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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jnc28jnc28 Posts: 14
    unfortunately, there aren't that many jetta seekers in this forum :(

    i, too, am planning to purchase a jetta SE automatic but am not sure what type of incentives volkswagen is giving to their dealers.

    it seems that people are paying 300-400 below msrp. i'll research and see if there are nay incentives for march....
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I'm seeing 2100 off msrp on a wolfsburg edition. List about 23k
  • jnc28jnc28 Posts: 14
    that seems like a good price. out of curiousity, did you buy w/ automatic transmission? was there a trade-in?

    any sort of info would be appreciated. thanks :)
  • jnc28jnc28 Posts: 14
    thanks, this will help! now to figure for the S/SE trims....
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Check -- click on prices and choose your car.
  • I got the wolfsberg for invoice + a buck (21,658) This was for a manual transmission

    the trade in was the tough part since so many dealers play games with the trade (one dealer offered 14,300 for the trade, but was selling the jetta SE at sticker)

    KBB, trade in value for the car we used (2006 jeep commander with 27,000 miles) was 12,000. I got them to give me 13,000 for it (private sale was 14,000 dealer retail was about 16,000)

    overall, my girl LOVE's the car, I just hated dealing with the people we did. (mattie imports in fall river Mass) we had an appointment at 1, we get there, our salesmen was busy, he noticed us and told us to hang out for a few minutes.... 25 minutes later we are still "hanging out" I was about ready to leave. find some other salesmen who wanted to sell me a car. so 30 minutes late we finally sit down with him.... and after going back and forth for 30-45 minutes, finally got a deal done. Once this happened, our salesmen disappeared.... We delt with the manager to sign the papers, after coming out of his office I saw 2 keys and the owners manual on our salesmen desk, but he was still no where to be found. we waited around for 20 minutes then went outside and moved all the stuff from the jeep to the new jetta. I had to put in the floor mats myself (not THAT big of a deal... but come on!) after we moved everything over to the new car we had some questions about the sirius radio. still couldn't find the sales men, we waited around for another 15 minutes... and decided to finally get the hell out of there (we were there for just about 4 hours)

    the next day, my girl gets a call from the salesmen "I never got the chance to deliver the car to you, what did you just take the keys and drive off?" (in a pretty condescending tone) ugh... I wish ANYONE else had a white on black wolfsberg in the area as I wouldn't of bought it form these A-holes....

    I'm just glad this is over, worst car buying experience EVER! I hope you guys have better luck
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The cool thing is that you will be getting a survey from vw which is very important to the dealer. You can choose to give them a poor rating or negotiate a free tank of gas for a good one. ;) Since they know you aren't happy you could talk to the gm and see if he is interested in your experience. They may not submit your name to vw so if you don't get a survey in a month or so contact vw customer service.
  • haha, that must be why the salesmen has called twice now. lol oh, I can't wait for that survey to come! The other problem is they we bought the car they said "we don't have anyone here to detail it. so you can pick it up on monday if you want" not wanting to leave without a new car we decided to take it and have to bring it back to get cleaned (made an appointment for next monday). my girl is bring the car in, I'll let her know to voice ow unhappy she was with the buying experience

    good luck to you guys!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Do yourself a favor -- be respectful and considerate. Be specific on the issues you were unhappy with. If you are rude or loud then you will be written off as a hothead. Go from a positive --- you really like the car and hope you can build mutual respect but with the following issues -- the ball is in your court. To be fair -- you may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since they will be maintaining your car for 3 years, you want to feel comfortable when you show up. By giving them a chance to make things right you have everything to gain. I would talk only to the gm -- not the salesman at first and give them the benefit of the doubt. You will never be taken seriously if you are confrontive. Stay friendly, frosty, and firm.
  • Well, we wont' be servicing the car at this dealership. it was the only place that had a jetta in the color combination my girlfriend wanted. (also happened to be right near my house, but my girlfriend lives 40 minutes away) there is a vw dealer about 20 minutes from her so she'll get all her service done there.

    The manager was nice when we delt with him, but when I went back in to ask him about the sirius radio he said "oh ask Mark (the salesmen) he just went out on a test drive but should be back in a few minutes...) after waiting for a while I went back and couldn't find either of them.

    I do appreciate the advice and totally agree, a person who acts stern yet rational usually gets more attention then the guy who goes in screaming his head off with reckless abandon
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 306
    >>Do yourself a favor -- be respectful and considerate.

    Are you kidding?

    I would have walked after 5 minutes after punching the GM in the face.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    To each his/her own ponytrekker to each his/her own. It has been my experience that when handling a grievance a cool hand always works better than a hot head. :shades: At least in the car buying arena. If you want the issue resolved you have to be taken seriously. If you just want to vent [no problem from my standpoint] let them have it.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I'm curious whether anyone has recently received a AAA discount on a TDI in the Los Angeles area. The AAA "dealer" is Parkway VW in Valencia; over 50 miles away, and he won't go into details unless I visit in person. His attitude is understandable to prevent me from just taking the AAA price to a closer dealer. But it also kills a whole Saturday plus the delivery trip.

    Is the AAA discount even available on TDI Sportwagens? Is it worth driving 50 miles and abandoning any advantage a local purchase would give for service might provide? Any comments would be appreciated
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Contact aaa for info.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    AAA only forwards one's request to a dealer who's signed up with them. They provide no price information. Costco is the same. I found that Costco pricing only applies to certain models...and its not available on a TDI.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
  • sksnsksn Posts: 4
    I bought a jetta WB edition this past Sunday with MSRP $24,065.

    It's the base model with jetta mats.

    Price I paid: $21,753+TTL.

    I am in So.Cal.

    By the way, I was interested in Jetta TDI sedan in the beginning, but one dealership was only willing to sell it for couple hundreds off MSRP. And another was was marking it up 3000 dollars above MSRP. Those are insane prices even with the tax credit! So I went with the WB and am very happy with it. =)
  • mvistamvista Posts: 1
    Where did you get the WB? I'm also in So Cal. That's a good deal. I was looking at the TDI as well, would like to have the better gas mileage, but I just don't drive that much to justify the cost. Any difficulty getting the dealer to accept the price?
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I've kept an AutoTrader alert for my current vehicle's model so I can see how others are pricing that car online. This morning I received an alert for a new listing and it was MY CAR; VIN and all! A local VW dealer appraised it for trade-in last week, we didn't make a deal. They priced it at top-dollar too!

    They're clearly fishing for interest but I'm not sure how to respond. I'm tempted to send them an e-mail telling them they just lost a sale. I notified AutoTrader of the unauthorized listing, for all the good that will do. What would you do?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Actually, now you know what the retail value is so take off 1500 -2000 and expect that in trade. Does that match up to what you were told?
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    Ha!. They offered me less than 50% of their online price. That's why I walked.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Go back with the facts and ask for a fair deal. Nothing to lose.
  • sksnsksn Posts: 4
    i did several rounds of emails with dealers in socal and finally got the lowest offer. It took about a week to get to it.

    I bought my car from pasadena.
  • jpmnovajpmnova Posts: 15
    Does anyone have any sense (or guess) of whether VW will be bringing back the 0% APR financing rate? I know they are now offering 1.9% and some other carmakers seem to still be offering 0%. VW's sales seem to really be improving, so they may not need to go back down on the rate. Appreciate your thoughts, as I'm considering buying a Jetta this month or next.
  • vladibvladib Posts: 1
    So I see a 2008 VW Jetta S, manual transmission with about 45k miles. Price says 13,999. I tell the dealer I'm just test driving cars right now, not ready to buy. I test drove the Jetta, it drove fine, just a little sensation of vibration on my foot from the clutch and brake.

    Well, he didn't want to leave without a sale, so right before I step off the the lot, he says, "What if I sold it to you for $10,000? Well, I didn't have my financing in order yet, so I still said no. But damn!

    Well, almost a month has gone by, and the car is still on the lot. I feel like going back to the dealership, finding the manager that made me that offer and telling him, Remember when you offered me $10,000?..."

    I am just concerned about that vibration I felt on my foot. Also, the brake and clutch didn't have much tread left on them—my foot was slipping a bit on them.

    Anyway, I am thinking about taking the car to my mechanic, and driving back and offering him $10,000 on the condition that the vibration be fixed. What do you think?
  • faf_01faf_01 Posts: 6
    Looking to lease a car for my daughter...
    Here are the numbers:
    MSRP $19,620.00
    36 months/30k miles
    payment- $235.02/month (NY state tax of $750.53 is included).
    Purchase option/residual - $11,141.00
    Due at signing - $1291.49 = 1st month, bank fee ($625.00), dmv/doc fees ($363.50), tag/dealer tax/fee ($67.97)

    Is it a very good deal or it can be better?
  • ciccofishciccofish Posts: 3
    My daughter just purchased a 2010 Jetta LE for under $17K in the SF area. Anybody know what's up??
  • conger14conger14 Posts: 25

    I have an offer of MSRP 19469
    Sale Price 18886
    DMV fees etc 297.50
    Tax (8% Franklin Cty NY) 1510.88
    Total cost 20693
    monthly payment 60 mos
    0% APR 0 down 344.88

    so far this is the only deal I have received but I wanted to see what people might be getting in NY for a finance deal with 10 jettas?

  • 2010 Jetta Limited Edition
    w/Rubber Mat Kit
    w/Ipod Adapter

    $20,000.40 OTD (tax rate is 3%)
    Also got the 0% for 60 months
    $333.34 mth (financed all of it)

    Bought on last day of the month

    The basic radio system is really the only drawback.

    Your experience may vary!
  • ggeeooggeeoo Posts: 94
    In January I purchased to my delight a TDI Sportswagon it is white with a cornsilk interior. My wife Just replaced her 2005 Mini with a new TDI sedan Candy white
    and a cornsilk interior . The Sedan has Chrome in the headlight and the wagon is a black mat finish inside the headlight any idea if there is a difference? We both average 39 MPG LOCAL DRIVING AND 56 ON THE OPEN ROAD. We are paying a low of 3.05 a gallon . I recently drove a Jeep compass through Iowa and noticed B 20 selling for 1.84 per gallon can anyone verify that. Ps I bought our TDI at Capo VW
    nice people.
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