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Nissan Armada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    Anyone have any experience negotiating a new 2008 Armada?
    starting to look and the 2008 MSRP looks like the price is up 2k for a loaded LE over the 2007's and the rebate is only 2K VS. 4K for the 2007.
  • I just leased one for 856/mo 39mos Im not sure if that is a good deal or not but im happy woth the truck better suspension than the 04 and 05 models and great technology package worth every penny.
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    What were the details, MSRP? How many miles per year did you get? Did you need to put any money down? Thanks For the reply!
  • hypnotisthypnotist Posts: 3
    I ordered a 2008 Armada LE about three weeks ago. I paid $100 over invoice and got a 72 month, 100,000 mile gold warranty for $1495. The only major options not ordered were moonroof and rear DVD.

    I think that for a 2008, this was a pretty good deal for southern California.
  • I am in the market for a basically loaded 07 or 08 Armada LE (DVD a must, and Navi a nice to have). What should I expect to pay under invoice at this time of year?

    I am thinking the 07 should be at a fairly steep discount to invoice since they are trying to move them out by now, right?

    Or will both the 07 and 08 have about the same discount to invoice and the main difference be the Nissan incentives?
  • I initially went looking for an 07 left over Armada, or a Used 07. The prices I got for the features I wanted in the used 07 Armada, with under 8k miles was like 30k-32k...

    So i started exploring the New 08's.

    I negotiated with a number of dealers till I understood their numbers..and I found that you really cant get much better of a deal on an Left over 07, then what I got on a NEW 08. Rebate was the same ($4k for either).

    What I got was...
    2008 SE Model with SE Premium Package & 4WD

    SE Premium package has... Leather, Power Seats, Keyless Entry, Intelligent Pocket Key, Bose Upgraded Radio with XM and Sub, Additional Airbags)

    Additional Items I got:
    TOW Package with Ball Hitch
    Cargo Mat
    Cargo Net
    Carpeted Floor and Cargo Mats
    Rear Splashguards
    Custom Dark Grey Color with Tan Leather int

    MSRP comes in at $44,540. not inc the custom color

    I paid... $35,100 after $4k rebate

    From what I have seen...with a 4WD this is a great deal. :)
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    That's a nice deal, I was offered a 2008 LE,
    MSRP 52210
    discounted to 47169

    After Rebate 43169

    Close but not as good as yours, Anybody else hearing numbers this good or better?
  • We would like to purchase a 2008 Nissan Armada SE with some of the optional packages such as the moonroof package, driver package and the premium package. We've been looking around and I priced one out with the MSRP of $41,675. However, I'm seeing that some of you paid $100 or $200 under invoice. Is this really true??? Right now, in SD they are offering 4500 off as a rebate. How much do you think I could get below invoice??
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    I'm going to offer 500 below invoice when I go out next month. With gas prices sure to rise most folks are looking for a vehicle with better MPG. I have an 04 in the driveway but have been driving my 97 Oldsmobile 3 days week to save $$$ / 22 mpg vs 13mpg. The Armada is still the best large SUV value out there if you can get over the MPG factor.
  • Wow! Hopefully we can get $500 or something close to that, under invoice. The MPG is something that we are debating. We are also thinking of the Chrysler Aspen. It's a little bit better on the MPG, but I think I like the overall package on the Armada. We are hoping to buy this week-end. I'll let you know the deal we get...well...hopefully it's a deal :-)
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    Be patient and be ready to walk out. With the additional $500.00 holiday bonus cash that's now available $500 under invoice is not out of the question. After all is said and done the dealer is still making money and you get a great deal.
    Good Luck Shopping!
  • was thinking about a new pathfinder, BUT, the rear seats and 3rd row
    are ridiculous. Instead, the dealer has a 2008 LE, LOADED, and I mean
    loaded with all options as a dealer demo with 2100 miles on it. I know
    there is $4500 cash incentive, as well as some dealer cash. But, how much
    off for the truck being a demo? I am looking to lease for 36mos, 15K miles
    and about 2K down. My Pathinder was appraised in the mid 13's, which I thought
    was excellent considering Edmunds TMV on a trade. The dealer has offered
    to take the truck out tomorrow and drive it around.
  • ok, this is insane. selling price of hte truck 42.2K, 10k off sticker
    they are giving me 15K for my 2003 LE
    giving me BACK $1,000
    0 due at lease signing
    $574 per month for 39 months
    2008 LE negotiated price of 42.2K, msrp of 52K
    residual of 51%
    money factor of .00014, or about 3%
    do I take it?
  • this board is so helpful.
  • That sounds like a very good deal to me. how many miles per year are you allowed? if its 15k i would jump on that deal a lease under 600 for a 52k is a good deal...
  • it is for 15K per year.
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    I hope your drivin it!
    Good job, makes me want to go get one, but my accountant says wait till 01/08.

    money factor .0014 = 3.36%

    How did you handle Taxes, Title, and registration fees? Were they rolled into the lease or paid out of pocket?
  • yeah, I should have waited, but WTF. the taxes were rollled in, and they
    are cutting me a check back for the difference next week. It is parked
    outside, just need to free up space in the garage. Incredible truck, comfy
    smooth and quiet. So far, mileage is no worse than the 03 Pathfinder
    I traded. I did opt to extend the warranty to cover the rest of the lease
    for $400. Too much electronics that could go at anytime.
  • I just bought a 2008 Armada LE (Black) loaded. I paid $500 under invoice and got the $4000 and the $500 rebates. It was like pulling teeth with the dealer but I got it done and love the truck! I ended up financing it over 72 months at 6.89% which I got from Capital One but the dealer ended up matching after swearing the best they could do was 7.65%.

    These are great trucks but with gas prices what they are you are able to get a great deal. My opinion is you should not be paying much over invoice and should be getting either the rebate or special financing.
  • i have to admit I am a tad concerned, but if you are trading from
    a midsize SUV that got only 14 city and 16 hway, the difference is
    going to be nearly negligible. One less dinner out per month. $35-40
    more. to have that much room, power, and safety is worth it.
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