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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • Sometimes there are little things that go unnoticed.


    - The little rubber bumper on the center pillar that that keeps the seat-belt fastener from hitting bare plastic. (The plastic on our Maxima is all chipped up because it lacks this.)

    - Vent louvers that close COMPLETELY. (This is one of the reasons we passed on the Frontier.

    - A plastic wind/water guard between the front fender and the door frame. (You'll see it when you open the front doors and look near the hinges.)


    This is not to say the faults are not big ones that Toyota needs to fix ASAP.
  • I saw that Motorweek gave the Frontier their "Drivers Choice Award." That said, as another owner of a Maxima, I think their quaility, especially on interior materials, has gone down in recent years.


    We thought about the Ridgeline. The biggest drawback for us was the short bed. Yes, you can open up that panel in the cab and fold down the rear seat, but that means you now have a big hole in your cab. That's gonna get pretty cold in the winter time! And you can forget about that load of bulk material!
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    You did the right thing passing on that paint sealant stuff. Nothing works as safely and as well as good old wax! The more I hear about gimmicks like that the more I hate the dealer sales departments.


    They are like predators and we as potential buyers are prey. We should turn the issue around and the more familiar we are with their games the greater chance that we can.
  • Nice explanation canadiantaco. I have a DC TRD Sport Short bed that I got last month. I LOVE this truck!!!! This is the 4th toyota I've owned and all of them are terrific vehicles. I do not have any problem with my truck and I get 19 MPG so far. Some people are complaining too much without them even owning the 05 tacoma. I noticed that guys from the frontier forum are noticing some problems with their 05 trucks like ABLS and weird engine noise. Bottom line is any product will have some kind of a problem. Nothing is perfect.
  • It's good to see people like you posting, that have had no problems. There needs to be more. Don't be silent readers out there people. If you've got a 05 Taco with no problems, let us know. The paint and cabin leak is the most disturbing comment I've read form people. It make me want to wait till their QC catches up.


    I'm going to give the Ridgeline a close look though. I'm hoping that precisly because this is Honda's first truck, Their QC will be very rigid as all eyes are watching. Their design can't afford to fail on a truck that ugly. Reliability must drive their sales. People ain't gonna buy it because it won the beauty contest.
  • I got my Impulse Red '05 PreRunner Access Cab with the OC package a few weeks ago. I had the engine knocking at first but after 3 tanks of supreme gas the noise is GONE. I do have the glovebox swirl, which you barely notice but I probably will have it replaced. so far, I haven't had any of the other problems. I love this truck!! It runs super smooth and is really fun to drive! I am getting around 20-21 MPG, mostly highway commuting and some city driving. I test drove just about every truck out there and I am so stoked I went with the Tacoma!
  • Has anyone towed some serious weight (4-6,000 lbs) with their Tacoma? I'm wondering how they handle the hills and cross winds. I'm debating between buying a V8 4Runner and a Tacoma. They have similar towing capacities. I think the Tacoma is the better tow vehicle, but the problems discussed here have me a little spooked about buying the truck. I have a 98 TRD 4x4, and I love it.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Good to see all the good postings out there recently.


    I recently noticed there is a height adjustment on my garage door opener. Basically, you turn this screw to tell the garage door opener how much to pull up the door. Gave it about a 3/4 turn, and now my antenna is not hitting the door anymore!


    Yes, I also noticed those plastic clips in the back to hold the seat belts. Nice touch, especially for someone that gets into the back compartment a lot.


    I'm on my third tank of gas now, 2nd with 91 or higher octane, and have noticed that the engine ticking (while slight) seems to have gone away on mine as well.


    Didn't realize the power of the Taco until a couple days ago. Some dude was going about 20 MPH down a 45, so once it was clear, I started to pass on the left. Stepped on the gas a little too hard, and spun the right rear wheel while doing about 25 MPH. Let up a little, and that V6 just lit up, and sounded sweet. I couldn't believe there was this much power from a V6 that has hauling this big DC SB Taco around.


    My favorite feature? The most intelligently designed location for the oil filter. Who would have thought?


    [Person that recently installed running boards]


    How do they attach? How many bolts are required to mount them? Also, did you have help when mounting them, or did you do it by yourself? I'm still waiting for mine, hopefully, I'll get them this week.
  • I recently installed the deezee tube step that i bought from toyota. It has 6 mounting bolts per side and it took me 45 minutes to install. Just remove the 6 plastic screws located in the side step mounting holes under the vehicle. I recommend using a torque wrench since it needed to be tightened to 14.4 ft-lbs as per instruction. Check out this site for the installation manual.
  • The 2005 Tacoma V6 isn't showing up in any parts catalogs at independent parts stores here in Northern California. Anyone care to share opinions on oil filters by brand? Also, anyone got a model number for something from Fram or Purolator that will work? My guess is it takes something that is already in use by Toyota on other engines, but this truck doesn't show up on any computers around here. Surprisingly, a lot of car parts websites have a choose-by-model form that stops at 2004. 2005 model year is only about 4 or 5 months on now, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
  • I just read a review on oil filters. After cutting into them, they said Fram was the absolute worst filter made. Best filters were the Wix, Hastings, Filtech. Bosh was also rated as OK. Mobil one was evaluated as also among the worst. Surprising since they charge $11.00 a piece for them.
  • were can i get the official toyota tacoma seat covers.... and were can i find some that say trd on them
  • Yeah I did it per instructions you partially screw in the middle bolt, then you just hook running board's middle bracket over bolt and tighten a bit, running board is held in place and you can install other 5 bolts...It's easy. BTW I think my truck looks better now also! You will be a happy camper. GL


    SEAT COVERS (Part Number: PT218-35052-01)

    Category: 2005, Tacoma

    2005 Tacoma w/ sport package. These seat covers have TRD embroidered instead of Tacoma.

  • gymbogymbo Posts: 37
    I recently purchased a 05 tacoma,dc,longbed,trd4 sport package,silver.Then I ran accross this forum and see the problems people are having and now I'm nervous.I have had the truck a little over two weeks,almost 300 miles.Does anyone know if the leak problem exist from day one or does it develop over time.How many have experienced the paint chip problem?I really want to like this truck,so far so good!
  • My 05 Tacoma regular cab 4X2 at 800 miles develop a transmission leak between the crankshaft and the transmission. The dealer said the gasket was broken which was replaced two day later because the had to order the part from the manufacture. I now have over 2200 miles and never had a problem since then. I really love my truck.
  • gymbogymbo Posts: 37
    wes240,you state your doors relock,do you have the optional alarm system?I only ask because my doors have never relocked on their own.Just wondering if they are supposed to.Thanks
  • I am sure they fixed leak problem before your truck hit lot. I have 2000 miles on mine, no leaking no paint chipping! Relax you bought a great truck...
  • I have a DC, trd sport, silver, shortbed. I do not hear any odd noise yet from my truck and it does not have any leak so far and it rained here for 2 days, I even hosed down the truck for about ten minutes and so far so good. I'm almost certain that they addressed these problems already. Last six of my VIN is 045XXX just in case you want to cross reference the build date. The ride is almost as good as my wife's highlander. I even get very nice compliments from people that I don't even know.
  • I bought mine from Thompson Toyota in Pennsylvania (online). They sometimes sell them on Ebay. I paid $159.00 plus shipping.
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