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Chevrolet Malibu: Problems & Solutions



  • my next step is the lemon law in my case and was wondering if a pulling to the left issue i'm still haveing is considered a "nonconformity"?


    let me know, thanks!
  • My 04 LS Maxx suffers from #3...rattle or clunk that sounds like it's coming from the foot well. Every minor bump or defect in the road causes it. What is the fix? What is causing the problem? I'll wait a while to take it in. I also have a horrific rattling that seems to be coming inside the passenger side door pillar (between front and rear door). So, I'll just accumulate a list of things before I drop it off because I'll have to get a rental car. GM will pay for the rental, but not all of it. Last time I had to fork over $200.


    But I'll hold off because some lady backed into my left front fender this week so I have to get that fixed first.
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    Does anyone know where the Maxx's turn signal flasher is located...or if there is one at all?


    I had a weird experience recently in which neither my left nor right turn signals would work. Fortunately, it cleared up on its own but I thought I'd investigage a possible the flasher being loose in its socket.


    I've hunted all over the owner's manual, including the fuse block diagrams, and I can't seem to locate it. Or is this another function that has been turned over to the all-knowing, all-powerful computer?
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    >>GM will pay for the rental, but not all of it. Last time I had to fork over $200.<< Dealer had my car 5 days for warranty work, the rental only cost me gasoline used.
  • 37453745 Posts: 152
    It happens. I also lost my turn signal flasher which later came back on its own. I don't think it's a relay or fuse but the Body Control Module that goes on the blink now and again. Fortunately, its only happened once so far to me.
  • I have an '01 This has happen to me lots of times. The first time the dealership figured out what was wrong it cost about 600.00. They said my theft system locked up one year later it happened again. The only way they found the problem was that my car would not start at all. The other times i took it in and it started up a few mins. later they said it looked like someone tried to break in. Good Luck.
  • tim10tim10 Posts: 15
    I test drove a Malibu Base 4cyl for the night, and with 4 miles on the odo, it read 7/8 tank (dealer apparently filled it most of the way for me right before I picked up).


    When I first started it, the electronic range calculator said 71 miles. After driving approx 30 minutes, 10 miles in city traffic and two stops for errands, it was up to the low 90s. After 5 more miles of city traffic and 10 miles of highway traffic, it is now showing ~170.


    I think that 170 is still low based on it reading 3/4 of a tank. Also I am concerned that it took almost an hour of driving to get it up to that range. Does anyone else's work react this slowly to a fill-up? PLEASE reply back ASAP to let me know if you get


    1) an "instant" read of the new mileage, similar to most Chrystler, Cadillac, and other chevy products I've driven

    2) a "quick" read of the new milage within 1-2 minutes, similar to most fords that I've driven

    3) a "slow and drawn out" read over 45-60 minutes that still doesn't seem right like me..


    Also it would be helpful if anyone with a base or LS can share the approx values that you can remember seeing on the display when it reads at F 3/4 1/2 1/4 and E.


  • 37453745 Posts: 152
    The calculations are based on your present driving conditions plus the history of your past driving conditions unless you reset the odometer to zero. See the user manual about this.


    If you take the car onto the highway and reset the trip odometer to zero and then drive at highway speeds, the computer will give an almost instantaneous readout of range and fuel consumption. For convenience there are 2 trip odometers so you can leave one to record your overall mileage and 1 to play around with.


    I have the base 4cyl. and my highway mileage at 65mph is 38mpg on a level stretch. This will change rapidly depending if I'm going uphill or downhill. On a very slight downhill stretch I've had an indication of over 40mpg.


    I can't at this moment recall the values for different gas tank levels.
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    I can't comment on the base sedan...I never drove one or consider one. I have an 04 Maxx LS. I'm responding just in the hope that it might help a little.


    When I reset the Fuel Range calculator, I get an almost instantaneous reading of MPG. If I'm at a steady 50-60 MPH, it will briefly run up as high as 40 MPG, then settle down to a more realistic number: 30-35 MPG. The longer I drive since resetting it the longer it will take to update, because it is an average of all the driving done since it was last reset.


    OTOH, if I reset it when I'm standing still at a stop light, the numbers will be *very* low, but will then usually rebound into the low 20 MPG range. FYI, my average MPG has been about 23 in all-city driving, 31 MPG on long trips and overall around 27 MPG. Not bad at all.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Same thing happens with my car. I am very fastidious (did I spell that correctly?) about gas mileage & keeping track of it and always aware of what I am getting for gas mileage, how many miles to go before empty, etc. I don't like going to gas stations any more than necessary & tend to run the tank very low.


    The miles to go feature can take some time before correcting itself after fill up. No exaggeration, but I have sometimes gone over 100 miles before it corrects itself. Once I fill up, depending on what the gas mileage on computer was, it might read anywhere from 270 to 350 miles, but might correct itself up to as much as 500 miles to go when I have driven up to 100. In other words, I have read the miles to go, added to miles driven after a fill up to as high as 630 total. We know the vehicle cannot go that far on a 16 gallon tank. On my MAXX, the furthest I have gone is 473 miles on a tank at which time I added 15.3 gallons for an average of almost 31 mpg. The computer at that time read that I was getting around 34 mpg. You will find that the trip computer always 1.5 to 3 mpg over actual and other's on this board have the same comment.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867


    so you are the king of mileage on your many so far.....Im approaching 14K on mine at 10 months old......last I say you were over 20K on is it doing?
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    22600 now. Just finished a trip last week in 5 days. Prov RI through NY State to Toronto, up to Montreal & back home 1800 miles later. Now, must leave early tomorrow morning to Montreal (all the way for an office party) and back Sunday PM. That will put on another 700 miles. So, I think I will be way ahead of everyone else on this board with a Maxx. As I said earlier, no problems at all. Except that gas mileage is dipping a little. I should get at least 28 mpg on this trip, was getting up to 31 previously. There is nothing else to do for maintenance on the vehicle that I am aware of. Change oil every 3000 miles, have already rotated tires three times.
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    I've just been advised by my dealer that the fuel tank they ordered has arrived. The appointment to replace it is scheduled for next week. I'm wondering if this is a relatively straightforward job or if I can expect problems. Anyone who has had this done on their Maxx (to correct the inaccurate fuel gauge problem) have any horror stories?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    sounds good....will be at 15k at the new year..with a trip VA to SC and return....oil every 3K but been bad and havent rotated tires at all....but...tread wear is exceptional on these OEM tires..Im surprised by that....good to hear from another satisfied owner....cheers
  • Had mine done yesterday (12/16). Everything seems okay. Filled up after the repair from a little less than 1/4 tank and it took 12.6 gallons. Before the repair I could only put in 13 gallons when the low fuel light was on.


    Some of my other repairs (poorly cast transmission case that leaked, squeaking radiator fan, etc) were not so straightforward!
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    At nine months I have 12k on the Maxx. I have not rotated the tires and I don't plan on it. My car does not pull either way, the ride is great. Tire wear is nil. I've read the pros and cons for rotation and decided this will be the first car that I don't rotate the tires. Time will tell.
  • if your MAXX's rear bumper gets lightly bumped on the side, and pushed in (internal bracket deformed but no frame damage) expect to pay $700 - 800 to get this fixed in Southern California.


    As a side note, one collision shop had in their lobby a magazine describing how Body shops should change their charging procedures to make more money.


    I'm in the wrong line of work.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    you won't want to rotate your own tires once you try that worthless jack system the Bu' has.
  • I have 1.6K on my Maxx, so I have not rotated tires. I always rotated on my previous vehicles. What are the cons of rotating?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    to just remind every one..I had a little side explore basically side swiped me from teh driver rear to the small dent..and minor abrasions to the paint....they also cracked the small rear window pane during the repair..the total was almost $2600 and the only thing the repair shop replaced was the window...all others was labor and paint w/ clearcoat.....
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