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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    I think I noticed the same thing with my truck. I've had it about 1.5 years now, and I was in the back of it getting my bike out, and noticed that the springs were squeaking really bad. Is that a fixable problem? I just assumed it was standard with leaf springs.
  • My 2005 tacoma DBL cab springs squeak also and the dealer couldn't fix it so they found a bulletin with replacement springs that are not suppose to squeak. I have not gotten them yet as they come by truck.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    Yes, the footman's loop is screwed into the tailgate to capature the tab on the Fold-A-Cover. I misunderstood youur reference to 'loop' to be the one affixed to the Fold-A-Cover for securing the panels when all are folded.

    I drilled the holes for the metal footman bracket(loop) as per template provided. Then with kids watercolor paint brush I prime painted the holes. Then inserted plastic screw-holders the same as one puts in sheetrock. Looks and works great. Easy to back out the screws to remove the footman bracket.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    I keep cold tire pressure at 33lbs. My dealer has this noted and does check it at each 5K rotation. My tires are wearing absoluetly even. I pay attention to balancing also.Presently have 17K mileage on the '05 Access Cab.
  • nytaco05nytaco05 Posts: 13
    well I'm a heavy footer, and I tend to drive pretty hard, around 75-95 MPH, sometimes a lil more(between trip from VA to NY). I usually fill up the tank when ever its around the 1/8 of a tank mark, I never let the E Light turn on(just a habit). Thats how I get my numbers when it comes to MPG.

    As far as adding more power, I decided to try the JBA headers. Hopefully that would increase my HP n not tamper with the fuel economy. I'm 100% pleased with my truck and I have lots of projects planned for it.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Borla, TRD, Magnaflow, Banks, and a couple other companys make cat-back exhaust systems for our trucks. JBA is the only company that makes aftermarket headers, BTW. The Banks system has a 3" diameter and has a nice sound, in my opinion.

    The short bed doublecab and the access cab are both the exact same length. It should be easy to find an exhaust system for your truck unless you have a regular cab or a double cab long bed.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    Get Toyota running boards to stop stones from striking the rocker panels and rear fenders.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    I agree with raswank on fuel tank range. My SR5 v-6 auto '05 Access Cab with Fold-A-Cover closed has a full tank range of 390 miles.
    My driving conditions are 70-75mph on the interstate which includes mountain climbing here in the northeast. Predominant gas grade is 87 octane and my A/C is always 'on'.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I get over 400 miles out of a tank with my 4x4 V6 DC. Just keep it under 70mph and stay consistent with your speed. It is better to use your A/C than to roll down your windows at highway speeds. Rolling down your windows increases drag.
  • nytaco05nytaco05 Posts: 13
    I'll to do that. I do tend to speed alot, and I love hearing the truck rev up as I increase my speed.
  • len888len888 Posts: 112
    " to hear that truck rev up..."

    Just call that a REFINED GROWL. Keeping a steady speed on the highway does help optimize mpg. As in setting the speed control. Keep a truckin'.
  • lf05tllf05tl Posts: 16
    Hi, just got a new 2006 tacoma quad cab v6. What octane gas do you guys reccomend? Dealer said regular. In the book it sounds like you can use any. Service guy said any and reccomended the middle grade gas. What do you think. Also has anyone taking off the TRD SPORT decal off side of bed. Whats the best method with out damaging paint. Thanks. Awesome truck by the way.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    If you check back through the archives you will see many answers for your questions. As for the fuel, I have found the best fuel mileage comes from the lowest octane. Others may have seen different results, but 95% go with lower than premium. If you are going to load the truck you may need to go higher for highest power. I like the decals, but plenty of people have written about how they removed them..
  • tokyojoetokyojoe Posts: 13
    I need your advise on which tonneau cover I should choose for my 06 Tacoma's 6ft bed(4x2,4cyl,Access Cab model with the factory installed bed rail system)as I'm so confused because so many seem to be available but only one(Undercover) clearly says it would fit one with the rail system(or multi trak system?).
  • jbb571jbb571 Posts: 3
    I have an 05 Prerunner Double Cab. At around the 7500 mile interval I had the wheels rotated and balanced. From that time on, every time I brake, I get what the dealer calls a "harmonic" and it sounds HORRIBLE. They say that there is nothing that can be done about it. Is anyone else having that problem or does anyone know how I can correct the problem on my own?
  • mcpetemcpete Posts: 1
    I bought a 2006 Tacoma in black and it had the stickers on the back,,,
    Make sure you get the stickers off as soon as possible so no fading occurs!!!
    It was warm out and I started them with my fingernail and then grabbed it and pulled at a 45 degree angle and the sticker peeled right off. I used a little goo be gone on the glue to clean that off.. Make sure you clean well after and wax the area.... It looks 100 times better... Can't wait until I get my Bars for the front...
    Love the truck..
  • lf05tllf05tl Posts: 16
    Thanks for the replys from all. Im going with the middle grade gas. Im peeling the sticker off tommorrow.
  • lf05tllf05tl Posts: 16
    I would go with the undercover. I ordered mine and just got it. I didnt put it on yet because from shipping some of the bolts and washers were missing. Box looked roughed up but everything in box looked good except missing bolts. Ther sending them out monday. The quality of the cover and parts looks excellent. I think when its on its a class piece. No drilling or cutting.
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    If you have a way to, check the tourque setting on your lug nuts. You mentioned the noise started right after the balance and rotation. Did you have the dealer do the rotation or a tire shop?

    Either way, they might have banged your lugs on with a impact gun and overtourqued them. I bet they warped your rotors creating the "harmonic" (fancy word for warped).

    Check the setting, if it's over 85 ft-lb. Take your truck back to wherever they did the rotation and make them pay for new rotors.
  • jbb571jbb571 Posts: 3
    Thanks SO much for the advice, boone! The dealer is the one that did the rotate/balance and they of course were the first to say that they can resurface the rotors, but that the noise would eventually come back. He did say that I needed to find an empty road and slam on the brakes from 30 MPH and that would take care of the noise for a little while. Gotta love that! :confuse:

    I dont have a way of checking the torque setting, however, I will speak with the dealer and express my concerns to them.

    Would a resurface of the rotor be sufficient or do I need to have them replace them altogether? The truck is a year old with only 9000 miles on it and I plan on keeping it for the long haul.
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