexibility of the rear seating is ingenious.
    Hats off to Chevy for coming up with a true Accord and Camry killer, I always knew they could do it!
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
         I am considering buying a Malibu Sedan, LS, and would like to hear from current owners about the power adjustable pedals.
         I remember reading somewhere that a person had more vibration due to power adjustable pedals. I think it was on her Toyota. The service manager told her that she was getting vibration because the pedals aren't firmly attached to the car structure.
         Are you Malibu owners finding more vibration with/power adjustable pedals--especially on the highway? I have sciatica, and that could really lead to back pain for me.
         I would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    he,he, he....never trust what a service manager tells, I have not had any problem with the pedals, nor can I understand the vibration issue.
  • Being a Virgo, Presbyterian, Scottish and a Professor ... where do think that my $$ will go?

    After over 40 years of car ownership and over 24 cars, mostly new, I'm still excited by learning new car stuff. Recent experiences tok us through Maxima, Toyotas (4), Lincoln, TBird, etc. It's been almost 20 years since my last GM, - so this year we bought a 2004 Impala LS and a Malibu LT(ISB). I drive the Pal and my wife drives the Bu, - I use it when I "may". I've done 24,000 kms this year and she's done 7.000, - so far, no big issues.

    My Toyota experiences were all great ... the cars, the dealer, the value. However, my testing, research and evaluations encouraged us to "go Chevy". And, we are truly impessed with these new products: the Pal for it's "everything-works-well" profile, and the Bu for it's "wow!" factor. Many of our peer group are surprized and then impressed ,, I think that many of them will seriously consider these cars,

    I really enjoy all your comments , - great reading, ...AND kudos to Karen, ... nice work!!
  • ssmaxxssmaxx Posts: 13
    i bought my maxx in June in Ohio i use it to travel between sanford Florida and brooklyn ny the car so far has been great its like have some one with you watching out . climate control xm traction signal light reminder auto lights wiper speed senseti radio speed sensitive dvd surround sound'comfterble seating headlights are supper bright yes my rear sun visor drove me nuts until i stuck the handle part in the slot they wher done.and the slight whine on the shift on hard exseleration itjust lets me know im getting on it which im not afraid to do iwish the doors locked themselves but i guess alot of pepole wouldn't like that but in brooklyn id like it.all in all its grate so far so ive named after my last great car a 10 sec 1971 chevelle SS with 454ci 450 hp vitar tranny 411 gears sunburt orange strips white interior my maxx is white with tan leather and yes now it has stripes check me at photo gallery. its a pleasure to meet you all between all of us well keep the maxxs getting better
  • Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

    Exactly 3 months ago, I bought a new '04 Silverado. After adding a few goodies (which every p/u truck owner must do), I decided it was not the right vehicle for me. However, since the truck deal amounted to about $8,000 off sticker, coupled with dealers desperate for l1th hour sales to close out the year, I guessed that we would not get burned too badly on the trade.

    We made the deal for a white '04 Maxx LS, and we are feeling very optimistic about the vehicle.

    My commuter car for the past 8.5 years has been a '96 Contour. Nothing has ever failed on this car (now with 163,000 miles and still averaging 33 mpg) but I'm getting tired of driving a 5-speed.

    It would be SUPER if the MAXX comes as close reliability-wise.

  • hi karen:my name is dan,i bought my 98 malibu for my wife since she cant drive a stick shift,my car a 1989 jetta diesel w/over 250,000 mi.both cars bought my jetta,but not completely happy w/my malibu.all problems i hear about are starting to happing to me.i driv this,or both,cars with the utmost care,ie no accelrating on conering,lift up on gas pedal to shift tranny,oil change on scedule ect,ect.
    like to rap with others on d.i.y.repairs.
    thanks for the welcome,
  • thank you for your post.i agree with you a 98 bu & have had better
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Cobalt is from the Cavalier. I came over from the Elantra and found the Elantra+Elantra hatch boards to both be useful. Everything's mixed up together here, so I stay mostly with the Maxx boards since that's all new platform.

    FWIW, my only experience with the original 'bu was a rental car or two--despite the size difference, far less useful room and amenities than my '01 Elantra.

    Not so with the Maxx. Looks a bit like a giant Chevette from the outside, but WONDERFUL from the inside. I hope that owners of 98's and earlier aren't deterred from looking at the new ones. I do realize that from the reliability end of things, they got the original platform cleaned up by the end of the run, so an '04 Classic might be more reliable than a '04 'Bu/Maxx. From a point of amenities and ergonomics they're night and day however.

    I have a friend (since moved) who bought the original 'bu twin Olds Cutlass. Ditched it after several months because of the basic design flaws that became more and more evident. I'm sure he'd never look at the revised vehicle because of the similar styling clues. He'd be making a big mistake.
  • "Looks a bit like a giant Chevette..."
    That's funny. Back in '83, my wife bought an Escort 2-door hatch. That little bump out just below the hatch window sure does remind me of the Escort. In fact some friends were joking that it looked like a Stretch-Cort.
  • billymaxxbillymaxx Posts: 12
    I just bought my '05 Maxx LT w/ sunroof in Feb. and am extremely pleased with it. I am 32 (wife 27) and have no kids yet but could not get over how many features you get with this vehicle for such a reasonable price. You would not be able to get all of the LT standard features (heated/leather seats, heated side mirrors, adjustable pedals, spoiler, rear wiper, remote start, etc.) on a comparable vehicle for the price. My wife has a 2001 Malibu LS and I remember saying the same thing when she bought it.

    I have driven through 2 snow storms (here in the NYC metro area, 4 - 6 inches is considered a "snow storm" LOL :-)) and it handled like a champ. I had 2 vehicles skidding and sliding around me but my Maxx just held tight to the road with no skidding noted.

    I have not seen many Maxx's on the road either but that is OK with me. I like having a "unique" vehicle. :-) A week before I bought mine I did talk to one couple in a Maxx who happened to be parked. They had a 2004 and had nothing but good things to say about it. The man joked about how the car would be perfect for someone in a band who needed to transport amps/guitars/drums etc.

    One of the selling points of the Maxx was the increased leg room in the rear. My wife's aunt/uncle have one and we rode in the back seat along with her brother. I am 6'1", my wife is 5'11" and my brother-in-law is 6'2" and we fit comfortably in the back. I think that ride in the back seat is the reason that the Maxx was on my list of cars to consider when I finally bought one. My one buddy always said "What do you care what the legroom in the back is. You will be driving, won't you?" He told me this as I was riding in the back seat of his Honda Civic with my knees up to my nose. LOL I guess I am a little more considerate of my passengers than he is.

    I am loving the fold down front seat. My first trip to the Home Depot had me bringing back 10 2x4's that were 8 feet long. I measured and saw that I could have fit 9' boards and still been able to close the hatch. And being that this is a hatchback with no rear deck, there was no awkward maneuvering to get the 2x4's to go through the trunk into the cabin like you would have with a standard car with fold down back seats. I have driven too many times with a 2x4 hanging out a window or being used as an armrest because the board had to be place between the front seats in order to fit.

    Add me to the happy Maxx owner's club.

  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    My one buddy always said "What do you care what the legroom in the back is. You will be driving, won't you?"

    yeah, I've heard that lots of times. Your reply is supposed to be: since you don't care about the back seats, why did you buy a car with them??
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    ....and to quote the author: "that was a plain vanilla dull writeup".
  • Surprising the article did not say which Malibu was tested (the 4-cyl gets poorer mileage and performance than the 6-cyl).

    Yes, an Accord has some advantages. But its company/dealer arrogance (best wishes if you get a lemon!) and high theft target rating was too much extra baggage for me.
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