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Water Leaks -- How to Find and Fix



  • I have water building up inside my car on the driver's side ceiling between the window & windshield. It becomes saturated after raining & then a small drip starts which ends up getting my seat wet. I had it checked by my insurance agent who said it is not covered but suspected it was a windshield problem. I've had it checked by 2 glass guys who said they cannot tell till they remove the old windshield & even if they replace it, that still might not be my problem. Is there an easier way to approach this problem? Thanks to all that reply.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,411
    Why don't you read back in the topic a bit and look at suggestions for sunroof leaks and for leaks from the fresh air vent cavity under the wipers?


  • I do not have a sun roof.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,411
    Okay then...there are drains in the cavity under the windshield wipers--where the fresh air comes in for the car's interior. If any debris, dried leaves, junk from trees, gets washed in there by the rain, eventually this organic matter forms a kind of plug in the drains---then more rain comes in, or melting snow, and you've got a little fish tank in there.

    What has to be done to check this is to remove the cowl plate below the wipers and peek in there and see if there's water accumulating. The drain itself usually ends up as part of a rubber tube that sticks out of the firewall and drips /drains onto the ground beneath the car---but of course if the drains are plugged, it's going to leak into your car.


  • My leak is on the CEILING. Would a plugged drain in the cavity under the windshield wipers cause leaking that far up or would that just be found on the floor?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,411
    Oh no...I didn't catch that part. So you have a leak on the headliner and you don't have a sunroof? Is that right?

    And where exactly do you think the leak starts? Is it near the front of the headliner, or on the side, or.....

    My only guess at this point is that a roof leak on a car without a sunroof as either got to be a windshield seal leak up top there, or if not that, then a leaking seam where they didn't weld it properly.

    you might have to drop the headliner in that case.


  • When the area becomes saturated, you can feel it almost all along the area just above the side window all the way to the windshield. The wettest point is in the corner before the windshield. When there is a lot of rain (which we've had) it becomes so saturated that a drip of water starts & that's how my seat gets wet. I just wonder if going to all the expense of replacing what looks like a perfectly good windshield may end up being a waste of time & money and in the end the origin of the leak will be in the area above the side window. It's like exploratory surgery. I'll just be having guys replacing stuff till the leak stops. It seems like there should be a more efficient way to solve the problem.
  • psd3psd3 Posts: 1
    Have Honda Accord 1995- recently, when I pulled the rear passenger side seat belt, got water on the seat. There is water in the trunk too- seems water is entering from the underbelly- any ideas?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    What makes you think the water is coming in from below the car?

    I would look for a bad rear windshield seal, or a dried out/cracked gasket between the trunk lid and the trunk.
  • Would it be the same for a Chev. HHR 2006 we have like a mine lake inside ?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,411
    Yes you could have clogged cowl drains, if you have mysterious puddles on the floor of the car and they don't appear to be related to the weather on that day.


  • the cowl under the windsheild wipers is full of water, the fresh air ducts are located in the lowest point, any accumulation of water will result in at least a small amount getting into the ducts, I also have A 99 jetta and it just started doing that, the fall leaves clogged up the cowl drains
  • hotobdhotobd Posts: 1
    Is OBD tools help?
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