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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have the package 1 with leatherette seats, 16" alloy wheels, dual climate control, sunroof, etc. It is in perfect condition with only 14K miles for $17,300. It bluebooks for about $5,000 more than that, so I feel pretty good about the purchase. And I am loving my "new" car!! :shades:
  • psytenpsyten Posts: 13
    I just got an email from the local dealership's internet sales representative saying that they are offering up to $3,500 rebates on Wolfsburgs. Is that really the case? Can anyone confirm this or are they simply trying to lure me into the dealership?
  • I'd love to see what the rebates consist of, ask thme the OTD price after rebates. THat will guage what they are charging . It they wont give it to yo uthen you know they are full of it. I negotiated 20.5 otd, but I live in VA, so yo umay be able to do better depending on were you live
  • cuweindcuweind Posts: 11
    I was quoted a base 2007 jetta 5spd with no other options for 14995$ under new college grad financing in the Boston are of MA. I am new and do not know if that is a car worth investing money as I want to make it last for at least 5yrs without any problems. Please share your insight on the same.Also reply with the insurance quotes you might have had known for 25yrs and above.
  • Hi,

    Today I purchased a 2006 2.0T with:

    - Package #1
    - Silver exterior & black leather interior
    - Tiptronic transmission
    - 8000 miles

    I paid $22500 OTD. Was that a good price?
  • Just 2 days ago, I got the 2007 Jetta Wolfburg Black w/ Black interior for 20,700 OTD (Includes everything, tax, tags, etc). They were having a special until Sept 4th for 0% APR for 48 months, so I got it for 0%.

    I had 2 VW dealers fighting back and forth and finally they both offered the same price, but one offered $500 more for my trade in so I went w/ them. Took about 3 days of haggling back and forth between the 2. They started around 24,000 and then I got them down to 19,600 before tax, tags, etc.
  • ~3 weeks ago at a Seattle area dealership, got a 2007 Jetta Wolfsburg for $19,000 before TTL.
  • What are the going prices for 2008 or 2007 Jetta SE in the NY metro area?
  • What is the HP on the 2008 Wolfsberg Jetta?
    Is it 150 or 170?
  • 2008 models have 170HP. I don't think there is a 2008 Wolfsburg edition but the SE model has the same features that the Wolfsburg had (but a better stereo). I just closed a deal today on a 2008 SE with tiptronic for 21,386 OTD and the dealer is going to deliver it Saturday morning. We are 100 miles away from this dealer. This was only $386 more than the dealer quoted me on a 2007 Wolfsburg, so to me this is the better deal.
  • Where did you buy your jetta & how is it so far?
  • We got it in NC and it is for our daughter who is in college. I only drove it a couple of times before we gave it to her. I was totally impressed with the car. The car has plenty of pep and handles nicely. The build quality seems to be excellent. The only complaint I have is that I am not driving it!
  • Is this site dead or what?!
    Perhaps no one is buying Jettas anymore! ">
  • I'll be at a dealer this weekend looking at the 2007 Wolfsburg Edition and the 2008 SE.

    What were the packages/options on your 2008 SE Jetta? What was the total sticker price and the price you paid (excluding tax, license, and fees)?
  • Tiptronic with options? What was the total "sticker" price: MSRP, packages/options, and delivery?
  • The only option was the mat kit. Sticker was 21660 and I paid 20320 + 389 Doc fee +608.13 tax + 68 License = 21385.13. I wish I had waited a week because they are now offering financing deals. It is reflex silver with the dark gray interior.
  • Dear hosts,
    What is a fair price for 2008 SE Jetta Automatic in the north east?
  • Hoping that more posters will share their pricing and deal info. Will soon be getting quotes in Boston area which I will share.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    for $21,499 + taxes.
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