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Audi S4 vs BMW M3



  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    Very interesting posts. But my cars 1-2 years old and try to keep awhile. LOVE my M3, but know that audi is an everyday car. Haven't driven S4 but have to agree that it is a daily drive that meets more needs of more people.

    Live in Mass, and own 01M3cic, and an 00A6Q,2.7t, both 6sp.,wife drives awd sienna. The problem is that I need a vehicle to tow a boat with. love both my cars for thier intended purpose. bmw is pure sports car, with limited use season, have hard top, but prefer A6 unless it sunny and 60+. Audi is also a blast. Estimated values are M3,$36K/A6,$12K Total $48K. Way I see it, options are:

    1. Keep both, get 4th beater truck,$7K, to move boat, except all three vehicles could have high maintenance $, plus Insurance $$. Have camp to park truck. Total $55K

    2. Replace both for an X5, or Q7, still pricey, $60K, and lose all benefits of having bought exhisting vehicle used and good prices, variety, etc.

    3. Replace both with 4Runner, save a few bucks now and when 11 year old son gets closer to driving p/u an used S4 cab., that can be driven in winter on snows, unlike M3.

    4. Replace Audi with decent tow vehicle like 4Runner,$36K, still pricey, but would allow me to keep m3 for awhile. Total $72K, bit too much.

    See, I'm a bit car crazy, like the rest of you, but really need ideas on best solution to problem, leaning towards #2 or 4, but 1 + 3 seem to make more sense. Insurance and maintenance are some concern, but with a total of 15K miles annually, and vehicles already in excellent condition, I'm not to worried about repairs/maintenance. Just raised insurance deductible to $1K so insurance isn't to bad either.

    Any help is appreciated!!!
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 873
    used F150, or silverado to pull the boat, [15-20k] sell both the Audi and the bimmer and get a certified S4 or M3. Problem solved :P
  • rhino01rhino01 Posts: 8
    Easy solution:

    Get a boat too big to pull so you have to leave it at a marina. You can sell your wife on not having to get another. :)

    Now if you are talking about a fishing boat, I can understand the need to pull it. You can get a fairly loaded Ford F-150 for about $10K off of sticker. That would be about $22K.

    If you love your M3 keep it. I regret having gotten rid of the Corvette. I would get another one in a heartbeat but my wife has not signed off on 3 vehicles for 2 drivers yet.
  • arvin1arvin1 Posts: 9
    I would go for the m3..they are both good cars but the bmw is better..
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Waiting for an 2007 S4 is not a bad idea. 2007's will have the new FSI injection and the hp is bumped up to 350. More power and better fuel economy :)

    The 25th anniversary cars are really nice. But at 62 grand, I'd spend the extra money to get the RS4, or just order a regular 07 S4 to get the FSI.
  • rhino01rhino01 Posts: 8
    All my research on performance sedans was for naught. My wife finally acquiesced to having 3 cars. So we got her a fun car and I got to order a 2007 Corvette. I guess I will be moving over to the Corvette forum. Thank you for all your comments.
  • socaljoesocaljoe Posts: 6
    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this, but it's a comparison between the M3 and S4 M3 vs. S4
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    I had the same problem on my 2006 A3 for about two months. I brought it to the Audi dealer for the 5000 mile checkup, and they fixed it no-charge.

    '06 Audi A3 2.0T DSG • '05 Audi S4 Cabriolet • '04 Lexus RX 330
  • bmargolisbmargolis Posts: 1
    I'm interested in an M3 with the Competition Package and can find very few of them here in the Northeast. Where did you see them?


  • rhino01rhino01 Posts: 8
    BMW of Fairfax. They had several including the Interlagos Blue fully loaded that I drove.
  • rdemasirdemasi Posts: 4
    Hi all -

    I need some help in deciding on a 2004 CPO S4 loaded with 20K miles for 40K vs 2005 M3 loaded with 10K for 50K. Any hellp is appreciated. I have kids 11 and 12. I usually drop 1 in morning to school and pick one up in evening at soccer. I want a car with great performance but also practical for my situation. I am only 3 miles to BMW but 30 to audi.

    Instead of M3, I am also thinking of 2007 330i or 350i twin turbo coupe.

    Any thoughts?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I think the S4 is a nicer every day driver. And if you need 4 doors with kids, the S4 adds a bit more utility. The M3 is rear wheel drive. Having Quattro for rain and all season traction is a plus for me, but you might not care. And I love the sound of Audi's 4.2 V8. A 6 speed S4 is one of the most fun and enjoyable 4 door performance sedans on the market. And the S4 is $6-8,000 less expensive new, so you can pick one up a lot less than a used M3.
  • rdemasirdemasi Posts: 4
    Thanks for your response.

    The audi dealership here actually sold the S4 I had picked out. So it looks like I have more time to think about this. I live in NC so not sure I need the AWD. Rains here a fair amount in winter and spring. Barely any snow or ice/sleet. I realize the S4 is probably more practical with the kids, but the M3 just seemed more fun to drive. Not sure what I will do.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 873
    I suggest making a decision based on how much track time you'll put in with either car. If it is a lot, then the M3 IMO. If not very often, I would think that the S4 is superior
  • tla1963tla1963 Posts: 8
    I think that when looking into buying a used car, the s4 or an m3, you should really be very careful. These are performance cars and the previous owners might have driven them very hard so if the dealer or person has ALL service records that would be a good start. I LOVE my s4 and get many compliments plus audi's service is excellent. Love not paying for anything except gas and tires.
  • rdemasirdemasi Posts: 4
    All cars I am looking at are CPO '94 or newer with < 20K miles. They also have all service records.

    I probably will not spend much time at the track. I loved the M3 for speed and handling. I live in NC and there are lots of hilly, twisty roads around here where I would think this car would be really fund to drive.

    Audi is 45 minutes from me vs 5 for BMW. I really don't think I need AWD drive here since I am in the Raleigh area.

    Here is how I look at it:

    - looks -- M3 wins
    - interior -- S4 wins
    - speed -- M3 wins
    - handling -- M3 wins except in rain and snow/ice (the latter are very rare here)
    - practicality -- S4 wins due to 4 doors
    - service -- this is a draw but BMW is much closer
    - depreciation -- M3 wins
    - reliability -- M3 wins
    - cost S4 wins
    - snob factor -- M3 wins since this car looks much less like a 3-series than the S4 looks like an A4.

    So, I think I am leaning toward the M3, but still not sure.

    Let me know if anyone has any other thoughts.
  • tla1963tla1963 Posts: 8
    Well the distance to the dealer does make a big difference. Here in LA, every other BMW is A M3 but there aren't too many S4's around. I like the ride quality of the S4 vs the M3. One of the co-workers is a big BMW fan and has had M3 coupe and sedan but after riding in my car he feels that the S4 is a better everyday car, especially the transmission, ride quality and overall realworld performance. However, if you are going to track the car the bimmer is the way to go.
  • rjag2034rjag2034 Posts: 1
    Perhaps you should watch the Top Gear comparo of these 2 cars. The S4 slammed the m3 on their track. The general consensus was for 1 spin around the track they'd choose the m3, but for everyday driving the s4 hands down.
    top gear
  • rdemasirdemasi Posts: 4
    Thanks for all of the advice. In the end I went with the M3, for the following reasons:

    1. M3 is a more fun to drive, hands down
    2. M3 is faster and handles better, especially in the climate/terrain around here (NC piedmont region)
    3. M3 looks much, much better then S4
    4. M3 is more reliable than S4
    5. Bimmer dealership is much closer than Audi
    6. Depreciation is much better on M3

    S4 is probably a more practical car for my situation, but.....
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    I own m3cic and an a6q 2.7t 6sp. really love both, but I would give up the audi way before i let the bmw go. the m3 is a fantastic car...congradulations!
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