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Auto Warranty Broker



  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    I am not familiar with either of those companies but if you would like to shoot an email to the address in my profile with the particulars on the Lincoln (VIN, Miles, and your time/mileage requirements) I could give you some ideas on a Factory Plan. May not be less expensive then what you are looking at but you never know.
  • Well I wouldnt want 2 give my VIN but Its a 2005 Lincoln Navigator with about 50k on the odometer. I would like 2 get the most coverage and longest term available. I was going 2 trade it in but my son really likes it and I think I'm going 2 let him have it. Thanks for your interest
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    If you are getting warranty quotes with out supplying the VIN # be very careful. Leaves allot of room for mistakes.

    Good luck in your search :D
  • I'm starting an extended auto warranty company here in Southern California. I'm looking for a liasion to guide me through the process of setting up this business venture. Is there anyone out there to lend support? I'd like to have this business up and running by March 1st, 2008. I look forward to hearing from you...


  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 611
    You might start with a lawyer. California has some pretty strict laws regarding service contracts.
  • Thank you for the reply...I'm actually partnered with an attoney in this venture, so we're more than aware of the California consumer protection laws. Our focus will be nationwide, not specifically CA. What insurers would you recommend...American Guardian, GE Capital, JM&A?
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    You are a brave man to venture into that field. This board is littered with stories of people who have lost money to AM warranty companies going broke.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 611
    Ah! But those stories are from customers! The owners of these bankrupt companies are vacationing in Monte Carlo, having arrived there on private jets.
    Kinda like Check Cashing places-financially a bad idea for the repeat customer, but a very good idea for the owner. Warranty Gold's former CEOs aren't spritzing windshields in New York City, I'm sure.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 837
    Why would you start up a company without even know squat about the business or how to get into it? How does your business model work? It is viable? I would think 2 months would be a lot less time than you would need to set this up from scratch?
  • It is 02/08. All my claims paid, and no problems. If you need a service contract go to and see if they can help you out! They did a great job for me!
  • My apologies but as I live in an area where the internet support it dial-up on barbed wire it takes a very long time to search the huge database.

    I am building my financial decision model for importing a 2008 Honda CRV LX all wheel drive into Canada. As everyone knows Honda will not honour the USA warranty.

    Does anyone have experience with a third party company in Canada that I could buy to replace this Honda warranty. It would be good to know the company coordinates and costs if anyone is willing to share.

  • look...heres the deal. whether you buy the warranty from a dealership or an online broker its going to be marked up. these people are in business to make money. However, there are several companies that come and go and not pay claims. some online dealer i found to be a rip off is DirectVsc . Or companies like this make it bad for everyone. they keep changing their web addresses so they look like dirrerent companies, but they are all the same. The sites are there to lure customers in, take their money and run. So, if you see an website over and over that doesnt change- thats your best bet for buying a warranty online. A company that you cant find on the better bussiness bureau, well- they are fly by night. dont buy from them. and by the way not all dealerships even sell manfacturer's warranties. you need to specifically ask that question. Many BIG dealers use 3rd party companies that sell in dealerships. They work with these companies because the costs are lower, meaning more margin in profits for them. And, the dealerships guess is as good as yours on the reliability factor of these 3rd party warranty companies. Check out the companies on BBB. For sure.
  • Check the BBB before buying. Many of the companies that you see on TV have F ratings and are under investigation or being sued by their respective state attorney generals.

    * Mogi (Get Mogi) – Rated “F” – Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints; not a BBB Accredited Business.

    * US Fidelis – Rated “F” – 1230 complaints filed against business; not a BBB Accredited Business.

    * Stop Repair Bills (National Dealers Warranty) – Rated “F” – 304 complaints filed against business & Advertising issue(s) found by BBB; not a BBB Accredited Business.

    * Get Certus (Dealer Warranty Services) – Rated “F” – 161 complaints filed against business, 8 complaints filed against business that were not resolved, government action(s) against business.


    * Warranty Direct (Interstate National Dealer Services) is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is a a BBB Accredited Business - ce/interstate-national-dealer-services-inc-in-uniondale-ny-47633/
  • Hi all!

    My name is Anna and I just joined the forum, I’m a new comer to utomobile warranty processing. I’m still trying to understand it all and our little company (just me and my son) is still navigating through all the different ways to approach the industry. It’s a tough economy! I was wondering – for those of you involved in the industry (especially veterans) business owner or not, what are some of services, tools, strategies, or latest resources you find helpful or profitable in doing your work or - business? Online or offline, I’m sure there is quite a lot in both right?!

    Thanks and God bless!
  • I would recomend you call the guys at car warranty protection. They ae really helpful and they have always ansered my questions. They offer extended warranties but also are helpful when it comes to used car warranty questions.
    They are online company and do well. they are very reputable though. Better Business bereau rates a
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