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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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Share your Jetta buying experience here.

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  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    After researching and driving many vehicles, my wife and I knew we wanted a new Jetta. I researched the Jetta brochure and selected the GLS with TDI engine and Platinum-Grey color.

    Went to nearest dealership and "orderd" the Jetta we desired. (One does not actually "order" a VW...but instead gets on a list for the next available vehicle that meets ones desires)
    I put a downpayment down too.

    After 2 months of waiting and calling the salesman weekly, I was informed that there is were 2 vehicles "on the dock" that meet my requirements and one was earmarked for me.
    I received a "number" that represented my vehicle.

    ...wait .... wait.... wait... I called the salesman weekly asking where my new car is. Each time, I was given a different story. (Big snowstorm at the docks, trucker strike... etc etc)

    Finally, I asked a VW person here on Edmunds about my "number" and he said it was showing as SOLD on the VW computer sytrem. I immedeatly called my salesman and after getting some more stories, he admiddited that it had been re-routed to another dealership and sold.

    Giving the salesman the benifet of a doubt, I physically went in and sat with him. I had to FORCE him to printout the list of available Jettas on the east cost and we selected at least 4 vehicles that were EXACTLY what I wanted.... I left the dealership with the understanding that the sales-manager would be making some phonecalls and getting a vehicle for me.


    Finally, I telephoned another dealership that was farther from my home and explained the above story. He said he could have my new Jetta on the lot in 3 days for the same price that I had negotated at the other dealership. I closed the deal over the phone.

    Luckally, the origianl dealership gave me back my downpayment without any hassles.

    Bottom line...
    **The original dealership was obviously LYING to me at times and at the same time NOT TRYING to get me a vehicle.

    **The second dealership has won my buisness and I have allready driven PAST the first dealersip several times to get oil changes and other sevice done.

  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Congrats on your new Jetta, but sorry to hear about the hassles you went through to get it. Would you mind sharing with people what you bought (color, options, etc.), price (minus taxes, tags, reg)? Also, what state or metro area you are in. It helps potential buyers know what deals are being done in their area.

    Again - congrats!
  • pete14pete14 Posts: 11
    I am interested in picking up a Jetta TDI and live in NE Ohio. Can anybody relate good or bad experiences with any local dealers. Previously I had a private mechanic work on my VW but times change and so do cars. Now I'm back in the car market and looking for others experiences. From what I've read a good dealer can make or break your VW experience.

    Thanks in advance
  • I just bought a 2004 Galactic Blue Jetta GLI with monsoon, sunroof, and leather for $22,931 ($24,964 out the door). I knew this was the car I wanted so I used to search the inventory dealers in my area. There was only one available with these exact specifications and it was approximately 80 miles away. I wasn't too excited about the distance, but requested a quote anyway. To my amazement, I got a reply back from the dealership's Internet Manager in less than 10 minutes with a quote of $22,931 ($1000 below invoice). That sounded good so my wife and I drove down on the weekend to check it out. The car had essentially just been driven off of the truck and hadn't been preped... it had 9 miles on it. Amazing. We took it for a test drive, liked it, and then told the Internet Manager that we'd take it. I also new that vw had .9% financing going on for 36 months, but when it came time to arrange for payment they did not want to let us take advantage of it... saying that the .9% financing wasn't valid for this "special" price. That didn't seem right so we basically told the Finance Manger (who the Internet Manager had handed us off to for no apparent reason) that this was a deal-breaker and got up to leave. That turned things around quickly... we got the .9%.

    I think the dealers are having trouble moving Jettas lately. I'm sure they still made money on this deal... they wouldn't have sold us the car if they didn't. At least I hope they wouldn't!

    So far, we are loving the Jetta!!!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I hope you enjoy your new jetta.....
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    I am wagon shopping as well as sedan shopping (because I can't find a wagon cheap enough that I can stand...i.e. not a Kia Rio Cinco) and I love the Jetta wagon but how close to $14K can I get?
  • pete14pete14 Posts: 11
    Occupant1- how low can they go? What year do you want? In the 14K range you are probably looking at a 1999-2000 jetta. Right now with the 1.9% financing you might be able to move your number a little. Best of luck
  • Yea, don't know which year and what features you are seeking, but my wife and I yesterday purchased a nice 2002 silver Jetta GLS wagon (fairly standard features) - with automatic transmission, 33,000 miles - in superb condition for $15,000 at a dealership. I got roughly a thousand dollars off of asking price - and after checking the Blue Book retail value, we did pretty well with that price. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area - and 2002/2003 wagons are VERY hard to find. Owners seem to hang on to them and their value doesn't rapidly decline. My wife is ecstatic to drive it and I feel lucky we even found one when we needed it. Good luck in your search - I think you can get something quite nice in your range.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I received a price yesterday on a 2004 Jetta GL 2.0 with auto and ESP for $16,352--which was about $1100 BELOW what edmunds says its TMV is. That has me nervous. I thought the new Jetta was 2006 model, but this price has me thinking it will be out next year as a 2006. The salesman won't say either way--another sign I take to mean the new ones will be out next year. I think I'll hold off and see for myself. But, that price for all you get (even in GL trim) is great!
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    Broadway Volkswagen in Richardson, TX, was my first stop searching for a new Jetta wagon. The salesperson would not let me test drive the car, would not discuss any numbers, without running a credit report, which I would not allow until I had a chance to see what I was buying. I walked outside and located the vehicle I wanted (black/black 5-speed TDI wagon, ESP, nothing else) and went back inside to speak to the manager. The manager had the salesperson take me for a drive, they would not let me drive the car, I only got to ride in the front seat.

    I'm 26 years old, drove to the dealer in my nice clean Buick (not my cruddy Volvo), it was a Monday morning, and I was wearing a black dress shirt and black slacks. No mohawk, no piercings, no tattoos, no attitude. But I sure was in a mood to have an attitude when I left. I don't look like a kid, but I was sure treated like one. I did not deserve that kind of treatment and have sent a letter to the regional VW office and hope to be treated better at other dealers.

    I would not buy a car from Broadway even if I was paying cash. Even if they had that TDI Jetta wagon at $5K off list. There are too many other VW dealers in the Dallas area that will work to earn my business.

    Does anyone else recommend a dealer in North Texas for buying a VW? I plan on trying Lewisville VW, Park Cities VW, and Rusty Wallis VW, I can't think of any others in the area.
  • The VW owner loyalty credit last month really made the decision for me.

    Got an '04 Jetta for $14,8 including all fees (before sales tax). VW Jettas must be selling a bit slower than Corollas or Civics b/c they had some hefty rebates going on both to the customer and to the dealer.

    My biggest irk are the documentation fees (sometimes called dealer service charge). These show up as a way to pad the dealer profit, so make sure that you are negotiating based on your total drive-away costs so that you don't get surprised by the fees.

    My VW dealership is great and the salespeople were very low pressure and worked out a good deal.

    Once I get a few weeks of driving in, I'll post my review. This is a good 2nd car, but it's a bit small to be the primary family car - for that I'd move up to the Passat (sedan or wagon.)
  • caboobcaboob Posts: 2
    I just got the car above for $22,500 (before TTL), with leather, monsoon/sunroof, performance pkge, mats, mudflaps which is right on the TMV price but the kicker was that they gave me 0% financing!! for 66 months!! I like to go 500 over invoice but settled for 700 over invoice.
  • tom21769tom21769 Posts: 63
    Purchased in Washington, D.C.:

    Jetta TDI Wagon, GL trim, manual transmission with Electronic Stabilization Program,
    for $19,577 ($383 over invoice) + taxes, tags, and $99 "documentation fee".

    This is our "Amish" car.
    Black inside and out, very plain (no options but the ESP).
    Had to do a lot of hunting, calling, and waiting to find a TDI wagon with stick shift and ESP. Not much choice of colors and other options.
    But it's the perfect color and size to take my old black Lab for an exhilarating spin.
  • poaaropoaaro Posts: 1
    Received prompt courteous replies to email requests for quotes. Others were high, but one was $500 below invoice, with $1500 Dealer cashback in addition. Msrp $19,160. Paid 16,002 plus State Sales Tax and $100 title fee.

    Though the exact color was not on the lot, the sales person obtained it from another dealer at no extra charge. Very satisfying buying experience at Ellacott Shaker VW (Cleveland OH).Friendly staff, good price.

    The Jetta has numerous safety features not found on other subcompacts like ABS, side airbags and ESP at the bargain price of $280.
  • eabeab Posts: 2
    I want to start by saying I love my 2004 Jetta GL well as the 2004 Passat that my wife has.

    Purchased my Jetta GL Auto on Saturday evening for $14880, but the experience was frustrating at Clear Lake VW. If I had any sense, I would have walked. Not once,but Twice. Not on price of vehicle, but bold face lying of the sales manager on incentives that I would be able to take. He said in front of my salesperson that I could have the $1000 loyalty rebate, and a $500 "down Payment" coupon I had as a previous customer of this dealership. (My previous experience was a good one) Well, when I asked them to match a competitor's advertised price, I was told I couldn't have the $500 incentive because of the price match.

    Then, they screwed me on a $387 fee that they call "dealership fees". My final offer stated $12500 + TTL (including rebate and trade in). It was accepted. Stupid me thought the $387 fees were part of TTL. I went back on Monday to ask for a list of what these fees included and they don't even have one. Come to find out on this website (too late for me) that they have nothing to do with TTL. Just added profit.

    The last issue was financing,they approved me at 4%, then after signing all the paperwork, and I'm ready for delivery, the finance guy runs in saying the auto had to be financed with VW due to the loyalty rebate. I was ok with that, but the kicker was I couldn't get the same rate that I had already been given.It will cost me and add'l $380 for 4.99% rate.

    So, for those who may read this rant please:
    1. Read this entire website for pointers.
    2. When counter offering use words such as "only" or "drive out"
    3. Walk out if not being treated respectfully
    4. If your in the Houston Market, do not consider Clear Lake VW for your VW dealership (Since they don't advertise they reap the benefits of other dealerships that spend their advertising dollars)

    The goal of any dealership should be for the customer to leave thinking they got a good deal.

    I do know that in the end, I'm the one responsible for settling for this kind of treatment. I have already secured a "refinance" back at 3.9% to not give VW the satisfaction of making the interest on me. The dealership will get $387 of negative advertising from me.
  • hectorhector Posts: 1
    Living near the Canadian border (near both the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick)I've been thinking about taking a trip to Canada to find out if it's a better deal than the US. I'm looking for a 2004 Jetta GLS TDI with leather. Does anyone have any experience buying in Canada (including any Canadians out there)? What are some Canadian prices for similar cars?
  • do not recommend it. I am not sure if the prices are going to be any better but even if they are,Are you going to finance it? Do you have Canadian credit established? Or only US credit. That can make it difficult. Also if you purchase one there and someday decide to sell it or trade it in the states its a pain because the the speedometer is in Metric temp gauges are in Metric. Also since you are in the Northeast, your state might require that all cars have northeast emmisions standards from the factory. So basically no, it not worth the hassle to save a few dollars. TDI's are going for MSRP everywhere, some places even over sticker. But I know a dealership in Texas that has a little bit of inventory and does not charge a premium (wink) email me back for more help.
  • dvwdvw Posts: 5
    I just purchased an 04 GLS wagon with a 1.8T, Tiptronic auto, leather and ESP at Clarke VW in Hudson for 3% over their invoice, which was $250 over Edmunds invoice ($150 advertising fee and a $100 port fee; not sure about the latter, and it took me a long time to find out that the Jetta wagons are still made in Germany, whereas the sedans are made in Mexico) so the final price (about $23,800) was just a bit over Edmunds TMV (about $23,600). Our trade-in, though, a 1999 Mercury Cougar I4 fell way short of the Edmunds trade-in TMV; in fact, the dealer started $1500 below their final offer - so we really got low-balled there, and even their final offer was pretty poor. All the usual tricks were employed - keeping us waiting for long periods (2.5-hrs total), trying to get us to take a high "bank" APR, pretending they didn't know VW's 0% APR was still offered, negiotiating around the monthly payment, presenting (initially) a bogus invoice price, etc. So it took a lot of work and Edmunds to get a fair deal. But, kudos to the salesman for taking the effort to locate our particular Jetta configuration (in Detroit) and have it brought down within 48-hrs!

    What a great car to drive! We also have an Audi A4, and the Jetta gives it a run for its money!
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A newspaper reporter is hoping to talk with people today, July 7, 2004, who waited to buy a vehicle in hopes generous incentives would come back...and is now reaping the benefits. Please respond asap, no later than Tuesday, July 7, 2004 to with your daytime phone number and a line or two about your automotive experience and plans.

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director
  • I had posted this in another VW forum, but did not find much reponse and hence posting here. (Sorry, for the double posting). I am considering buying a VW, and I have a few questions regarding the driver's option of financing -

    1. The VW website claims that it is the best of both worlds (lease and buying). If so, what's the catch? I am sure there is something that is obvious, but I am not seeing, and is not explained on the website?

    2. The web site says it is based on a "finance contract". Is that contract any different from the lease contract?

    3. Do you get tied to the contract as you would in a lease? i.e you cannot break a lease once signed without paying huge fees. Or, in this case you are free to sell the car if you want to in the middle of the contract?

    4. Has any one here tried that option? What are your thoughts? Would you recommend it to others?

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