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Chevrolet Malibu: Problems & Solutions



  • mfrchicomfrchico Posts: 4
    I bought my maxx LT June 04 and have some sercous electronic steering crap going on. Have had it in 3-4 time's and the last, the big engineer came in and could not figure it out. am the first with this problem and now their are at least 10 others across the US c/o about the same thing. SO my advice is to wait.
  • mfrchicomfrchico Posts: 4
    At this point i would not. There is a serious GM problem going on. I was the first to report the problem and 4 time's being in, still ain't fixed. My 04 started with no power steering on backing up probably 3,000 miles ago (now have 7 on it). They have replaced all possible parts twice and the big engineer finally came in and he could not figure it out. Since my first c/o in the us, at least 10 others now have. So I am waiting for the big shots to figure it out. Very irritating to take it in so many time's and have to wait for rentals and then return the next day cuz they can't fix it.
  • jeromebjeromeb Posts: 31
    I own a 2004 Malibu LE.
    The only concern I have is that it has a noticeable pause in shifting between gears during light-moderate acceleration.
    I don't mind hammering it down, of course, but with gas at $2/gal I discovered that this was happening. Is it an issue?

    Other than that, I really like it. Strong acceleration, good interior comfort and gobs of conveniences. GM's idea of "entry level" has certainly made progress over the past 20 years.
  • 04malibu04malibu Posts: 2
    I have just found the edmunds forum. Great info. I have purchased a GM Program car in November of 2004 which is a 2004 Malibu LS. It had 8,765 mile when I purchased it from my local Chevrolet dealer. I was interested to find other owners on the edmunds website. I checked and my VIN did not come under the recall for the power steering. It was interesting to find the TSB info regarding the headrest replacements available. That was one of my wife's complaints when she rode in the passenger seat. My dealer did not know anything about it but the SM took the time to look it up and order the replacements. I have put approximately 2,400 mile on it since November. City mileage runs between 24-25 mpg. and on a trip I got just over 32 mpg. Otherwise the car has performed flawlessly.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I doubt it is the fuel filter. The pre-2004 Malibus had issues with the ignition modules. That would cause the symptoms you are having.
  • sgmsgm Posts: 23
    Thanks for all the replies so far. Have it down to the Maxx and a Scion Xa or Civic.

  • The maxx certainly has more pep and more room than Scion Xa or Civic, but I'd check out my Maxx dealer very thoroughly to make sure they can fix what they sell.
    While much improved, GM build quality is still no match for the Scion. Wrt Civic, the USA ones seem prone to rattles.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Good suggestion. But also keep in mind that there are many more Maxx dealer's available to choose from to service your car if you DO have to have them fix the car than Toyota / Honda dealers. This can be important if your first choice turns out to be a pita to work with.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    The xB was far too busy for me in 5-speed form, would probably be better (but lots slower) in automatic form. I've found Chevy dealers to be superior to their Scion/Toyota competitors.

    If the xA would have a sixth gear it would be a good competitor to say the Mini Cooper. Like the looks but it's a pretty small car. It's taken me the better part of two months to get used going from an Elantra to the Maxx. The xA would double that leap.
  • mfrchicomfrchico Posts: 4
    I was the first in the US to report this problem months ago. Now there are several others and this is a big GM problem. The big engineer could not figure it out and is working on it. Would like to know if anyone else has this problem. When I back up or even pull forward after the back up, I have NO power steering. I always have it when driving. But have had the car in 3-4 time's now and I am getting angry. Only 7,000 on it and got it end of June 04, new.
  • have not seen loss of PwrSteering in reverse (yet) on my '04 maxx. It did have its steering columm replaced.
  • mfrchicomfrchico Posts: 4
    Why did you have the steering column replaced? Mine and ALL it's parts have been replaced twice. Still not have heard from GM. I am pissed!
  • minn_maxxminn_maxx Posts: 51
    Yes!!! I thought it was cold related but it still happens occasionally now in warmer weather (32F Minnesota). The car has not been to the dealer because the problem is so intermittent. Please post if you get a resolution (sounds like software!)...
  • like a bunch of '04 Maxxes and Malibus, the steering columm sensors were defective (supplier goofs), caused the steering wheel to pulse during turns.
    The dealer replaced it about 6 months ago and since then the steering has behaved itself.
  • hickorydhickoryd Posts: 57
    Speaking of more Maxx dealers...the dealer that fixed my steering problem sells Pontiac-Buick-GMC. The Chevy dealer where I bought it wrote on the shop ticket that the "steering is within specs". So it could be that the best warranty service might be available from your local (formerly known as) BOP dealer.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    yes without a doubt...04 Maxx LT with 18500 on the car and not problems
  • lotusjaylotusjay Posts: 17
    Yes, I'd do it again. Mine is an '04 Maxx LT and other than interior rattles, nothing has gone wrong. It has been a very satisfying car to live with, and wonderful on long trips.

    For me, this car replaced a BMW wagon and I have no reason to look back.
  • ericw55ericw55 Posts: 53
    From previous post:
    "Just brought my Maxx in (first time)for the pull to the left, and fuel gauge/check gas cap problems. I mentioned the TSBs, but didn't give the numbers (didn't want to be pushy). They claimed the pull was due to uneven tire pressures, and the fuel gauge issue was because of a faulty sensor.
    Well, the Maxx still pulls to the left, and when they install the new sensor next week, the gauge will still show 3/4, when full."

    As expected, the sending unit(?) did not correct my problem. I picked up my Maxx at the end of the day, and topped off the tank. Still 3/4. I left a voice mail for the service writer that evening (with TSB#), and he called me the next day at 9AM. He told me he would research it, and call me back. He called again at 3PM, and told me that, although the part # on my gas tank doesn't match the TSB, they ordered a tank. He said they couldn't think of anything else it could be.
    I can't blame them for following normal troubleshooting procedures, and they have been very accommodating. So far, I am pleased with their service. As far as the pull to the left, I still think it's there. I am about to take my first road trip, and told them I will get back to them, after my trip.
  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    Is the "pull to the left at highway speeds" problem that I repeatedly see posted here a torque steer issue? I've had the Maxx in twice and asked them to check it and they respond it drives straight in test drives at 65.

    20 miles of my commute every day is at 70-75 on a six lane section of interstate in the left lane. The road has a moderate crown and here's a lane by lane experience - Right lane (slight slope to right)- the car tracks mostly straight with a tiny tendency to the left. Middle lane (top of crown)- slight wander to left. Left lane (slope to the left) - over the line within a 3 count.

    None my other vehicles have done this in the past when properly aligned. Could it be that those big tires require more torque from the engine at these speeds and thus a torque steer? Is this a design issue that I'll just have to live with?
  • prdmprdm Posts: 145
    There is no torque steer at steady speeds. Something else is going on here; tire pressure, alignment or steering mechanism issues are possibilities.
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