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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • jadamjrjadamjr Posts: 28

    Yep same problem on my 2005 Dbl Cab. Getting it replaced this week!

  • streaksstreaks Posts: 64
    Hey dr, got the same..brackets wrap 'round the hood..ur kewl...not enough space when the hood closes to fit the deflector itself..hense the bracket mount.
    i dig the look(different) & it's workin' well, however i'm concerned about stability... seems to "wiggle a bit more that i'd like... I'll be watchin this closely.. if you search under "hood protectors" on this forum, u will find more info...think there's a link to a site w/ an aftermarket if need be. Good luck to us both!!

    I have an Acc. Off-Road OG#2...V6...6M..Black Sand....Awesome about 4000 mi. on 'er..gettin faster every day..Good break-in!! Can't wait to run into a Frontier!!!
    Turns heads too..not many here in Cent. Pa.
  • kidiccaruskidiccarus Posts: 2
    "I have one real annoyance...a clicking noise coming from the front drivers side door area... possibly the B-pillar. It makes the annoying sound only on little tiny imperfections in the road (pretty much constantly) but does not do it on big bumps. It sounds like a washer that is rattling between a bolt and a nut that is not tight. I took it to the dealer and they at first did not hear it, but with me driving and the tech listening they heard it (so he said). I ended taking off the door panel myself and driving and yes it was still there... The door panel was not the culprit... I siliconed all the door seals and checked all the screws, bolts and anything else that could be tightened... and it is still there...damn it!"

    I also have an 05 Tacoma double cab with off road and tow package that I've been driving for about a month now. I love it except for...

    I have been experiencing the same door rattle that seems to come from the B-pillar just behind my left ear, though I can't put my finger on exactly where it comes from. I saw that this post was from March, and I'm wondering if you (or anyone else) ever figured out what caused the rattle and how to fix it.
  • bobwhobobwho Posts: 24
    I've been watching this forum for the over 6 months now. I've read all the problems that people are having about chipping paint, rattles, leaks, rust and howling noises. Well, now I wonder are all the problems from Toy trucks made before 12/04 or after. It seems that few problems are coming up after 01/05. I've got a 90 Toy 4X4 with 184,000 and have had to replace things due to wear. When the new 05 came out, I thought I would wait awhile and see if anyone has problems and it's obvious that there are. I'm ready to wait for the 06 to come out, but if all the problems are solved, than I could be driving one within a few weeks. So help me out folks, whats story are the problems on all the toys being built or just the first few months. Thanks.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    My 03/05 Access Cab 4x4 V6 TRD is still perfect.
  • bill55bill55 Posts: 25
    I live in Calgary and ordered my "05 DC A/T LB 4X4 Sport w/towing package" on March 18. The dealer informed it would be a three to four month wait. About mid April he also informed me that the scheduled assembly date was May 9 and approximate delivery timeframe would be early to mid June. This was OK ,it gave me time to figure out how i would pay for it.So i am still anxiously waiting. Will keep you informed.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Gosh, you guys are making me feel bad. I only had to wait 4 days to get my Black 05 DC V6 AT 4x4 TRD Sport #2.

    Is your dealer contacting other dealers in the area to see if they have what you want, and could make a trade? That's what my dealer did. They traded a Tundra that they had on the lot for my Tacoma that had just arrived on a truck at a dealer 60 miles away.
  • jkmqjkmq Posts: 8
    For me the LB is really needed.The shorter bed is just too short.The P265 tires and the 4x4 package makes the truck look great.I've had no problems manuevering the truck at all such as parking, u-turns etc. The only thing I could mention that I have a little trouble with is changing lanes in traffic.The headrest on the back seats can make it tricky, visibilty wise. Everything else has been great.
  • toytrucktoytruck Posts: 67
    I am wondering if anyone knows if the paint material and process on the Tacomas is different at the Mexico plant than the California plant?

    2005 Tacoma on the way to arbitration.
  • ruskastudruskastud Posts: 34
    Been reading all about people's problems and etc., and the one question I have, seems to have been answered a million times, but with no consistent answer. Does either the single disk or 6 disk CD changer in the '05 Tacoma play mp3 CD's? If you don't know what an mp3 CD is, please don't respond. If you do, please let me know what's up. This is honestly the only thing stopping me from going out and buying an '05 today. Some posts on this site say yes, some say no, some say just the changer, some say just the singe disk. I honestly think a lot of people don't know what an mp3 cd is. An mp3 CD is a DATA disk with files with the .mp3 extention. These files happen to be audio files and thus play music when read as data. Not all CD players play mp3 CD's. Hopefully someone out there know's what's up.

    Yes, this is that important to me. If you want to knock me for being so picky, please do it on your own time......

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    Why not just bring your own disc to a dealer and try it?
  • imin2mximin2mx Posts: 27
    This is how I got my DC LB Prerunner Sport with leather in one week. I bought it December 4th, so they were just out and hard to get. I originally contacted the local dealers in person and via their web sites to find this truck, but was told of the delays etc. Eventually, I found a web site the had all of the dealers in Florida (where I live). They didn't give their web site address, but in all cases their web site address was the same as their name i.e. Toyota of Orlando was At any rate, I logged onto all of their web sites and looked at their inventory and what they were going to receive. I finally found the truck I wanted even though the dealer would not receive it for five days. It was about a hundred miles away, but hey, I got the truck I wanted in about a week.
  • wes240wes240 Posts: 33
    The Tacoma CD player does NOT play mp3s. I have the regular non-JBL 6 CD changer. I do know what mp3s are. Maybe the JBL one does play mp3s but I'm almost sure it does not.
  • I'm sure it's been asked, but we are looking at getting one...

    The Toyota website states that premium fuel is recommended for "maximum performance and economy." Economy...WTF? If we run premium, the fuel costs will damn near approach what it costs for our Nissan Titan.

    Is anybody running regular? What mileage are you getting with the 4.0? Manual or Auto? DOES IT PING ON REGULAR?
  • amsgeorgiaamsgeorgia Posts: 3
    I ordered my Tacoma (Prerunner DC SR5 Package #8, JBL stereo, bed mat, edge guards, VIP security system, ToyoGuard Plus, Impulse Red exterior, Graphite interior) last November, but didn't receive it until the beginning of March this year. The production date for the vehicle is Feb. 2005, and it came from the plant in Mexico (TMMBC). I haven't had any of the problems I've read about in these forums (paint chipping, wind noise, rattles, leaks, etc.) I don't know if it's due to the production date or because of the plant it came from. I would expect the later production date makes a difference, because it seems like most of the problems I've read about here are on trucks produced last year.

    Before this truck I had a 1995 Tacoma 2wd Access Cab with 150,000 miles, also in Impulse Red with the taupe interior. Never had any problems with it, other than routine maintenance, and my Dad's driving it now as his primary vehicle.

    I'll post pictures in the Tacoma Pictures forum if anyone's interested.
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    I have a dble cab v6, with auto and putting 89 octane and getting 18.5 to 19.5 mpg in city and about 21.5 in highway(I tend to drive 75-80mph). Last time I filled up I got 20.15 mpg with 186miles on 9.3 gals, with just 30 miles coming on highway and the rest city( and of course punching it a few times), I have actually never put in regular since i bought it due to reading about people having pinging issues, I now have 5200 miles, and love it. :)
  • stephen1stephen1 Posts: 27
    Had my DC Prerunner TRD (auto) a couple of weeks now. Built 04/05 So far so good. First tank was 18mpg, next was 19mpg; all on 87 octane. About 60/40 hwy/city. About 2-3 mpg more than my 04 Z71 on same route. Can't complain, and more enjoyable to drive also. Even about 1mpg more than my wife's 04 Pilot on similar routes.

    My fender flares appear to be a tad less "shiny" than the body of the truck. Anyone else notice this?

    On hot days, the air from the A/C appears to be not as cold as it should. I thought I remembered someone else with a similar issue and the dealer found that the hot/cold damper was not adjusted properly and allowing some hot air to get by. Anybody with similar issues?

    Fog lights need an indicator light. Had them on the other night and didn't even know it.

  • I noticed the fender flares being more than a tad less than shiny on the dealer lot, they looked downright dull but oh well. I didn't see any chipped paint, but I don't think the gleam of the Black Sand Pearl on the body is especially good either. Every review raves on the quality of the interior materials, but there too it has just as much of the cheap hard plastic as my Titan. And if I pressed on the panels, I could hear some potential for creaking. Toyota has a reputation to defend for quality and longevity. In some ways, I see that in the details like the rubber gasketing between the fender flares and the fender panel on the TRD model. And the fit and alignment of panels looks very good. But playing devil's advocate when it comes to my own money, I do worry that the reliability they've been famous for was based on the simplistic design of the older models, and that this new version with bells and whistles like VVT variable cams could mean there's more to go wrong with it.

    I'm also worried whether I could actually get my wife to put mid-grade fuel in it. I can't get her to put air in the tires and it's free.

    That said...after looking at both pretty closely, I find it much more appealing than the boxy Ridgeline with its gimmickery and puny street tires. The Tacoma TRD looks tough and plays the part.

    We haven't given any consideration to the new Frontier. Although by most accounts it is equal to the Tacoma, my wife hates the styling of my Titan which bears strong resemblance, so it's out of the running for us. I like metallic silver and a smooth shifting 5 speed tranny, she wants to heel and toe in a nascar #3 black for her.
  • gr8blue1gr8blue1 Posts: 33
    Mine is pre-12/04. I'm sure this is not an exception as Yota made thousands of these trucks. Or am I just lucky??

    Zero issues here today. Except for the low gas mileage :cry: which improved after about 6000 miles (now 17-20+ depending on speed).

    DC 4x4 SB 6M TRD #2 w/ tow build date 10/04 Fremont CA. Easily acquired Nov. 04

    Over 10,000 smiles and miles and more to go. :shades:
  • indigo_inkindigo_ink Posts: 23
    I noticed that my A/C was not at cold as I think it should have been either.

    I have an idea that turning on the A/C button does not redirect the air source from external to internal... it still uses external air. So try turning on the recycle air button with the A/C button on and see if you notice any improvements. I tried it and it did seem to work better for me. Good luck. :shades:
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