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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm interested in buying a new 2006 Jetta Base 2.5 with Package Zero and automatic trans. (Sticker Price: $21,980) in the next week or so. Has anyone bought a Jetta like this, and if yes, how much did you pay?

    This late in the year (Mid-November), are there any new 2005.5 Jettas out there with Package 1 and automatic? I live in the Chicago suburbs.

    Thanks for any help and comments.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    For availability, most VW dealers have on line inventory. You can go to to find nearby dealers and check their inventories.
  • Me too have been lurking in this forum for a while, having bought 4 new cars in the past 5 years, thanks for all the great helps in Edmunds. The lateast experience last week is the greatest! :) I'd love to share with you and would recommend this dealership and the internet sales lady wholeheartedly!

    We want a safe commuter with a little kid between work place/daycare and home (the van will sit around in garage for weekend etc). Jetta obviously the best one out there for this purpose. I searched info on a Jetta a week ago and requested price quotes through Edmunds -- 4 of them. We got the best quote from Valley Motor/VW. Then we stopped at the dealership on Saturday to finalize the deal for about 20 minutes, a great experience without any pressure. Then she delivered the car to my home the past Tuesday. The total out-of-the-door price is $20,025.00 on this 2006 Jetta VE auto with ESP and Rear Airbag options. That was it -- 2 emails, one 20minutes visit to dealer, then a deliver to house! As you can see, I am extremely happy with the experience and the car so far.
  • Hi all,

    This board has been a big help in our car buying experience so I thought I would post our deal.

    We ended up getting a leftover 05.5 Jetta 2.5 ( reflex silver) with package 1 for $19000 + 375 dlr fee from a dealership in Denver. They were offering $4000 off MSRP for all of their leftover 05s. We really didn't negotiate much, they just threw that number out and we took it. The deal included a $500 loyality rebate. We looked at some Subarus, but for the money the Jetta seemed like a lot more car. I think with a set of blizzaks it should be plenty capable in the snow.

    Happy Driving!!!
  • Way to go, Denver! I just negotiated a deal for a friend in Chicago over the phone for a new (not a Demo) 2005.5 Jetta with Package 1 and the trunk mat/rubber mat set. Sticker was $24,225. With the $1000 dealer cash (which not all VW dealers told us about) and aggressive negotiating, I got the car for $21,000 plus documentation fee ($56), tax, title and license. This is the lowest price I've heard of for a deal on this model in Chicago. There was no trade-in. It was well below cost and even below holdback!
    I guess I should tell my friend to move to Denver. : )

    I always get a beter price with strong phone negotiation versus e-mail. I think too many people want it to be easy and hassle free (which I understand) and don't realize that they might've overpaid by $500 to $1000. Dealers should be friendly, not trick you AND give you the lowest price...not just 2 out of 3. And I know that most people give up way too easily on getting more money on their trade in. You can get a rock bottom price if you pit 2 or 3 dealers against each other, just put in a few hours and you'll be amazed. Too many people buy from the closest dealer and overpay. It's really a shame. Please save the money for your family.
    My buddy loves his new Jetta! Package 1 in 2005.5 in much nicer than 2006's Package 1. Good luck everyone.
  • Hello! I am wondering if there are any secret factory-to-dealer incentives on the '06 Jetta right now. My wife and I are trying to buy a gray Pckg. 1 w/ DSG and have been offered 25,050 before TT&L. If there is a hidden incentive, though, we would obviously like to try to lower our cost.

    We have seen on a target price for the '06 GLI Pckg. 1 w/ DSG listed as 23,971. At the top of the options list, it says, "Special Pricing - Expires 2/28/06", but lists no numbers or other explanation. I did the math and figured out a $1000 hidden incentive in their listed target price. Can anyone shed some light on this highly secretive topic? :] Thank you!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Why not just buy through, then?

    There is $500 owner loyalty, maybe the target price is assuming you qualify for that plus giving up the holdback???
  • Bought a new 2006 Jetta, 2.5L, automatic transmission, package 2 from inventory in the St. Louis, Mo. Metro area for $24,000 "out the door" the week of February 20th.

    Had another area VW dealer willing to go a bit lower ($23,926) on a 2006 Jetta, 2.5L, automatic transmission, package 2 and rear air bag, but it wasn't the preferred color. The "manufacture date" on this "wrong color" inventory vehicle - determined by walking the dealer's lot after hours - was July 2005 (!!!!). Figured that for the price difference ($74) we'd stick with our color prefence (the additional rear air bag on the "wrong color" Jetta didn't entice us either).

    With regard to the CarsDirect "target price" - it was the only website that listed such a low "target" or "negotiated price." So, either Carsdirect knew something others didn't or it's information was faulty.

    Either way, though, we found it impossible to get the VW dealers to go any lower - so if there is any manufacturer to dealer money, we weren't successful in getting them to give it up through our direct negotiations. In fact, we counter-proposed to the "wrong color" dealer (ya know, the one with the manufacture date of July 2005) at $23,500 and told him we were definitely buying the "right color" later that afternoon unless he cut the price. During the day, we got no return message from him. So we bought the "right color" at the other dealer. Later that same evening that we bought the "right color" Jetta, we got an email from "wrong color" salesman saying "sorry I was off today. If you bought the car already, you've got a great car. If not, then give me a call and let's finalize the deal." (what "deal"??).

    Ok, I can either be generous (he wasn't lying about being off) or not (he was lying about being off and just playing possum) with regard to the "wrong color" salesman. But, let's just say this was a designated "internet salesman" with whom we had been emailing over the past 24 hours AND he had our cellphone number so we'll let the reader decide which way they would go on that.

    To sum up our experience, it was very difficult to get two area dealers into an effective "reverse auction" for a 2006 Jetta at a price much below $24,000.

    At the end of the day, I think $24,000 on our new "right color" 2006 Jetta, 2.5L automatic, with package 2 was a "good deal."
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    $24,000 sounds high especially since people are buying new Passats for close to that.
  • thjattythjatty Posts: 14
    I've been offered a deal on a new 2005.5 jetta 2.5 w/auto and package #2 xm.
    MSRP $26,740: offered to me at $21,240.

    IS THIS A GOOD OFFER??? :confuse:
  • fish8 wrote:

    $24,000 sounds high especially since people are buying new Passats for close to that.

    In what parallel universe? The last reported sale price (in late Feb. 2006) - according to the Passat prices paid forum - for a 2006 Passat 2.0T, with package 2 was $26,050.
  • thjatty wrote:

    I've been offered a deal on a new 2005.5 jetta 2.5 w/auto and package #2 xm.
    MSRP $26,740: offered to me at $21,240.


    As mentioned above, I just bought a 2006 Jetta 2.5, with package 2(xm) in the St. Louis metro area for $24,000.

    I'm still on the email list for one of the dealer's I was negotiating with for the 2006 and they JUST (really) sent me an email for their "Pre-Construction Sale" listing a 2005 Jetta with package 2 for $22,4xx. Notably, this very same dealer offered a similar vehicle (2005 Jetta, 2.5L, auto with package 2 xm) for $23,000 only a week or two back (suggesting the 2005 in liue of the 2006 and insisting that they couldn't sell a 2006 Jetta for less than invoice).
  • thjattythjatty Posts: 14
    Got the "New" Jetta 2005.5 with pkg 2 (XM) and auto trans with tiptronic. Paid $21,240 (excl tax&title). It's SWEET! :shades:
  • avidmarcavidmarc Posts: 4
    I am interested in the new GLI but have not had the chance to find one yet. Has anyone driven/bought/looked at one? Please give me your impressions. Thanks.
  • lastorylastory Posts: 13
    Drove one today. Blows the 2.5 away. It's what the new Jetta should have been from the get go. Only problem is they are marking them up 2,000 in Los Angeles.
  • I was looking at a Mercedes C230 and switched back to the Jetta right before buying the Mercedes. There is not a huge amount of difference in the price but still enough to make me reconsider looking at the Jetta. I found a few and my wife likes them also. THe dealer said he would sell to me for a couple of hundred over invoice which sounded good to me. When I got home, I put down the options and it came to the invoice sticker on the car and the price the dealer used for MSRP. Then I checked the invoice (Edmunds of course) and it showed the car was 949.00 over invoice. So back to work again. He even told me to go to Edmunds and check around. Also I asked about the 2.9 percent financeing for the 2.5 Jetta. He said his finance guy said there is none and he had never heard of it. I told him, maybe I read wrong so got on when I got home and there it is. Even Edmunds shows it, except Edmunds has a date from March 1, 2006 through May. says it ends at the end of this month, so maybe it has already been extended and Edmunds is showing it. The 2.9 really is going to be a big help. Anyone know about this? Also how much over invoice is fair? I have never looked at these cars but the lots I am looking at are so crowded with them that you can barely walk. Is there a reason they are not selling? Maybe they are and the inventory on the lots is just heavy. Not sure. Anyway, any tips or help would be appreciated. I am in the Austin, Texas area.
  • jwboycejwboyce Posts: 11
    2006 GLIs are apparently hard to find when fully loaded - our sales person said she finally found one that was almost (but not quite) what we wanted - in Alabama - which meant ~800 bucks in extra delivery charges.

    My wife and I ended up ordering a custom 06 GLI from VW (wait time up to 4 months). Costco price was quoted as 200 over invoice for a total of $29326 (Pkg#2, 18in wheels, DVD Navigation, Rear Side Airbags, cargo net). But then you add in fees (doc=289, port=367, dealer prep=200) and it ends up $30182 (~1K over straight invoice). Could we have done better? Perhaps. But we were happy getting ~2350 under MSRP for the exact car we wanted with no hassle from a great salesperson. Now we wait, and ponder our need for a second car...
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think the financing may depend on dealer participation. Perhaps this dealer chose not to participate.

    You say there is not much difference in price between Jetta and C230...but C230 starts at $29K, while Jetta starts about $18K. :confuse:
  • will2702will2702 Posts: 13
    Able to lease a deep black GLI package#1 2 weeks ago for a 2yr/10k for only 355/month. MSRP 26955 but the cap cost was 24,813. It didnt take long to negotiate a free 1st oil change and free floor mats as well.
  • joanlmjoanlm Posts: 2
    A dealer can make or break the situation. Two experiences, one in Dallas (they were good) and one in Chicago (not good). In Chicago I bought a brand new 2002 VW Jetta, my dream car, fully loaded etc. that had done .5 miles. The salesman gave me really serious pressure. In retrospect, I should not have bought the car at all. I was driving a perfectly good VW 1996 Jetta.

    The result is I still have the car but don't drive it and am thinking about selling it. I took it into the DEALER (in Chicago) last week. They are the typical "hard nosed" type. The salesman thought I was just another uninformed customer. Low balled the offer to me, I walked out. No way am I going to give my car to a dealer to make money on it. They undervalued the car giving it a poor rating.

    I honestly think Dealers are giving us consumers a hard time. No matter what they say about their expenses and coverage costs. So I think it is time to speak out and call it like it is. A fair deal is just that, and a Dealership that tries to take advantage of a buyer needs to be challenged.

    I never thought of selling my car myself. Always had the idea that the Dealer knows best. Well, do they? I don't think so. I found so much helpful information on Edmunds. I wish I had found them in 2002 before I went to the Dealer.
  • joanlmjoanlm Posts: 2
    The Dealer tells you the car you want is hard to find, when it is right there on their lot. They have to "justify" their time as they fiddle around with papers, then they make you think that they are looking for the car you want. And yes, you guessed it, charge you extra.

    I am selling mine, but the Dealer told me they didn't have any models for me to compare my car to. They did, in fact they had quite a few, they are listed on the Internet and their Dealership name is next to the car. So the real issue is they are giving you a story. Unfortunately, we believe their stories.

    And what is more their asking price is so inflated above a fair value and it does not matter whether the car is used or new. The problem is that you and I, the humble consumer, get ripped off.
  • boldenbolden Posts: 1
    It's best to search for your ideal vehicle on the lots of dealerships in larger cities. You will not only have more choices available to you, but they can afford to bargin a bit more than the small town dealerships watching every penny. The larger cities you choose should have at least 3 dealerships within a 50 mile radius. I bought my GLI in Vegas where the color, options and package choices were in abundance. When I got back to my hometown, they only had one GLI, one color no pkg 2, etc. Also be sure to tell the dealership that you are not comparing to other GLIs at other dealerships, but are comparing to other vehicle models such as BMW 325i, Acura TSX, etc.
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    Picked up my GLI (package 2, 6-speed, 18" wheels) for $25.8k in Houston over the weekend. Had a terrific purchase experience with my dealer--basically I asked for invoice price and got it. It was a bit tough to find the color (red)/option/wheel combo I wanted, but eventually they found one and swapped with that dealer.
  • crorder1crorder1 Posts: 1
    That's all I want. A 2.0 automatic(not GLI) with no additional packages (If I could be picky I have a preference for color). I called my local dealership today and he told me that VW doesn't make the 2.0 anymore (the single 2.0 listed on their website in a GLI). When I questioned him, he just repeated his previous statement. Well I know they have them - the one I want is at a dealership 100 miles away (and different state). I want to make sure I'm not going crazy though. Is anyone aware of VW slowing/stopping production on the 2.0 - will they be available in 07? After all the research I've done - I am completely frustrated at this point.
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    Unless I'm mistaken, the base Jetta engine is the 2.5. The 2.0 (turbo) comes in the GLI and 2.0T.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    You are not mistaken. The new Jetta has the new 2.5, 5 cyl as the base engine the old 2.0 (non-turbo) went out with the old model in early 2005. There is a 2.0T as you indicate.
  • jwboycejwboyce Posts: 11
    I'm pretty sure that no dealersip will make a customer order a car that they have for sale on the lot. it just costs them money, and risks the consumer walking away. if they could have found what we wanted, they would have gone to get it, had the sale, and been done.

    Sounds like you got more of a story than I did, but it also sounds like your situation (selling a used car) is pretty different than mine (buying a new one).
  • smotsmot Posts: 1
    I have been offerred a price of $17699 for a 2006 Value Edition Jetta, automatic. Sound good?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Do you mean 2.0t (as in Turbo)? Or the old non turbo 2.0 115hp engine?
  • Smot, I think that is a great price.

    I have been looking for the past 2 months. The best price I got was $18,700 for 2006 Jetta VE with Automatic and ESP option here in the Boston area. The price included the $650 destination charge. The MSRP was $19,885

    Tax, Title and fees would be extra.

    What part of the country are you buying in?
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