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Chevrolet Malibu: Problems & Solutions



  • bloggertbloggert Posts: 1
    my parking permit is usually in between the black rubber flap and the right rear door/window pane. unfortunately someone was playing with the window the other day and when i arrived at work i found that the permit was actually INSIDE the door! (basically they lowered the window, which dragged the permit beneath the window...and the only reason i can tell the permit's still there is when i move the window up and down i can see the "sticky marks" from the permit on the window) do i need to remove the entire door panel to get to the permit, or is there something easier i can do? (also can you completely lower the rear right window??)

    any help would be appreciated!
  • renterrenter Posts: 9
    I have rented a Malibu Maxx from Budget with no owners manual. I need to eliminate the horn honk that sounds whern i lock it using the key fob. Can any Maxx owner help by checking your owner's manual and posting the procedure in reply to this post? Thanks.
  • doombertdoombert Posts: 8
    Does the horn only beep when you press the lock button on the key fob twice? That's the way my 2004 Maxx works. I believe if you just hit the lock button once, it will have the same effect, just without the horn sounding.
    I also believe it can be disabled through the information console where the radio is, but I don't have my car or manual handy. I will check after work and post later, if no one else has replied by then.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    You are correct doombert, there are 2 levels of horn chirp on this vehicle when locking doors.

    If you are hearing the chirp on the first button press then you can turn this off using the Driver Information Center in radio. Just turn on the vehicle and press the MENU button until a menu item comes up which says LOCK HORN (I think this is 3rd or 4th one depending on vehicle). With that displayed just press and hold the ENTER button until the display changes from LOCK HORN ON ---> LOCK HORN OFF.

    You can do similar stuff for UNLOCK separately - along with other stuff as you can see.

    If renter is just noticing that the horn chirps after the LOCK button is pressed a second time then that is BY DESIGN operation and cannot be disabled. It is actually considered a feature which you can use as a quick method for locating vehicle. The fob has an actual LOCATE feature but that does 3 horn chirps.
  • renterrenter Posts: 9
    Thanks doombert - I am getting horn chirp on the first press of the lock button. e2helper explained and answered my question in #2136. You were very helpful.
  • renterrenter Posts: 9
    e2helper - thanks for the help - that solved the problem.
  • townhometownhome Posts: 104
    I know this is a month late, but my Toyota truck had a similar noise. It turns out it was something called a steering stop. They were little rubber things that cost about $2 plus $75 in labor to replace. And, as it turns out, I had to replace them every 5,000 miles or so to get the noise to stop. I don't think this is strictly a GM problem.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I just learned something else new. (The three chirp LOCATE function)

    How do you activate this feature?
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    It should be in your owner manual. What you think of as the PANIC button on the key fob actually has 2 functions. A "short" press gives you the 3 short chirp LOCATE function. A "long" press gives you the normal long chirp PANIC function.

    I would have tested this out to describe better but didn't want to annoy my wife :)
  • townhometownhome Posts: 104
    Remember, as I think e2helper has explained, that for early models, the radio presets are different for each key fob, so if someone is switching back and forth between key fobs, the radio station presets will change correspondingly. Also, I've had other cars that eject CD's at random if the CD is damaged or if the CD player gets too hot.
  • maxxolivermaxxoliver Posts: 78
    I did buy a Lemon :lemon: and GM bought it back just recently. I had the same problems with the stereo, they replaced it 4 times then in April they put an 05 stereo in it and that fixed that finally, there is a software problem apparently in the 04.
    I had an intake manifold oil leak, trouble with the sunshades, the DVD player failed, a headlight assembly filled full of water and had to be replaced, the AC fan had to be replaced with only 845 miles on the car, window trim was replaced, and several other things all within 6 months. This car had about every problem conceiveable. I love the car and wanted a new one without all these problems.
    I contacted New Motor Vehicle Board in Sacramento Ca and they helped me obtain a repurchase of that car. It took 8 months to complete. We have since purchased another Galaxy Silver MAXX LT fully loaded and so far so good. But it has only been a month.
    We bought the first one off the local chevy dealers lot. It was our very first ever brand new car. What an experience.
    See if you can get the dealer to order an 05 stereo not just a replacement and see if that works as well for you.
  • I don't understand. So many people experience the problem with the intake manifold and the ignition module yet GM doesn't issue a recall? Why is that...i have heard SOOO many people talk about how these things ALMOST ALWAYS go wrong on these cars...what is up with that?

    I have a 2001 malibu and am going through both of these things at the SAME TIME...only finding out that it's probably the ignition module and not the fuel pump a little too late --- having already bought the new replacement fuel pump...and chances are it's not even that problem. Oh well -- I guess we'll see tonight.... :sick:
  • I am hearing the same sounds with my car. Did you have it taken care of?
  • I bought my Malibu, used, a few months ago. Everything has been great so far, but I would really like to customize the stereo. I already a subwoofer and an amp, and an Alpine cda-9815 deck, all of which were in my last car. I've looked into it a bit and it looks like it would be a big hassle to remove the stock head unit, involving either mounting it in the back, or buying an expensive, $300 harness that could display the driver information centre info. I've decided to live with it, even though it means buying a $200 wire that will run from the cd changer input on the back of the stock stereo, creating a line-in that i could plug an ipod or md player or whatever into. Basically want to be able to play mp3's in my car.

    My question is, do you think it would be worth getting the subwoofer installed, and possibly upgrading the speakers, if I'm going to leave the stock head unit in? Would the sound quality be improved significantly? Also, I've read that some of the newer stock head units GM is producing come with an 1/8 inch line-in jack. I was wondering if the 2005 or the soon to be released 2006 malibu comes with this feature on the stereo, or if there is some other GM vehicle that has this feature, so i could possibly install a stereo made for that vehicle in my car. Any information anyone can give me regarding modifying the stereo in a 2004 Malibu would be much appreciated. If anyone has any experience with this, or if you have any suggestions/ideas i haven't considered, please give me a shout. Thanks!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    You might consider calling Crutchfield to find out how much they know about the sound system in the '04 Malibu. Sorry I don't have more helpful info, but it's an idea.
  • fabiophxfabiophx Posts: 2
    Thanks for the help, but you are talking about the ignition switch and not ignition module right?
    The ignition module , that one situade under the hod I've replaced already.
    So should I replace the ignition switch, only the middle where I put the key or should I replaced the hole thing, that plastic cover that is around the cilinder?
    Thanks for the help!!!!
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Thanks for the tip. I always read the manual when I buy a new vehicle, but I must've just missed that feature. I hear ya about annoying your wife. I'll test it out on our car when I get home from work tonight (might annoy the neighbors, but not the wife- our garage is well insulated from the rest of the house :P ).
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I am not sure how well that operation was described in owner manual - especially first printing of the 2004 manual which you might have.

    There were quite a few nuances in operation of keyless entry and content theft that weren't really covered.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    A recall of the intake maifold gasket would effect too many cars. You are talking jsut about all pushrod V6 over the past decade (take a look at the old forum archive here in Edmunds). It would probably be the biggest recall in history. And at about $400-$700 per repair......GM is banking that the gasket does not fail before the warranty ends.
  • I'ved looked into it and have decided it wouldn't be worth it to install the sub. Maybe a few months down the line I'll throw an amp in there and some new speakers, but thats about it. Right now I'm only worried about getting an auxillary input in there. So far I've found an adapter that plugs into the CD changer input on the back of the stereo, which goes for ~$175 CDN (thats around $145 US.) That's a little bit more than I'd like to pay. I haven't been able to find anything at all online that will work with the new style Malibu. If anyone has had any luck finding anything cheaper, please let me know. Also If anybody knows if the factory deck from one of the 2006 GM's with a built in 1/8th inch input might fit in my car that would be helpfull too. Sorry some of this information is repeated from my last post, I just wanted to be as clear as possible.
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