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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • joanlmjoanlm Posts: 2
    The Dealer tells you the car you want is hard to find, when it is right there on their lot. They have to "justify" their time as they fiddle around with papers, then they make you think that they are looking for the car you want. And yes, you guessed it, charge you extra.

    I am selling mine, but the Dealer told me they didn't have any models for me to compare my car to. They did, in fact they had quite a few, they are listed on the Internet and their Dealership name is next to the car. So the real issue is they are giving you a story. Unfortunately, we believe their stories.

    And what is more their asking price is so inflated above a fair value and it does not matter whether the car is used or new. The problem is that you and I, the humble consumer, get ripped off.
  • boldenbolden Posts: 1
    It's best to search for your ideal vehicle on the lots of dealerships in larger cities. You will not only have more choices available to you, but they can afford to bargin a bit more than the small town dealerships watching every penny. The larger cities you choose should have at least 3 dealerships within a 50 mile radius. I bought my GLI in Vegas where the color, options and package choices were in abundance. When I got back to my hometown, they only had one GLI, one color no pkg 2, etc. Also be sure to tell the dealership that you are not comparing to other GLIs at other dealerships, but are comparing to other vehicle models such as BMW 325i, Acura TSX, etc.
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    Picked up my GLI (package 2, 6-speed, 18" wheels) for $25.8k in Houston over the weekend. Had a terrific purchase experience with my dealer--basically I asked for invoice price and got it. It was a bit tough to find the color (red)/option/wheel combo I wanted, but eventually they found one and swapped with that dealer.
  • crorder1crorder1 Posts: 1
    That's all I want. A 2.0 automatic(not GLI) with no additional packages (If I could be picky I have a preference for color). I called my local dealership today and he told me that VW doesn't make the 2.0 anymore (the single 2.0 listed on their website in a GLI). When I questioned him, he just repeated his previous statement. Well I know they have them - the one I want is at a dealership 100 miles away (and different state). I want to make sure I'm not going crazy though. Is anyone aware of VW slowing/stopping production on the 2.0 - will they be available in 07? After all the research I've done - I am completely frustrated at this point.
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    Unless I'm mistaken, the base Jetta engine is the 2.5. The 2.0 (turbo) comes in the GLI and 2.0T.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    You are not mistaken. The new Jetta has the new 2.5, 5 cyl as the base engine the old 2.0 (non-turbo) went out with the old model in early 2005. There is a 2.0T as you indicate.
  • jwboycejwboyce Posts: 11
    I'm pretty sure that no dealersip will make a customer order a car that they have for sale on the lot. it just costs them money, and risks the consumer walking away. if they could have found what we wanted, they would have gone to get it, had the sale, and been done.

    Sounds like you got more of a story than I did, but it also sounds like your situation (selling a used car) is pretty different than mine (buying a new one).
  • smotsmot Posts: 1
    I have been offerred a price of $17699 for a 2006 Value Edition Jetta, automatic. Sound good?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Do you mean 2.0t (as in Turbo)? Or the old non turbo 2.0 115hp engine?
  • Smot, I think that is a great price.

    I have been looking for the past 2 months. The best price I got was $18,700 for 2006 Jetta VE with Automatic and ESP option here in the Boston area. The price included the $650 destination charge. The MSRP was $19,885

    Tax, Title and fees would be extra.

    What part of the country are you buying in?
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    leased jetta 2.5 automatic/package 1/mud guards-- details on lease topic...

    msrp $23,740--- got it for $21,574- no trade.

    looked at lots of other cars... mazda 3 has a brutal air conditioner - never could cool the car without fan speed being on high or medium high--- accord coupe manual tranny was the most "fun" to drive, but the jetta had more bells and whistles for the price. don't care for the automatic door locks as it's a pain to get out of the car and try to open another door and find it's locked-- any advice here? anyway, glad all this car shopping is over.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    You can program the locks so that all doors unlock when the car is turned off and you remove the key. If yours has the multi-function computer, I think you can do this yourself.

    We had the dealer set ours up to do this (no charge), since we have VE and therefore do not have access to the computer menus, we could not do it ourselves.

    One thing to be aware of after you make this change, the automatic unlock only works when the doors have been automatically locked. If before you start moving a door is manually locked, that door will not auto unlock.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    thanks--will try to get this done.
  • passspasss Posts: 1
    i have a possibility of buying a very low miles '05 Jetta diesel. Consumer's Report doesn't include this on their "Recommended" list. reviews I've read a quite variable. What are the primary things I should look at/consider if all that's visable looks good?
  • VW's current rate incentives expire July 4, but how reasonable is it to expect them to offer the low rates again in the near future?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Not that I know any more than you, but...

    For 2006s, my guess would be any incentives will be continued or increased. But of course the available selection will gradually decrease.
  • jwboycejwboyce Posts: 11
    I could have posted this under "Jetta Problems and Solutions", but since it happened IMMEDIATELY after our purchase, I thought I'd share this with y'all instead... it was part of our "buying experience"!

    Last weekend we picked up our 06 Jetta GLI, custom-built from the factory (we paid invoice, by the way). On the drive home from the dealership, the car stalled at a red light, then locked itself into park when I tried to restart it. I spent 30 minutes directing traffic in the 105F heat.

    It was diagnosed at a computer malfunction in the transmission, and we're still waiting for the new chip to be shipped from Germany.

    I'm frustrated, and I feel like I deserve some compensation, but I have no idea what, and they certainly aren't volunteering anything other than apologies. Are we entitled to compensation, or is it just tough luck?
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    Doubtful (I assume they put you into a rental car during this period, right?). As long as the manufacturer/dealer corrects the problem, then they have fulfilled their obligation. The fact that the car was right off the showroom floor is incidental here. Of course if the same problem arises multiple times, then your states lemon law would enter into this.

    I had the transmission fail on my old Acura TL-S twice within 36k miles. After the second failure, Honda repurchased the car. It wasn't a lemon, per se, but they acknowledged the issues I had with it and recognized that they needed to make the situation right. Each time I had the car in the shop waiting on a new tranny, I received a rental car equivalent to the TL, but nothing in addition.
  • jwboycejwboyce Posts: 11
    You are probably correct, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. They offered a replacement, but didnt want one (we have an 04 GTI).

    And frankly, everything else about the purchase was great. I'd go back to the dealership IF I were to buy another VW, which will depend on how often things like this happen. Hopefully never again.
  • Was wondering if anyone out there has dealt with VW dealers in the Tucson area. There's only one official VW dealer that I know of and after talking with them, it seems that they have a very low selection of GLI's. I'd prefer to not have to drive all over Arizona to find a respectable dealer, so does anyone have any experience with Tucson dealers? If not, how about Phoenix?? Thanks for your help.
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