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Chevrolet Malibu: Problems & Solutions



  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    A Sable wagon and the shotty way I was treated by Ford management is the reason why my last 6 vehicles came from GM.
  • Some car magazines have said Maxx does have torque steer. I've noticed a little of it (and remember it does pull to left), but only if accelerating really hard. I've not seen it at low speeds.


    During the Chevy clinic I attended months ago, my impression was the factory folks were honest hard working folks trying to build a good car.


    I'll heed the advice from here just in case my maxx goes sour, but so far it's doing reasonably well.
  • I didn't say the Malibu was foreign...neither is the Mazda 6, Ford owns Mazda. Americans build The 6, and the $ stays in OUR country.

    Skyhawk, I work at AutoAlliance and am unaware of any problems with the Sable. I currently own a Continental, my husband leases a Mountaineer. Previous to that, our last 5 vehicles were made at "our" plant. All of them we drove 'til they had close to 200,000. We drive a lot, and I get bored having a car longer than 2-3 years. Calm down people I'm not saying all companies are not having problems, BUT the Malibu is having MORE than it's share.

    AND Joe, why would my Ford employee discount irk you? MY Daughter wanted the Malibu, certainly NOT me! NOW I want GM to take care of their problems. Would you expect any less from any other company?
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    >>AND Joe, why would my Ford employee discount irk you?<< My point is you complain about the high price of the Malibu when you could buy a Ford cheap. Your Ford discount means nothing to me, I would never own a Ford
  • The great majority of UAW workers are extremely hard working people. Their souls are injected into each vehicle they help build. The problems lie with Management and the Engineers. New models are being rushed to the public instead of taking care of the quirks. Consequently, the builders (not salary personnel) are blamed for any problems that plague the cars. The Malibu is a sharp looking vehicle. I'm not here to bash a fellow UAW worker, I'm here to shame the engineering and purchasing group employed by Chevrolet.

    Joe, cheap? LMAO! My Daughter's Malibu was cheaper than a Mazda 6! Due to lack of sales though the Malibu has plummeted in price. Just how much do you believe the discount is? As far as you "never" buying a ford...I used to be a chevy person. Now I support the company that puts bread on my table, not the one that leaves my daughter stranded.
  • townhometownhome Posts: 104
    I was going to buy an '04 Focus. I knew they had some problems but I thought they were all straightened out by '04. When I went to test drive one (an automatic), it stalled on me twice during the test drive. (Funny side note-- the salesman tried to blame me for doing something wrong! It's an automatic!) I was disappointed because I had wanted one with heated seats and according to my web search, this particular car was the only automatic w/ heated seats in California at the time. Needless to say, I just couldn't buy a car that wasn't working right during the test drive.


    On the other hand, my '96 Ranger simply doesn't break. It is more dependable than most people I know! I love that truck and plan on keeping it forever.


    As for the Mazda 6, according to articles and discussion boards, Mazda/Ford did very little to fix the rusting door problems of the 6 and consequently soured a lot of people on the Mazda brand.


    Again, we're dealing with machines and they are going to break. I agree that the manufactures must stand behind their products, but every company is going to have at least some unsatisfied customers, no matter what.
  • When did they change this from Problems & Solutions, to Complaints & Blame? I am new to this forum, and found the replys to the problems posted helpful and informative. The complaining, and finger pointing are neither.

    Here's a thought. If you like Ford, buy a Ford. If you like Chevy, buy a Chevy. If you are unhappy with whatever car you bought, that is unfortunate. It happens to all of us at some time.

    Let's get back to the productive stuff.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I own a 04 Malibu build date 3-04 and the car had 5000 miles with no problems, I keep wondering if the EPS is going to break down and strand me. I read about a steering recall and have not seen anything to date, anybody have any current information.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I looked at the new mazda 6 ......couldnt touch the base model for under 24K in the northern va area at the time.....chose the the ride and the comfort of the a great price...for the fully loaded LT will all options but the multi disk CD player, which i couldnt touch in the date Feb 17, 04....13.5K on the car...and not a problem or ship service has been excellent....and very satisfied with my GM product..the first that I have owned since 1979.


    There are good builds and bad builds....anything mass produced will have a percentage of problems....I saw that someone said the malibus have had more than their share....wonder if Chrysler is saying that with the recall of 600K Durangos and Dakotas with a defect that will allow the wheels to fall off...again...something mass produced with a common problem...I wonder what percentage of the Malibus built have had the steering column replaced..I think since it had an engineering study ongoing at the NHTSA..GM had to provide that data.....will have to go back to the site and look..any 2 cents.
  • since i've had my fair share of problems with my Malibu with 4 steering problem visits to my dealer......does anyone know if chevy corporate would allow me a better discount if i were to trade in my 2004 malibu maxx lt. 7,000 miles, fully loaded except xm radio, still owe about $18k on the car also? would they offer something on the table with me getting the bbb involved. i looked at my trade in value and was shocked when i seen it's only around like $18k. wow


    let me know, thanks!
  • 37453745 Posts: 152
    'scuse me, but you did say, "I nagged her NOT to buy foreign, to keep Americans working", and, "MY daughter wanted the Malibu, certainly NOT me!" My humble apologies if I thought that you in any way suggested that the Malibu was foreign.


    Well, if you buy a Malibu you will also keep Americans working and the money stays in the country.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002


    Yours was built after the ones covered by that recall, so your vehicle not affected by it
  • 37453745 Posts: 152
    I've had my 04 Malibu for nearly a year now and I've had no problems or hint of a problem with the steering. The mileage is not high but I do a lot of city driving and the steering system gets a good workout. The manufacture date is within the so called bad times for the EPS. If there is a recall on the EPS I just hope that the replacement is reliable.


    The only problem I've had is intermittent no-start which I've figured out how to fix by locking and unlocking the car with the key fob and it starts right up. e2helper says there is a software fix for it so I'll take the car in for it when I have time. Other than that, the Malibu is a pleasure to drive with great gas mileage.
  • I was a GM automotive engineer and well remember trying hard (as did my associates) to make quality yet cost effective designs that would improve on the cars we made.

    However, keep in mind;

    1. suppliers are a factor engineers cannot always control. The Malibu steering columm problem - If I correctly read those documents I was pointed to from this forum - was caused due to supplier error (they changed parts and manufacturing techniques).

    2. Engineering cannot possibly evaluate every possible thing that can go wrong in a new design unless they do extensive testing, which __takes time__. GM just dosn't throw new cars out there!


    Engineers take no pleasure in hearing their designs break down or don't work. And to its credit, GM does have its engineers visit the clinics so they can see first hand how their designs are performing, and if possible offer fixes for problems they find.
  • As mentioned earlier, I'm trying out a Saturn cabin filter in the "secret HVAC Filter chamber" in my maxx. Other than a possible rattle or two of the grille (I may need to tweak some internal seals) it seems to be doing its job filtering out nasties from outside.
  • 37453745 Posts: 152
    Here is a list of parts suppliers for the Malibu.

  •  Townhome: Ford DID handle the "rust" issue, again that was a supplier problem not one that was caused by a UAW Worker.

    3745, no thank you...I will be ordering a 2006 'Stang...I can't order a 2005 because every car we build has already been sold. Even if the 2005 Mustang hadn't gotten excellent reviews, I'd refrain from spending my hard earned $ on a Malibu, simply too many supplier and engineering problems. Perhaps chevy MIGHT get this car straightened out, doubtful though because the GTO isn't selling either.
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    It was a 1993 with the 3800 engine that was plagued with head gasket leaks. Mine went at 34k miles but I was over warranty by 3 months. the dealer could not fix without a Ford OK. The dealer admitted it was an ongoing issue with that engine. I talked to several layers of Ford management to no avail. I understand that Ford eventually reimbubused owners for the fix on that engine but did not go back as far as the 1993 model year.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    This is off topic but I can't resist.


    As an IT professional, I am not involved with automotive copmanies. As such, I would say my perspective on automobile manufacturing may be a little less informed, but more objective, than yours. I find it quite humorous that you feel the vast majority of UAW workers are extremely hardworking, AND that "the problems lie with Management and the Engineers."
  • Thanks for info, 3745. Very interesting, especially the comments about the electric power steering and the french-supplied seats.
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