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Porsche Panamera (4 door sedan)



  • In case people haven't read about it, topspeed revealed has a review on the convertible Porsche Panamera, featuring details about the car as well as a few photos and wallpapers.

    "Though it has yet to be confirmed by company big-wigs, Automotive News has reported that Porsche is on its way to making a convertible version of the Porsche Panamera. Unlike the standard hard-top Panamera, the convertible version will come in a two-door variety, partly to increase the car’s rigidity to compensate for the added weight that comes with the soon-to-be-added soft-top roof..."


    Here's the whole article:
    Convertible Porsche Panamera possibly in the works

    And also the wallpaper gallery:
    Convertible Porsche Panamera possibly in the works pictures
  • According to the info on my DVR, tomorrows Speed Test Drive is featuring the Panamera. Will be nice to see this car in motion.
  • This past week I had the opportunity to drive the new Panamera. My 911 was in for some routine maintenance, the service department had gotten backed up and the Service Manager did not want me just sitting around doing nothing. So he handed me the keys to one of the two Panameras that the dealership has. It was a heavily optioned base model. Their other version is the turbo with the ceramic brake pacake, wondow sticker is $155,000. The window sticker came to just over $118,000. Separate and apart from whether the car was worth $118,000 or whether anyone truly needs a $118,000 car, or even if the current market is ready for such a vehicle; it was a most impressive and remarkable test drive.

    The car is fast, rock solid, and quiet . The PDK works perfectly, the large brakes bring it down from obscene speeds with no muss or fuss. Rearward visibility is somewhat compromised but I cannot remember the last car I drove where I could see all 4 corners. Fit and finish were impeccable, especially given it being an early build car. The thing had far too much technology for my tastes but even if you keep a tight rein on the option list you are not going to get one of these beasts out of the showroom for much under $115,000. Given my upper midwest location the 4S would be the way to go if it is going to be a 12 month car. I had been thinking, but not seriously, of trading in my '04 911 for an '09 or '10 911 with PDK. When it comes time for me to grow up (I'm only 65) I think the Panamera might have to make the short list of things to consider.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    My local dealer has two base models in stock.. One sounds like the one you drove... Around $122K, all loaded up..

    But, the other one stickers for under $100K... (base price $89K, I think?)...

    So... probably hard to find, but the low-optioned models are out there...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jjr10jjr10 Posts: 2
    Anyone have any negotiated purchase or lease information on the panameras? Negotiated prices, money factors, any dealer incentives, etc. By 2nd quarter 2010, do you think additional incentives will be available for this vehicle?

    I test drove a 4S version. Build quality seems to be excellent. Interior design and quality is well above anything at its price point. Fast yet comfortable and roomy.
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    I have ordered 4S last week. The list price with all the options is 107k, the dealer agreed to take 5% off. The car will be delivered in mid-April. It looks like it is not more expensive to order exactly what you want vs picking up among the cars that are already in stock. My dealer told me I would have the same discount in either case. So unless you need the car ASAP (or simply cannot wait), you can as well configure it to your perfect liking. In my case, none of the cars that were in stock had the set of options that I wanted to have.
  • The response to this car has been exceptional. They perform. However, if interested a buyer should consider the following. There is no spare tire and the car does not have run flat tires. An inflatable spare is available from Porsche parts. You have to determine how to tie it down and it will take up trunk space. I recently drove the 4S($122,000) and the Turbo ($155,000) which as optioned are expensive. Since I drive on trips alot not having designed the Panamera with a built in spare was a deal killer for me. I'm extending the lease on my E63 and will wait and see.
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