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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I would guess it's a valet key.
  • Yes. Does anybody know if a new Sentra 2.0S comes with a valet key? Thanks.
  • My Mom just totaled her old carolla and I need to find a suitable replacement for her. After looking at the Civic, Elantra and Carolla, I have begun to settle on the Sentra 2.0 S. Sunroof is the only option that she wants.

    Ideal car
    2.0 S w/ CVT

    MSRP = $18,780 (incl dest)
    Invoice = $17,494
    Rebate = $1,500

    Invoice with rebate applied = $15,994

    I'm in the chicago land area and was wondering what + / - invoice people are getting. I've heard dealers are trying to jack you on small cars because of the gas price panic, but I know that will vary across different manufacturers.

    What's a fair OTD price? = $16,000 plus ttl? Am I crazy?
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    Hi Markwarren,

    I bought my car at Rosen motors in Gurnee. For the 2008 Nissan Sentra S CVT with convenience plus, alloy wheels, splash guards, and floor mats with divider, I paid $15400 OTD.

    That broke down as: the car sale price was 16255 +985 tax +150 doc fees (unavoidable) + 10 plate transfer - 2000 rebates (1000 w/ 2.9% financing +500 recent college graduate + 500 Memorial Day rebate). If you want to know who to contact, let me know.

    I don't think you can get just those options though. For the moonroof, I believe you need alloy wheels, convenience plus, and the audio package. And I know that all that for around 16000 will be way too hard to do. But if you can handle not having the moonroof and get the options like what I got (which are more than enough), you could get a great deal from Rosen I'm sure.
  • ceci08ceci08 Posts: 1
    Hi sentra08

    Can I know who to contact to get your fabulous deal? I need a 2.0S with Conv. Pkg + Alloy wheel + Splash guard + Mats + Trunk w/ divider. After looking at your OTD price, I thought it will be very possible to get what I want below $16000. I've been very disappointed lately, my nearby dealerships all looked at me CRAZY and told me they're not gonna lose money selling me at that price. :cry: :sick:
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    Talk to an internet specialist at Rosen Motors in Gurnee. Are you in the Chicago area?
  • Hi Sentra08, could you please tell me if you also have a valet key in addition to the 2 master keys and 2 remote entries? thanks.
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    no, with the convenience key, you just get the two convenience keys. those are the intelligent keys that serve as remote entry and keyless ignition. Also, those keys do have valet/ master keys built right into them that are hidden but pull out in case your remote entry/ keyless start goes on the fritz or if you go to a valet and don't want to give them an 300-800 (or however much it costs) key. But only two sets is what Nissan hands out originally. You can order another I'm sure, but they may charge you for it. Hope that helps!
  • You are right - finding a sunroof as the only option on an S 08 is not happening. And I don't like the aftermarket idea.

    So, I have received a quote that sounds pretty good.
    2008 SL
    Splash Guards

    Sale price = $18,109
    Cash rebate = $1,500
    Final price = $16,609 + TTL

    I think this is a pretty fair offer. What do you think?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    If there's one thing that irritates me about Nissan, it's how certain options/packages require the selection of one or more other options! The Sentra 2.0S is one example- to choose the Moonroof, you must also select the Alloy Wheels and Convenience/Plus package.

    The Audio Package (which is an option I'd be very interested in) requires the Moonroof, Convenience Plus Package, CVT, XM Stereo and Alloys! If you want a kickin' Rockford-Fosgate stereo and a manual transmission, you're outta luck...

    As far as the deal on the 2008 SL for $16,609- that's a great price based on Edmunds TMV and a few other reliable pricing guides! Get it while you can! Of the sites I checked, around $17,800 is the best price shown for an SL with sunroof.
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    Hey Mark,

    Yeah, that is a good deal. I found about the same on the SL but didn't really have a need for the SL. Yeah, definitely don't do an aftermarket sunroof. But given your situation of the moonroof being the one requested feature that your mom would prefer, I would definitely take that offer. Out of curiousity, are you getting that offer from Rosen? Just curious if the dealership I used is competitive on different models too.

    They say 16609, I would tell them if they can do 16400, you'd take it and then you both can hopefully settle on 16500 and each feel good about it (16600 is good, but its fun to haggle just a bit). Let me know how it all works out!

    (btw igozoomzoom, edmunds is great and all, but it seems as if you can always do better than edmunds invoice pricing (at least on many manufacturers, but not all i hear(ie:scion)). i used to get free advice and it totally helped since this was my first new car purchase)
  • Yes, that is through Rosen Gurnee. I talked to Libertyville which is closer to my house, but they never called me back! I guess they are too busy selling cars...:confuse:
  • That is a verry good deal I would go for it if You want to try to haggle a bit mor go for it. Man that dealer sounds grate keep us all updated on how it all gos thanks so mutch Marco.
  • nsvnsv Posts: 4
    I just bough a 2008 nissan sentra 2.0 CVT ( automatic ) with ABS , splash guards and floor mats for USD 16000 out of door ie inclusive of all taxes fees etc . Is this a good deal
  • I'm surprised the Sentra 2.0 does not have ABS. I think that should be standard feature in all new cars so I'm looking for a 2.0 S now.
    Is this a good deal? TIA

    2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0 S
    Standard features + $1k worth of add-ons
    - Convenience package: Intelligent Key, Bluetooth, floor mats, etc.
    - Alarm
    - Phantom Footprint (?)

    Asking sticker price: $20,750

    Adjusted price: $16,856
    Tax + Fees: $1,644
    Rebate: $1,500
    Total: $17,000 OTD

    So after rebate and everything, it comes out to be about $15,500 before taxes/fees.
  • grate pric I would go for it keep us updated grate car wil last a long time not just saying that thanks have a verry good day Marco
  • I went to a dealer today and they could only do $17000(invoice) + $1500 rebate = $15,500. That was my second time there. Should I go back a third time or will that really put me in a disadvantage?

    I don't want the extras ($352 invoice). Would it be ok to insist that they remove them? Can/Will/Do dealers take this extra stuff off? How easy is it to have them do it?

    I'm thinking I should start with 14500 and except 15000. Does that sound unreasonable? Shouldn't they be trying hard to get rid of the 2008?

    Thanks for any comments.
  • Thx marco. I went ahead and bought it since we needed a car asap. I appreciate your opinion.
  • I got mine $17000 OTD (with tax, fees, rebate, everything). I'm sure you can do better if you try. Mine came with a factory installed packages (convenience package, matts, etc). If it's dealer installed they can easily take it off and you can push down the price. If it gets to them with the extra packages, I don't think they can do anything about that.

    Hope that helps.
  • Sorry, I haven't followed up. Rosen Gurnee ended up being a con job :) All of a sudden, they couldn't locate the car I put a deposit on....

    So long story short, I ended up getting a car in the south suburbs. That dealer was a PITA as well, but my Mom has a car and is happy.

    Car dealerships have not evolved in the past 50 years. Many of them still play the same stupid games.

    Ok, I'm done. Thanks for the advice on the board.
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