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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • And my apologies for overreacting. In my mind the Frontier vs. Tacoma is probably not a true apples to apples comparison. I've owned both, though the Nissan was a Hardbody and not a Frontier. I personally consider the Tacoma to be superior in quality and reliability.

    I'm also not confident that Nissan is showing the correct base price for a KC SE V6 4X4. That price is down around $20K. There is not any official MSRP info on either, nor have I seen any detailed info on Std. equip. My comparison was probably premature aloong with my price analysis. Come 10/11 when the pricing is released we'll all have a better idea of how things stack up. I really hope you are correct. If a V6 4X4 6 spd. TRD Access Cab MSRP's for $26-$27K I'll be one happy camper. Best to you.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    No problem Purestock, I hope that I am wrong and that I am being over quoted myself. Maybe the dealers are somehow sticking an extra markup on those MSRPs.

    As far as NAV and Sunroof goes, I really wish those were options too. As far as NAV goes, I can add one via aftermarket so that is not a huge issue to me.

    However, the sunroof is another story. I'd love to be able to wait for the model to be available with a sunroof, however I need to buy fairly shortly since I am without a car right now.

    Is an aftermarket soonroof out of the question? Is it possible to make a request to the factory do get one pre-made with?

    Havent pre-ordered a Toyota before, so all info is welcome and appreciated.
  • This may be a re-post, but in case anyone is interested, here are some base msrps i got from a buddy who works at a toyota dealer:

    4x2 reg cab manual $13500
    4x2 reg cab manual (prerunner) $14300
    4x2 reg cab auto $14400
    4x2 access cab manual $16900
    4x2 access cab manual (prerunner) $17700
    4x4 reg cab manual $17400
    4x2 access cab auto $17800
    4x2 access cab v6 6spd manual (prerunner)$19100
    4x2 access cab v6 auto (prerunner) $20000
    4x4 access cab manual $20700
    4x2 d-cab v6 auto short bed (prerunner) $21700
    4x2 d-cab v6 auto long bed (prerunner) $22200
    4x4 access cab v6 6spd manual $22300
    4x2 x-runner v6 6spd manual $23100
    4x4 access cab auto $23200
    4x4 d-cab v6 6spdm manual $23900
    4x4 d-cab v6 auto short bed $24800
    4x4 d-cab v6 auto long bed $25300

    I transposed these numbers from the sheet he printed out for me, so forgive me for any mistakes there might be..
  • Let me apologize briefly, was I dont mention the tacoma in the entire post. Hm- 16% on a car loan- thats crazy. I got 5.9 from toyota financial in early 03 with shoddy credit. Anyhow... why dont you just use the wife's Pilot to pull the boat? should be just fine. As for "Less Safe" certainly they are not as safe in certain conditions. But if crash safety for you and your family is what you're after, get yourself a fullsize. Bigger truck=more metal&more crumple zone. I'd rather be above the accident than in it (anyone feel free to argue that one with me). If I had my choice, my new vehicles wouldnt have airbags at all, but rather 5 pot belts. Unfortunately, the Ralph Naders out there dont beleive I should have hat choice. Also, be sure to take the the Pilot to a safe kids inspection if you have the opportunity- you'd be surprised what you can learn. But if I had to recomend one vehicle out of these 3 for YOU, I would suggest the Honda SUT, as long as they offer it with some kind of stability controll(ESP, VSC, VSP, or whatever they want to call it)I beleive Continental's slogan applies here "Safety is a standard, not an option". This is potentially the biggest advancement since ABS to keep any airbags your vehicle may or may not have from being called upon in the first place. Happy and safe motoring to you.
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114
    Can someone post what the average price is for the TRD packages? Is it the same independent of model?

    Most of the configurations have fixed price differences:
    Long bed $500
    Auto is $900
    V6 is $2200
    Access Cab is $3400
    Double Cab is $1700 + Access Cab
    PreRunner is $800
    4x4 is $2900 ($2200 > PreRunner if no regular model)

    (This was done quickly, so forgive me for errors.)
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114
    I just saw a post about a 4x2 Double Cab (V6 Auto Short Bed). Base Price is $21675 ($18995 inv). TRD Offroad Package is $3045 ($2445 inv) (No tow package?). Floor Mats are $130 ($80 inv). Destination is $565. Total is $25415.

    Not sure what TDA ($285) is. Don't think it affected price. Holdback and Reserve total 3% of base.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    In addition, I received a dealer inventory report as well from a dealer that confirms the following:

    V6 D-Cab Auto 4 x 4 SB = $24750
    V6 D-Cab Auto PreRu SB = $21675
    TRD Off Road = $3045
    TRD Off Road & Tow Package = $3695
    TRD Sport Package = $3220
    Floormats = $130
    Destination = $540

    I think that most of the above is fairly accurate, with the only exception being the Destination charge. I've been quoted both $540 and $565. If all goes well I dont plan on paying that at all. Bogus charge anyways, in my own opinion.
  • Are there any new Tacoma colors for '05? Are the TRD packages color specific? If so, which colors are available?

  • Just got a 2005 toyota trucks brochure from a dealer and here is the color info:

    Super White
    Silver Streak Mica
    Desert Sand Mica
    Radiant Red (on X-runner, pre-runner, 4x4 only)
    Impulse Red Pearl(darker red than radiant)
    Speedway Blue (on X-runner, TRD Sport, TRD Offroad only)
    Indigo Ink Pearl (dark blue)
    Black Sand Pearl

    That's all the colors.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Eldenslack -

    With regards to the color:

    Speedway Blue (on X-runner, TRD Sport, TRD Offroad only)

    Does it say anything about being limited to the 4x4 TRD Off-Road only, or is it available on PreRunner 4x2 TRD Off-Road as well?

  • Anyone seen the 05 tacoma in Atlanta? Or if not, anyone know when they are coming in? Additionally I'm trying to figure out if the double-cab is available in 4x2. A previous listing of models in someone's post made it sound like it was only available in the pre-runner package.
  • Anyone know if the Tacoma will truly require premium gas? I say truly b/c I think it's often said vehicles require premium and then the techs at dealerships will tell you otherwise. Does the 4Runner v-6 require premium/ b/c it's the same engine I think?...
  • No indication one way or the other on whether Speedway Blue requires 4x4 on TRD Sport/Offroad. Here is the exact quote from the page:

      Speedway Blue -- Available with X-Runner, TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road Package

    Since it is possible to get TRD Sport/Off-Road in 4x2, I assume Speedway Blue would be available.
  • Here's the email quote I just got (in Pittsburgh):

    Below is an inquiry report for a 2005 tacoma Dcab with TRD sport.
    245HP 4.0L V6 DOHC 24V Engine w/VVT-i
    5-Speed ECT-i Automatic Transmission
    4WDemand 4x4 System w/Electronically
    Controlled 2 Speed Transfer Case
    Coil Over Shock Double A-Arm Fr Susp
    Multi-Leaf Rr Suspension w/Staggered
    Outboard Mounted Shocks
    Front Stabilizer Bar
    Pwr Assisted Rack and Pinion Steering
    Pwr Assisted Fr Disc/Rr Drum Brakes
    16" Styld Steel Whls w/P245/75R16 Tires
    4 Wheel ABS w/Electronic Brake Force
    Distribution (EBD) & Brake Assist (BA)
    Dr & Fr Pass Dual Stage Airbags
    w/Occupant Classification System
    Dr & Fr Pass 3pt Seatbelts
    w/Pretensioners & Force Limiters
    Rr 3pt Seatbelts
    CRS Lower (ISOFIX) & Top Tether Anchors
    Side Door Impact Beams
    SMC Composite Long Bed Inner w/Steel
    Panels,Rail Caps & Removable Tailgate
    Deck Rail System w/4 Adj Tie-Down Cleats
    Black Grille,Bumpers,Overfenders,
    Handles & Outside Mirrors
    Argent Grille Surround
    Cloth Bucket Seats w/Pass-Side
    Fold-Flat,Dr-Side Lumbar,Adj Headrests &
    SR5 Fabric Trim
    60/40 Split Rr Bench w/Adj Headrests,
    Underseat & Rr Bulkhead Storage
    Air Conditioner
    Pwr Windows/Door Locks/Mirrors
    AM/FM/CD w/6 Speakers
    Tilt/Telescoping Steering Wheel
    Engine Immobilizer
    Cig Lighter+Aux Power Point
    3 Ctr/2 Rr Console Cup Holders
    LED-Illuminated Gauges
    50 State Emissions .........................
    AM/FM/CD W/6 Disc Chngr & 6 Spkrs .........
    w/Steering Wheel audio Controls ...........
    TRD Sport Pkg #2 w/Tow Hitch Includes: ....
    Sport Susp w/Bilstein Shocks,17" Alloy ....
    Wheels w/P265/65R17 Tires, .................
    Limited Slip Diff,115V/400W Deck Mtd .......
    Power Point,Foglamps,Class 4 Hitch, ........
    Trans & Supplemental Oil Coolers,Hvy Duty .
    Battery,130A Alt,7 Pin Conn w/Conv, ........
    Remote Keyless Entry,Cruise Control, .......
    Variable Int Wipers,Multifunction O/H ......
    Console w/Compass & Temp Gauge, ...........
    Auto Dimming Inside Mirror,Color-Keyed ....
    Grille Surround/Bumpers/Mirrors/Door ......
    Handles/Overfenders,Sliding Rr Window ......
    w/Privacy Glass,Sport Seats w/Drvr ........
    Lumbar Support & Sport Fabric Trim, .......
    Metallic Tone Instr Panel Trim,Leather .....
    Strng Wheel/Shifter, Sunvisors w/Mirrors ...
    & Extenders ...............................
    Preferred Accessory Package ...............
    Preferred Owner''s Portfolio ...............
    MSRP $ 30,277.00
    Disc $- 1,000.00
    TOTAL $ 29,277.00 Plus tax and plate.
    Truck not yet in stock, is on order will take 2 to 3 weeks to get you one.

    $30k...ouch. Maybe wait 'till the hype dies down...
  • jbonejbone Posts: 35
    This link from toyota pressroom answers your question - 91 octane is RECOMMENDED for the new V6 but NOT required - usually to obtain the better gas mileage and eliminate any knocking... pdf
  • cav3cav3 Posts: 14
    Does anyone know if there is a price difference between the short bed and long bed for the v6 DC 4x4?

    What does a "Tow Package" include? There is a $650 difference between the Off Road package and Off Road package w/Tow package. Should I just have someone add a after market hitch or am I missing something? (Suspension, etc.)

    Note: Forgive me, but I've have very little knowledge about this subject?
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    The Price difference between the Short & Long bed is about $500.00

    The Tow Package offers:

    130 Amp Alternator
    Heavy Duty Battery
    Supplemental Transmission Oil Cooler
    Class IV Tow Hitch
    7-Pin Connector with Converter
  • The option prices vary depending on which model you are adding it to..

    as far as trd this is what i have:

    Option code "OG" is TRD offroad with towing package.

    OG is $4400 for 4x4 and Prerunner Access Cabs
    OG is $3700 for 4x4 and Prerunner Double Cab Short Beds

    Option code "PT" is TRD Sport w/ towing package

    PT is $4600 for 4x4 and Prerunner Access Cabs
    PT is $3900 for 4x4 and Prerunner Double Cab Short Beds

    As far as i can tell there is no "OG or PT" for Double Cab Long Beds, at least not on these sheets. The most expensive packages I see for double cab long beds is "PK" which is TRD Sport #2 w/Towing package.

    PK is $4000 for Long Bed D-Cab 4x4s and Prerunners.
  • does anyone know when the 2005 tacoma is scheduled to arrive in the south eastern part of the US. Ive been waiting to see a new tacoma in person.
  • cav3cav3 Posts: 14
    Dealer in Atlanta told me two weeks ago late October.

    I saw the 2005 Taco featured today on a TV show called I think "Motor Trend" (Show is every Sat morning @9:00am or 9:30am). They said the MSRP range for the new truck is from $17,000 to $24,000. Unfortunately, nothing more specific such as price with packages, etc.. I thought Toyota would have published the prices before that show.
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